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Top 10 Most Popular Posts with Highest Pageviews in 2017!

most popular luxury haven blog posts highest pageviews
Merry Christmas, guys! Trust you had an awesome celebration! It has been such an amazing journey for me to be able to share my thoughts and reviews at Luxury Haven, and I am so thankful for having you here with me.

As we usher in the New Year, we have rounded up Luxury Haven’s Top 10 Most Popular Posts in 2017 according to pageviews. Without looking at our list, can you guess which post topped the chart with the highest number of views? Is it a beauty post, recipe, shopping or travel?

delicious claypot kung po frog legs recipe
1. Succulent Claypot Kung Pao Frog Legs Recipe ( 砂煲宫保田鸡 )
Everyone of us love the kung pao sauce which was so appetizing especially drizzled over a plate of fragrant Jasmine rice. This spicy, sweet and sour dish will leave you clamouring for more!

seoul dongdaemun korea shopping paradise
2. Shop Till You Drop At Dongdaemun ( 东大门 ), Korea!
With the enormous wholesale clothing markets concentrated in the Dongdaemun area, the shopping paradise is one of Korea's leading shopping centres. Thousands of small stores set in large modern malls are open until daybreak, so you can shop all through the night!

ferragamo pink gancini chain shoulder bag
3. Guide To An Authentic Ferragamo Bag
Fake Ferragamo items will always have poor craftsmanship eg. sharp corners, cheap leather, bad stitching and so on. Do you know how to identify a counterfeit bag?

chinese remedy barley chrysanthemum health
4. Chinese Remedies, The Power Of Ginger, Barley & Chrysanthemum!
In TCM, the items mentioned above are believed to help relieve these symptoms as well as to increase our immunity. Chinese Pearl Barley ( 薏苡 / 薏仁 ) is used as a traditional Chinese tonic for the skin, lungs, and spleen, while Chrysanthemum Tea ( 菊花茶 ) is an extremely potent herbal tea as it helps to clear heat and toxic materials which have accumulated within the body.

eha clinic zeltiq coolsculpting vs liposonix review
5. Singapore Aesthetics Clinic: Liposonix vs Coolsculpting!
In this post, I shall share my personal experience on these two fat-reduction procedures, both performed by doctor. Hopefully at the end of the post, these information will help you decide if these treatments are what you are looking for especially with the Chinese Lunar New Year coming.

nutritious steamed tang kwei chicken fungus recipes
6. Healthy Steamed Dang Gui Chicken with Black Fungus ( 当归黑木耳蒸鸡 )
Also known as Tang Kwei or Chinese Angelica Root ( 当归 ), the herb is strong in fragrance, and sweet with a tinge of bitterness. Other health benefits include treatment for cardiovascular issues, constipation, insomnia, inflammation, and women's reproductive issues. It's known that adding alcohol to the dish also helps to promote blood circulation.

kara coconut cream chendol jelly recipes
7. Chendol Agar Agar With Mahjong Tiles Birthday Cake!
#Cendol or #Chendol, is a popular tradition dessert in Asia. Basic ingredients include coconut milk, red beans, worm-like jelly noodles made from pandan rice flour, then topped with shaved ice and palm sugar ( gula melaka ). Usually served in a bowl, the Chendol Agar Agar is a different twist from the traditional Asian dessert. In this post, readers will get 2 recipes - one Chendol Agar Agar, and the other is a Mahjong Agar Agar!

singapore interior design nippon paint momento review
8. Nippon Paint Momento Special Effects Paint
For those looking to give your home a fresh coat of paint, this post comes as a good reference. I love flirting with the striking colours of Nippon Paint Momento!

bmt passing out parade ceremony marina bay
9. Ah Boys To Men: Singapore Basic Military Training POP
Is your prince going to the army soon? Check out this post from my very own personal experience, coming from a mother myself!

hong kong stanley market shopping art gallery painting
10. Hong Kong Stanley Market, Certainly Worth A Visit ( 赤柱市集 )
Visiting Hong Kong soon? Enjoy a day of yummy food, chic cocktails, souvenirs shopping, or an evening of sunset at Stanley Market ( 赤柱市集 ), one of the must-go places especially for first-time visitors to Hong Kong.

So did you guess correctly? Was the most popular post last year within your expectation? What would you like to see more in 2018? Well, the top post came as a surprise to me; I certainly did not expect the Frog Leg Recipe to come out top. So many people eating frog legs, really?

With this, I wish all a Merry Christmas and a sizzling year ahead! See you in 2018! Like what you see? Get Beauty, Dining, Recipes, Travel, Health and Wellness reviews right into your mailbox! Subscribe to Luxury Haven by Email and you will never miss a post again! xoxo


  1. I love your blog posts, they are a bit different and interesting!

    Kathy's delight

  2. My eye was drawn to that Ferragamo purse! Always something fun to learn about in your posts. Happy New Year, Shirley!

  3. Very interesting posts. Have a great fun on NYE :-)

  4. Dear , you look so beautiful... Have a nice yearrrrr :) Dilek

  5. This is a clever idea to feature your top 10 posts of the year. I like to see this Hong Kong market, seems interesting and that tiles birthday cake looks yum. Wishing you a happy New Year ahead dear! Cheers!!!

  6. All very interesting and original posts, sweetie!
    Wishing you a very happy 2018, Shirley!

  7. Thanks for the interesting post! Have a nice weekend)

  8. I love seeing these end of the year round up posts! Can't wait to see what your blog has in store for 2018! <3 -

  9. Wonderful post, love it! <3
    Maybe follow for follow? :)

  10. Keep up the great work, Shirley! Your blog has got a variety of topics and is always interesting. Happy New Year!

  11. Hi Shirley, excellent roundup. Keep up the good job and looking forward to read more of your interesting postings. I especially love the frog legs dish, look so appetizing.

    Happy blogging, Sweetie. Regards.

  12. Nice roundup of the year! Wishing you a fabulous 2018. xo

  13. Great post as always dear
    Wishing you a very happy 2018...😘😍

  14. Congrats for your best post
    Happy New Year

  15. How fun! I've loved reading your blog this past year (especially travel/hotels!) and look forward to seeing all you have in store for 2018 :)

  16. Wow!! Really beautiful photos dear :) I love everything ;)

  17. Hello Shirley,
    it is a beautiful course with beautiful shares!
    Personally I will have to go to clinic next week for health reasons and I hope to find you in better shape
    I wish you a very nice new year!

    1. Take care, Helena! Hope all goes well. Happy holidays! xoxo

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    Adorei esse top 10!

    Ótima sexta!

    Beijo! ^^

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    Boas Festas pra você!

    Ótimo sábado!

    Beijo! ^^

  20. Nice! I'm in love with your Cendol Jelly though. Still remember it! ^.^
    Happy New Year, Shirley. Wishing you and your family love and joy throughout the year xx

  21. I would vote the best post was the mahjong tiles that could be eaten. I love that post so much! The next eye opener was the Liposonix which is educational even though I won't be trimming my fat belly. LOL

  22. I love most of your post...nice recap..


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