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Loreal Organic Hair Colours, Try INOA With No Ammonia!

mosche grand hyatt ammonia free hair colours
It's ammonia-free, it's odourless, it's permanent. Thinking of changing your hair colours, or covering your grey hair? Loreal’s INOA gives you high coverage with up to 100%, whilst still keeping the colour looking bright and luminous!

mosche grand hyatt organic hair colours inoa review
More people are going into organic hair dye, so I decided to visit Mosche Grand Hyatt to give it a try too. I was recommended INOA, by Loreal Professional, a leading no ammonia permanent hair colour range with Oil Delivery System (ODS2) technology, that uses oil molecules instead of ammonia to open the hair shaft and soak in the dye.

luxury haven lifestyle blogger reviews mosche hair salon
After discussing the colours with my hair stylist, we picked 2 colours – INOA 6.45 Dark Copper Mahogany Blonde, and the INOA 9.13 Very Light Beige Blonde. I am extremely satisfied with the result. Do you like it too?

rene furterer okara color binding oil review
louis vuitton rene furterer okara color binding oil
Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM
To protect my scalp and hair, Rene Furterer Okara Colour-Binding Oil was first applied on my scalp and hair. The ampoule effectively locks up moisture and recovers softness and radiance to hair.

loreal organic hair colours inoa with no ammonia
mosche hair inoa dark copper mahogany blonde
INOA ammonia-free hair colour is enriched with oil, hence hair is left feeling conditioned with sublime colour radiance. The dye will leave your hair as soft as before colouring and will cause no damage. Best part, it is also odour-free! Only thing to note is that you will probably need an extra 30 minutes in the salon for the colour to kick in since there is no chemical. Also, it will cost slightly more but it will give you a peace of mind knowing that your hair and scalp is not steeped in ammonia.

louis vuitton goldwell dualsenses rich repair regeneration serum
It is highly recommended to add an after-colour hair serum like the leave-in Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair Regeneration Serum to give the hair a silky soft feel and a brilliant shine.

singapore top hair salon mosche grand hyatt review
mosche grand hyatt organic hair colour blogger review

singapore beauty influencer reviews mosche
Aesthetic By: EHA Clinic
So, what do you think of my ammonia-free hair colours? 

Call +65 6735-5443 for an appointment with Daniel now, and head down to Mosche Grand Hyatt for a colour consultation to achieve your perfect shade that is free from ammonia!  Be sure to check out their Organic Hair Care: CAPILO Capillary Intensive Treatments too!

Mosche Grand Hyatt
Level 5, Terrace Wing
Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road
Singapore 228211
Tel: +65 6735-5443
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat: 9.30am – 7pm
Sun and PH: Closed

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  1. Sounds good! I DIY my own hair with other brands and they do not last long, colour fades out fast and I have to do it again once every two months or less.

  2. I hate the smell of strong ammonia after dyeing my hair. Thats why it has been a while since I did. Cannot stand the duration and the ingredients. Haha.

    Lovely colour, Shirley. I like it.

  3. You look gorgeous in this hairstyle:-) Inoa effect sounds promising.

  4. Your hair looks great, Shirley!
    Inoa sounds a very good product! :)

  5. tengo que probar inoa, me gusta que sea organico

  6. These organic colours would be kinder to human hair!

  7. Oh very cute haircut darling
    The color is really pretty

  8. Wow, sounds great,I love your hair!
    Kisses, Paola.


  9. I'm always looking for less or no chemicals. Great find Shirley.

  10. Your hair looks spectacular! Nice products, too!

  11. Lovely colour, Shirley. Your hair looks gorgeous!

  12. Love your hair, Shirley! I currently use henna on my hair.

  13. Great post dear!

  14. Looks so interesting! Thanks a lot for the post)

  15. these products are the best
    NEW REVIEW ON MY BLOG <<< Sardinian ferries >>>
    have an happy day

  16. Your hair sure looks great, Shirley!

  17. Woww your air looks awesome. I have to try this product.
    Maggie Dallospedale

  18. I've seen these on the web, look good!

    Almost Stylish

  19. looking great!
    kisses from Spain,

  20. I have been using only LOREAL brands for our hair. Trusted brand.

  21. Ammonia-free option is like a boon for those who like to color their hair frequently. Thanks for sharing.


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