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Minty Cream of Broccoli Soup for Christmas ( 薄荷西兰花奶油汤 )

minty cream of broccoli soup for christmas
Are you ready for Christmas? Following up, I shall be sharing some of my Christmas Recipes starting with this Delicious Minty Cream of Broccoli Soup ( 薄荷西兰花奶油汤 ).

christmas food creamy broccoli soup with mint leaves
What sets this Broccoli Soup apart from the usual ones you find outside is the additional of Mint Leaves which makes this creamy soup so refreshing and appetizing.

singapore food blogger fine dining at home
The Cream of Broccoli has a rich and grainy texture, and is extremely nutritious. It was part of our 4-Course Christmas Dinner last year:
Are you feeling the Chrismassy mood already? I will be back with the rest of the recipes, but try cooking this yummy soup first.

multi coloured smoked salmon yusheng recipe foodwhirl
Recipe Featured at Foodwhirl along with my CNY Multi-Coloured Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng ( 鸿运当头七彩鱼生 )

( Serves 3 )
500g Broccoli
1 small Carrot
2 – 3 sprigs Mint Leaves
1 tsp Minced Garlic
600ml Chicken Broth
100ml Emborg Cooking Cream
3 tbsp Plain Flour
1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Camelina Oil
1 tbsp Salt

    how to make broccoli soup
  • Remove outer layer of stem and cut up broccoli. Rinse.
  • how to make carrot soup
  • Chop off the head and tail of carrot and remove skin. Rinse and shred about a small part for presentation, and cut up the rest.
  • health living cooking with vegetables in olive oil
  • Heat oil and stir fry the shredded carrot and few florets of broccoli till cooked. Remove and set aside for presentation.
  • christmas soup recipes cream of broccoli
  • Saute garlic till fragrant, and throw in the rest of the vegetables. Add flour and salt, and stir fry for couple of minutes.
  • how to make delicious cream soup
  • Add chicken broth.
  • emborg cooking cream recipe creamy broccoli soup
  • Next, add cooking cream and mix well.
  • philips blender for soups
  • Transfer to blender and mix well.
  • christmas recipes creamy broccoli soup with mint leaves
  • Keep some mint leaves for topping and add the rest to the blender, and continue to blend.
  • philips blender recipes for christmas
  • Texture depends on individual; we prefer to have a grainy texture. Remove and store in a container, and heat it up when ready to serve.
  • ( Optional ) If you prefer to have a smooth texture, blend longer and then use a strainer to filter.
  • cream of broccoli with mint for christmas
  • Transfer to serving bowls. Top with broccoli, shredded carrots, and mint leaves, and serve your Minty Cream of Broccoli Soup ( 薄荷西兰花奶油汤 ) piping hot or chilled.
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  1. Love how you turn simple ingredients into delicious food. It sure looks yummy!

  2. This looked good, rich and comforting. Mint and broccoli. Nice combination.

  3. Your soup must really be popping with minty flavors!

  4. ;)

    Deve ficar uma delícia!

    Ótima sexta!

    Beijo! ^^

  5. I must give this one a try, looks yum.

  6. Oh my God everything looks so yummy
    Now I am hungry

  7. Yummy... How simple n just few ingredients.. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yap, it's a healthy & fuss-free recipe! Thanks for popping by, & hope to see more of you here! xoxo

  8. Yummilicious. Great time for a such a soup, considering that its raining cats and dogs in Malaysia.

  9. That sounds like a really interesting combination!

    Almost Stylish

  10. Very tasty 😊

  11. This sounds like something I'd enjoy.

  12. Perfect for my son. He loves broccoli :)

  13. As usual very interesting! Thanks a lot for sharing)

  14. Oh yum, that looks delicious! What an incredible CHristmas meal too! It's much too hot for soup here over Christmas, we just go for the traditional roast and veggies with lots of yummy sides! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend and your Christmas preparation is going well. We'd planned to attend a few Christmas events but the boys got sick which meant a weekend at home. I got to wrap some pressies though! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Oh dear, hope your boys are recovering well in time for presents. Hohoho, I love wrapping pressies too, sweetie! Take care now! xoxo

  15. Shirley, you are my recipe rockstar. Always love your healthy and delicious meals. :-)

  16. Shirley, this is like heavenly food right now especially since we're down with rainy weather and gloomy skies. ^.^


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