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7 Best Islands For a Honeymoon

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America, Asia or Africa ... it seems that such romantic, secluded and bright islands for the honeymoon are scattered all over the world map. Let’s check the best of them!

Belize, Central America
It looks like a real uninhabited island, on which lived Robinson Crusoe. The first thing you want to do when you get there is to go in search of pirate treasures - it is not so little for such a beautiful place as the island of Tobacco-Reef, a part of Belize. All the most important is hidden in the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea sparkling in the sun. So it's worth, at least, to grab equipment for snorkeling. A walk along the coast of this atoll takes just a few minutes, but the magnificent barrier coral reef, a local attraction, stretches far beyond visibility, as it is part of the world's second largest barrier reef. Surely it is one of the best islands for a honeymoon.

Kuna Yala, Panama
This incredible archipelago in the Caribbean Sea seemed to have frozen in a temporary interval when humanity was very young. The islands that make up the archipelago are often no more than a small palm grove on a small piece of snow-white sand. Some of the islands are inhabited. Then this humble natural wealth peacefully neighbors with aboriginal shacks. Beach vacation here can be diversified by getting acquainted with the local villages, where women are still dressed in sophisticated traditional costumes. Before you take a photo, it's better to ask for permission.

Ilya Grande, Brazil
Even representatives of the royal family do not have the right to drive by car around the local territories. Access to transport is prohibited in the Brazilian Ilya Grande, covered with rain forests. This tropical island exists for a calm and simple life. You may want to arrange a holiday for your stomach, enjoying dishes from freshly caught fish in one of the beach restaurants. During the day, one of your amusements can be almost a three-hour walk to the picturesque Lopez-Mendes beach, which has preserved virtually original natural purity.

St. John, US Virgin Islands
If you want to find an awesome place at Virgin islands for a honeymoon, we have one. St. John is a small and remote island, offering its guests small rooms in five-star hotels. This is a real paradise for lovers of camping because dangerous roads make most of the coast hidden from the heavy traffic of cars, without which the owners of local hotels can not move. But if you love real tourism, take a tent and go to this wonderful island.

Varadero, Cuba
Holidays in Cuba will be interesting to fans of beach entertainment (parasailing, diving, sailing, snorkeling), and nature lovers, which is simply fabulous there. In addition to enjoying the beautiful beaches and sunny weather, you can walk around picturesque old Havana, visit tobacco and coffee plantations, and feel the atmosphere of real freedom. If you want to have your own Caribbean islands honeymoon story, Varadero is a right choice.

Grand Cayman Island
Cayman islands honeymoon is a great idea. The further you move away from the hustle and bustle of the port docks of Greater Cayman, the more you plunge into the tranquil and quiet nature of this island. In Stingray City (it is a sandy spit, popularly called the "City of Skates"), you can swim in calm waters, along with friendly skates. According to travelers, next to the city you can find the services of the best masseurs and spa salons throughout the Caribbean.

Rhodes Island, Greece
Rhodes is one of the largest and most fertile islands of Greece. It is also one of the most visited due to the fact that here every tourist will find something to his taste. Great beaches? You are welcome. Archaeological sites? As many as you like. Medieval old cities with narrow streets, souvenir shops, and seaside promenades? Or, maybe you want to sink into the atmosphere of romance? Yes, and yes again. The climate of Rhodes is especially good, during the season the weather is usually mild and cloudless: the sun shines here more than 300 days a year. After visiting this place you’ll feel your own experience why Rhodes is one of the best Greek islands for a honeymoon.

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  1. I'll be choosing one of these for my third honeymoon haha..

  2. Wow... I would love to visit those islands for my honeymoon! :D

  3. Thanks for the list. Wonder if I could make it to anyone of them or not.

  4. I have not been to any of these locales! I'd love to see them all.

  5. dream of going on a romantic getaway. Some more on Valentine's day!

  6. So many of these islands sound completely dreamy, especially the Cayman islands! x

  7. The only place I've visited among these is Rhodes Island, but I'd love to go to every of the this wonderful places, honeymoon or not!

  8. Yes please. I want to check out all these islands. Stunning.

  9. You round up some great honeymoon spots.

  10. Lovely selection!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase

  11. Looks really interesting! As usual great post)

  12. love it, very tromantic island
    new review on my blog <<< places to visit in Turkey >>>
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  13. Very nice places. Even for hollidays 😊


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