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Blackberry Grape Smoothie, Top Antioxidant-Rich Fruits

driscolls blackberries smoothie recipe high antioxidant prevent cancer
Are you a Smoothie person? Honestly, I have never tasted Smoothie until my prince introduced it to me some time back, and I am hooked on it now. Jon loves making Strawberry Smoothie, and he would make these yummy drinks for me whenever he is in a good mood.

fruit hamper yummy smoothie recipes
It was one of those days where we received a bundle of fruits as a gift. Hence, Jon and I decided to experiment with Blackberries and Grapes, and to give the smoothie some sweetness, we added Bananas.

top cancer fighting food red grapes blackberries
Do you know that #Blackberries are among the top-ranked antioxidant-rich fruits, and are loaded with Vitamin C and are also rich in Vitamins A, E, K, and B Vitamins? Their dark color is a sign of their high antioxidant content, and one of the most widely researched health benefits of blackberries is their ability to work as a cancer-fighting food.

On the other hand, #Grapes are not just meant for producing the world’s finest wine. Flavonoids, which are found in grapes, are the most powerful antioxidants that contribute to our health. Don’t dispose the skin! They contain Resveratrol that controls the ageing process, and is also another strong antioxidant.

Come, let’s blend all these healthy fruits together to turn them into a yummy Blackberry Grape Smoothie in just 3 easy steps! * Tips: My prince recommends using frozen Bananas for a thicker consistency.

cancer fighting fruits grapes blackberries recipes
6 Blackberries
1 dozen Red Grapes
1 Banana
150ml Fresh Milk
½ tray Ice Cubes

    healthy fruits banana smoothie
  • Cut banana into blender.
  • driscolls blackberry grape smoothie recipe
  • Rinse blackberries, and throw them into blender.
  • blackberry grape smoothie recipe
  • Next, rinse grapes and put them into blender as well. Add milk and ice cubes, and blend well.
  • blackberry grape smoothie top antioxidant rich fruits
  • That’s it! Garnish your Blackberry Grape Smoothie, and serve chilled!
Easy enough? Are you a fan of Smoothie too? What kind of combination do you like?


  1. Love smoothie! The color of your black berries smoothie is very pretty.

  2. I just love to eat all the different types of food you used here.

  3. I love smoothies! I must have bananas in it and combine with frozen berries. Love your blackberry grape smoothie. SO far I have not added grapes into my smoothie. Must try!

  4. SO easy and delicious!! A perfect way to get those anti-oxidants!

  5. Thanks a lot for the interesting post! Have a nice day)

  6. Wow! Look at the colour. Purple!! Must be tasty and good. I love smoothies but they could be rather filling.

  7. Easy and delicious, I love it :-)

  8. Blackberry give such a pretty purple to smoothies. I love it.

  9. This must be really tasty! I would skip the grapes and only do half a banana for less sugar. My favorite smoothies are strawberry, kiwi, kale and avocado.

  10. This sounds yummy and healthy!

  11. Looks really interesting! Have a nice evening)

  12. Yes, love smoothies. Thanks for sharing and so easy to follow. We all need high antioxidants to keep us healthy and going.

  13. Motivated to dig out my ice blender^^

  14. looks super delicious! and I love blackberry so it's even better!

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