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3 Quick Homemade Snacks with a Mexican Theme this Christmas!

christmas homemade mexican food recipes
Whether you’re dining alone on the sofa, with a partner over a candlelit dinner or hosting a whole group of friends round for snacks and drinks, Mexican food is a delicious and fragrant way to treat your palette. From the basic dip and chip combination to a filling and scrumptious burrito bowl recipe, here are three recipe overviews to get you started in the world of salsa, rice and beans. Nothing complex, nothing too spicy, but all authentically homemade and all absolutely delicious and on par with any gourmet Mexican restaurant.

christmas homemade snacks mexican salsa nachos
1: Homemade Salsa and Toasted Crisp Tortilla Chips
While it might seem like needless work to go to all the effort of mixing your own salsa, the flavour difference between supermarket brands and the combo you can put together in your own kitchen is outstanding. So, give it a go. Pick up the basic ingredients: things like fresh garlic, onion, tomatoes, chillies and lime juice. Some coriander, some salt and pepper seasoning and a little lime juice are all it takes. For green, Deliveroo takes you through the quick and easy steps for a Muchachos Verde sauce positively brimming with flavour. Each has their own benefits and their own variations on the style. Pick one, then try the other next time around. For red salsa, BBC Good Food has a great recipe. Once your salsa is cooling in the fridge, it’s time to make those chips. A pack of tortillas cut into chunks with a knife or pair of scissors, drizzled with the oil and seasoned well then set into the oven will be just as good, if not better, than any bag available in a store. Healthier, too!

christmas homemade snacks burrito bowl
Source: Pexels
2: The Big Bad Burrito Bowl for a Hungry Stomach
Meat. Veg. Carbs. Heartier than the other two dishes you'll find listed here, this is a filling meal that'll keep you going from dawn till dusk when the need arises. Simpler and less messy than a traditional burrito, the bowl cuts a few calories out by saying goodbye to the wrap and hello to munching with a fork and spoon. Beans, rice, a protein of your choice and any leftover salsa can all become part of this delicious concoction. Workweek lists several ways to put one together, but what it really comes down to is a combo of delicious foods all working in tandem. Cheese, lettuce, spice. Everything you need when that stomach starts growling.

christmas homemade snacks mexican guacamole
3: Classic Guac – Carrot Sticks and Goodness
Another dip and share style dish, this one combines fragrant guacamole with a set of vegetable sides. For the paste itself, you're going to need ripe avocado, cilantro, fresh garlic, lime juice and a bowl of diced tomato. This stuff is great for you. Full of vitamin C, unsaturated fat and packed with vitamins and minerals, this is about as a healthy a snack as you can get. For the exact method of preparation, see here. Once you have your guacamole ready, take out some carrots and fresh peppers (color of your choice). Slice them into small finger shapes, arrange delicately around the bowl, then get stuck in. Delicious, guilt-free taste.

So there we have it. Three easy meals that do good for the body and taste great while they're at it. Mexican is so much more than salsa or burrito bowls however, delicious as these things may be. Get on out there and explore. Try new flavours, new seasonings, and definitely don't be afraid to get a little spicy from time to time. Treat those taste buds well!

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  1. I love Mexican food. Though nothing beats eating it in Mexico or the USA!


  2. Such a great advices, thank you for sharing :-)

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  8. I'd happily indulge in all three of these dishes! So yummy!

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    Little Moon Elephant

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