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List Your Skills and Services at Deal’n, Start Earning $$$!

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Are you a single mother, ex-offenders, or senior citizens in search of ways to earn some pocket money or even earn a living? Or are you always on the look-out for new platforms to showcase your skills? How about transforming your talents and skills into a traded currency?

If you have a niche in baking, cooking, sewing, craftsmanship, graphic designing, photography, or whatever you think you are good at, join the community at Deal’n eStore, a new platform for people to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle, or to earn some quick bucks.

Who Is Deal’n?
Selected as one of the best 200 start-ups worldwide to participate at the Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon, as well as one of the best start-ups locally in TechInAsia Singapore and Indonesia, Deal’n is an eCommerce, a social impact platform offering practical solutions and opportunities to people, and introducing individual social responsibilities through digitalization of barter trade, skills and currency.

Also invited in 2017 to participate as BETA as a successful start-up, Deal’n was one of the best 200 ASEAN start-ups at Rise in Hong Kong 2017, and again invited this year as a successful start-up in 2018. Its aim is to create job opportunities for anyone especially the vulnerable members of their community. Deal'n Estore is a place where you can earn an income by using your skills, talents, expertise based on your own capabilities and abilities in the comfort of your own home!

Who is the Brainchild of Deal’n?
Nadia Al Sheikh, Founder and CEO of Deal’n, is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist by heart, and is also a single mother herself.

Deal'n is another realization of Nadia’s vision and passion of empowering communities by providing them with the tools and means through a platform that empowers individuals, enabling them to become productive members of the community based on their own capabilities by creating jobs, empowering small businesses and providing entrepreneurs with a platform to show case their business ideas.

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How Can You Be A Part Of Deal’in?
Interested parties can start by Creating Your Profile at Deal’n eStore, and telling people about yourself and your services. There are basically 5 categories you can select from:
  • Skills and Talents - Transform any Skill and Talent you have into a traded currency. Make money now.
  • Used Goods - Sell, Buy, Exchange. You decide. Make money your way. The whole world is your marketplace.
  • Recycle, Reuse, Up-cycle - Don’t throw it away, don’t sell it cheap. Upcycle it. Contact designers or craftsmen on Deal’n. Trendy new products, sell it or keep it, you’re winning both ways.
  • Entrepreneurs - Believe in yourself, yes it will work. Take that leap of faith and start your business now. Lower your costs and start Deal’n your way to success.
  • Grow and Digitize Your Business - You don’t need experience or money. Just contact Deal’n and they will put you online.
Customize your own Estore from any part of the world and reach a worldwide audience through virtual services such as Skype, FaceTime, Viber, imo or whatever works for you!

What Are Fees Like?
Deal’n eStore is available to all users worldwide at no cost at all! Users are charged 17% only for every successful business transaction.

How Safe Is The Platform?
To prevent fraud and potential abuse of the platform, Nadia works with non-governmental organizations like the Singapore Environment Council, Diamonds on the Street, ISCOS, and Daughters of Tomorrow (Dot), and in talks with other local NGO’s and government organizations to identify and reach out to vulnerable individuals who might benefit from the platform's features.

The Deal'n team also monitors each transaction to make sure that the product or service is delivered before the payment is released.

See Deal’n in the news at Today Online Papers about their work with empowering single mothers, or read more about Nadia Al Sheikh at Asian Entrepreneur!

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Start registering now and list your products and services at Deal’n eStore now!


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