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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home with Interior Designer Tricks

masons interior design tricks spruce up your home
Home is where the heart is. This quote was probably about family but let's put a pin in that for a moment. We are supposed to love our homes. Whether it is filled with rows of children, a pack of dogs, countless cats or even if it is just you and your partner.

Home is the place where you retreat to when the world is out to get you. It is where you sleep. It is where you relax, entertain people and spend time with your loved ones. Because such a large portion of your life is spent there, it is important that you find it enjoyable to be in this place.

Do You Need An Interior Designer?
Yes, you could go ahead and hire an interior designer. These professionals are trained to take a space and make the most of it. They are fully versed in colour pallets, lighting, home furniture arrangement and a whole host of other things that accentuate the natural features of a room. With their help, you could transform your home from a bunch of empty rooms to a masterpiece that is fit for a magazine.

There is, however, one flaw in this grand plan. That is simply that interior designers come at a hefty price. They are incredibly good at what they do, and this comes at an equally spectacular price. Another option is to simply do it yourself.

This does not mean that you should take a sledgehammer to that dividing wall in the living room. But, there are some tips and tricks which have been passed down from the geniuses themselves. These simple interior design hacks will provide your home with a stylish air, and yet they can be done by none other than yourself.

Don't Be Afraid to Mix It Up
When it comes to tackling a room, people tend to be tempted to try and make everything match. This is not altogether a bad thing, but contrast never hurts. Mixing modern furniture with antiques is perfectly acceptable. The fact of the matter is that you must live in this space.

It should, therefore, reflect who you are. This means that you can go ahead and use any and every piece of furniture that holds sentimental value. It is your home, and you can be as quirky as you wish. This same thinking applies to art, carpets or even scatter cushions.

Fusing Comfort and Design

home shopping masons bean bags
Most of the time, home owners tend to over value design. A well designed home is of course a must. However, it should never be at the expense of comfort. Furniture that are cheap and look good at the same time often have a drawback – its comfort! Sometimes throwing in a couple of small home décor items can do the trick. Imagine throwing in a bean bag and some poufs to your living rooms space. This could very well improve the vibrancy of your space, and even provide the user with great comfort! Through a survey done with the customers of a local online furniture store, Masons Home Décor, the findings were that every single bean bag customer patronized their bean bag more as compared to their living room sofa!

Use What Is Available To You
The reason you are tackling decorating your home by yourself is that it is cost-effective. This kind of mentality should extend to the products you are using. There is no need to head out and buy new things.

You can simply use what is already available to you. The chances are, you have boxes of accessories and trinkets which have been left in these boxes since the day you got them. Now is the time to unpack and take a look at what you are working with. Candles, books, decorative plates, silverware and the like can all be used to accessorize and primp up a room.

Include Plants Wherever You Can

plants by masons home decor
You can literally put a plant in every room, and you don't have to stop at one. Multiple pot plants can be placed in any room without becoming an eye-sore. These accessories are colorful, vibrant and they add texture.

A plant is not only beautiful, but they are completely affordable. Instead of dropping a few hundred on a porcelain vase, buy a plant instead. These natural additions also clean the air in a room by removing gases and pollutants.

Paint Your Furniture
This is obviously not in reference to antique furniture or articles which are made from quality wood. But, those built-in bookcases and other pieces which are quite frankly boring could use a coat of paint. This is the simplest way to add a splash of color to a room. A coat of vibrant paint could make a feature pop.

This same result could also be achieved with wallpaper. These come in multiple designs with varying colors and patterns. An addition of this kind will totally refresh and revitalize the room.

Rugs Go Well with Hardwood Floors
Hardwood floors are possibly one of the greatest features a home can have. They are attractive, and they give the home an incredibly sophisticated air. But, they are also hard and cold. They provide absolutely no comfort for the buttocks and can be very unwelcoming in the winter months.

A simple fix is to throw around some shaggy rugs. These should not cover up the whole space but try scattering a few around the house. These well-placed rugs will add color, texture, warmth, and comfort to any room. Try using a variety of different colors, patterns, and fabrics to increase the overall contrast of the house.


  1. Great idea to cut cost. Love the idea of painting the furniture.

  2. Such good tips as my house needs a makeover!

  3. Love these tips, Shirley! We're going through a big remodel and the timing is perfect.

  4. Interior designer isn't cheap. Love your tips. Designing one home doesn't need to be expensive.

  5. Great tips!!! Painting over furniture is a great way to make it look fresh.... I painted some of my decor items, I'll probably write about that some day.

  6. Love these tips. Painting furniture is a great way to change a room up.

  7. Such great thoughts on loving the space you're living in, Shirley! Thanks for sharing those do-able tips, too. xo

  8. Greats tips, all good advice!! <3 -

  9. Very great tips, dear!
    An easy and cheap way to refresh and renovate the interiors! :)

  10. Some great tips here. Thanks Shirley.

  11. Great tips, thanks for sharing!
    Kisses, Paola.


  12. So pretty. I do my styling to my house, so I have to say no to interior designers. Home styling for me has gone back to the basics. Keep it simple, and be happy instead of spending all the time cleaning and maintaining.

  13. I really enjoy looking at those nicely designed places. Hopefully one day my place can look like that too! :)

  14. Interesting post

  15. Including plants wherever possible is great advice, it helps to make a space more peaceful - by bringing the outdoors, indoors! :) x

  16. As usual amazing post! Thanks a lot for sharing)

  17. I am always browsing all the interior magazines in the book stores for ideas on home improvement. I agree that we should be comfortable with our home's decor and that could generate good & positive energy too.

  18. I love those bean bags. Such a great way to spruce up a space.

  19. Great tips, Shirley. I sure picked up some ideas. ^.^


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