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CNY Multi-Coloured Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng ( 鸿运当头七彩鱼生 )

cny multi coloured smoked salmon yu sheng recipe
It is time once again for the annual CNY Prosperity Toss aka Lo Hei ( 捞起 )! I have always been very impressed with the restaurant staff for their ability to shout out the auspicious phrases while preparing for the diners’ Lo Hei session.

colourful chinese new year rainbow salad recipe
Do you know what the different ingredients mean? Well, every single ingredient plays an important role in this Chinese Auspicious Salad and I have listed them all in this post. This year, I am determined to practise these useful phrases for my coming prosperity toss session with my family and you should too.

For the non-Chinese, diners are supposed to pour the respective ingredients while shouting the auspicious phrases before commencing the prosperity tossing game and lastly, yelling “ Huat Ah! ” ~ an expression to get rich and lucky.

creative chinese new year salmon yu sheng recipe
I love making the Yu Sheng Salads cause those served outside are extremely sweet and not to my liking. Last reunion, I came up with another creation using my Doll Dress Jelly Mould which was just collecting dust in my kitchen cabinet. The result was another satisfying work. Don’t you think the CNY Multi-Coloured Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng ( 鸿运当头七彩鱼生 ) is so vibrant and pretty?

Let’s get to work, and also find out the meaning of these Yu Sheng ingredients!

chinese spring festival cny reunion dinner prosperity lohei
What the Different Ingredients Mean:

Raw Fish ( 生鱼 ) Auspicious Phrase: 年年有余 ( Nian Nian You Yu )
Definition: Abundance through the year

Pomelo or Lime ( 柚子 / 酸橙 ) Auspicious Phrase: 大吉大利 ( Da Ji Da Li )
Definition: Good luck and smooth sailing

Pepper ( 胡椒粉 ) Auspicious Phrase: 招财进宝 ( Zhao Cai Jin Bao )
Definition: Attract wealth and treasures

Sesame Oil ( 麻油 ) Auspicious Phrase: 财源广进 ( Cai Yuan Guang Jin )
Definition: Wealth flowing in from all directions

Carrot and Red Pickled Ginger ( 红萝卜 / 红姜 ) Auspicious Phrase: 鸿运当头 ( Hong Yun Dang Tou )
Definition: Good luck is approaching

Green Radish ( 青萝卜 ) Auspicious Phrase: 青春常驻 ( Qing Chun Chang Zhu )
Definition: Eternal youth

White Radish ( 白萝卜 ) Auspicious Phrase: 步步高升 (Bu Bu Gao Sheng)
Definition: Progress at work

Chopped Peanuts ( 花生粉 ) Auspicious Phrase: 金银满屋 ( Jin Yin Man Wu )
Definition: Signifies gold and silver in your household

Sesame Seeds ( 芝麻 ) Auspicious Phrase: 生意兴隆 ( Sheng Yi Xing Long )
Definition: Prosperous business

Pok Chui Crackers ( 薄脆饼干 ) Auspicious Phrase: 满地黄金 ( Man Di Huang Jin )
Definition: Floor full of gold

Plum Sauce ( 酸梅酱 ) Auspicious Phrase: 甜甜蜜蜜 ( Tian Tian Mi Mi )
Definition: Sweet and loving relationship with your loved ones

fassler black pepper smoked salmon yu sheng recipe
100g Black Pepper Smoked Salmon ( amount depending on preference )
150g Jellyfish
5 Carrots
500g Green Radish
400g White Radish
400g Purple Cabbage
2 tbsp Red Pickled Ginger
2 tbsp Preserved Orange Peels
2 tbsp Green Pickled Nutmeg
2 tbsp White Pickled Lime Strips
2 tbsp Pickled Brown Melon Strips
2 tbsp Chopped Peanuts
2 tbsp Sesame Seeds
2 tbsp Pok Chui Crackers
Dash of White Pepper

Yu Sheng Dressing:
4 tbsp Japanese Vinaigrette Salad Dressing
2 tbsp Japanese Goma Sesame Dressing
1 tbsp Sesame Oil
1 tbsp Plum Sauce

    auspicious yu sheng ingredients carrots
  • Remove carrot skin using a vegetable peeler. Rinse and shred to desired size and length.
  • auspicious yu sheng ingredients green radish
  • Do the same for green and white radish. Squeeze out excess vegetable juice if desired.
  • cny yu sheng ingredients purple cabbage
  • Rinse purple cabbage and cut into strips.
  • auspicious yu sheng ingredients smoked salmon jelly mould
  • Wash jelly mould, pat dry and place desired amount of salmon slices onto mould.
  • chinese new year yu sheng recipe green radish
  • Next, add the shredded green radish.
  • doll dress jelly mould cny yu sheng chinese salad
  • Top with the other shredded vegetables according to order of preference. Pressed firmly and turn jelly mould upside down onto a yu sheng plate.
  • auspicious yu sheng ingredients pickled vegetables
  • Start placing the rest of the pickled ingredients on the serving plate.
  • auspicious yu sheng ingredients pok cui biscuits jellyfish
  • Add crackers and jelly fish.
  • cny prosperity toss lo hei pyramid yu sheng
  • Add seasonings on the plate, and serve your Auspicious CNY Multi-Coloured Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng ( 鸿运当头七彩鱼生 )
Do you make your own Yu Sheng too? The tradition Prosperity Toss ingredients have evolved over the years with new ones popping up every year, like purple cabbage. The colour is too pretty to resist. What is your favourite ingredient in Yu Sheng? Needless to say, mine is Abalone!

multi coloured smoked salmon yusheng recipe foodwhirl
Recipe Featured at Foodwhirl along with my Minty Cream of Broccoli Soup!

creative chinese new year yu sheng round up
Don’t have the Doll Dress Jelly Mould? Check out other of my Yu Sheng Recipes:
Here's wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year! Huat ah! xoxo


  1. Love your super beautiful salad.

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  11. I love this dish! Happy CNY to you and your family!

  12. Wah, you made your own yu sheng! Very pretty!


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