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LABO Camelina Oil Superfood with High Smoke Point + 15% Disc!

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According to the Singapore Heart Foundation, Cancer, Coronary heart diseases and Diabetes are some of the top killer diseases in Singapore. Every day, 16 people die from cardiovascular disease ( heart diseases and stroke ) in Singapore. Hence, it is never too late to start adopting heart-healthy habits such as choosing the right kind of cooking oil like those containing Vitamin E, an antioxidant, so as to reduce your risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer.

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Personally, I believe in the importance of cooking with good oil. After learning of its heart-healthy effects, I have since switched to using Olive Oil in all my cooking, except for deep-frying on rare occasions. No doubt prices are dearer, but health is more important.

best cooking oil comparison chart
Just when I thought I am using the best gourmet oil, I have found an even better culinary oil - the LABO Camelina Oil ( 樂保亚麻荠籽油 ) with a high smoke point of 245°C, suitable for all types of cooking from Salad to Deep-Frying and Baking. This is great since most Asian cooking methods use high heat, so it is a perfect substitute for Olive oil which has a low smoke point .

labo unrefined cold pressed camelina oil review
Retailing at all Unity Pharmacies and online at Lifestream, find out why you will love this healthy culinary oil, plus followers of Luxury Haven will get to buy this Superfood at 15% off!

lifestream superfood what is camelina oil
Do you know that Camelina Oil is sold and marketed as the " Gold of Pleasure " in some parts of the world, and is also used as a nutritional supplement for domesticated animals?

healthy cooking with labo camelina oil promotion
When buying cooking oil, it is not just about selecting oils that are healthy, but also crucial to know if the oil stays healthy after cooking. When you are cooking, you want to use oils that are stable and not those that oxidize easily, forming free radicals and harmful compounds to your body. Through this post, the Lifestream Group also hopes to raise awareness on the importance of High Smoke Point when selecting a good cooking oil, and the health risk of excessively high omega-6 which promotes inflammation in the body which most of us are unaware of.

lifestream labo camelina oil with high smoke point
Oil with High Smoke Point, and Why It Is Important
Smoke point is the temperature when an oil begins to smoke and produce harmful free radicals and fumes. It is important to cook within the smoke point of an oil as these fumes and free radicals may cause harm to health when being consumed. LABO Camelina Oil has a high smoke point of 245°C, higher than most cooking oils, making it the perfect oil for high heat cooking such as deep-frying, baking and barbecuing.

lifeststream labo unrefined oil vs refined
Are You Using Refined or Unrefined Oil?
Common refined oils in the market are produced using high heat or chemical extraction. Unrefined oils employ cold press techniques with no heat or chemicals used in the oil extraction process, hence the nutrition in the oil is retained.

100% unrefined cold press, LABO Camelina Oil is extracted from precious Camelina seeds using unique mechanical cold pressing process, free of chemicals or toxins, preserving the natural qualities and nutrients of the Camelina Oil.

singapore food blogger reviews lifestream labo camelina oil
Well, I have started using LABO Camelina Oil in my cooking and made these Yummy Fusion Trio Appetizers employing the stir-frying and pan-searing methods and also as a salad oil. My family loves these healthy treats, which gives me more reason to use this gourmet oil.

8 Reasons Why I Love LABO Camelina Oil!
  • Camelina Oil has a nice and fresh nutty scent, compared to other cooking oil. Most importantly, it does not alter the taste of my food, unlike oil like Coconut which has a strong taste.
party food recipes gourmet cooking camelina oil discount
  • I kinda like the light and earthy tone that complements well with my savoury dishes and salads. I love how it brings out the flavours in my food!
camelina oil high smoke point equals cleaner kitchen
  • The healthy oil has a high smoke point of 245°C, which suits all types of cooking including those using high heat. High Smoke Point equals to Cleaner Kitchen! Oil that reaches smoke point fast will cause the kitchen surfaces to form a greasy film faster. So from now, I will try to keep my kitchen surface clean by selecting an oil that has a high smoke point like Camelina Oil.
  • Harvested and manufactured in Canada, the highly nutritious and aromatic oil is suitable for all ages and Vegetarians.
  • Camelina Oil has a more stable shelf life and is not prone to rancidity.
singapore beauty influencer reviews labo camelina oil skincare
  • I love this one-in-all oil! The gourmet oil is used not only for food but also for skincare purposes as it contains properties that are great for our skin and hair. It is light and non-sticky, and can even be used as massage oil or as a hair conditioner to keep our hair moisturized!
lifestream labo camelina oil skin moisturizer hair conditioner
  • Use Camelina Oil in Oil Pulling. Also known as " Kavala " or " Gundusha ", an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that involves swishing a tablespoon of Camelina Oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for about 5 minutes. This helps to whiten teeth, improve gums and bad breath and oral health by reducing bacteria, plague and infection in your mouth.
lifestream labo camelina oil contain omega 3
  • As the saying goes, “ An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This all-natural healthy Trans Fat Free Oil is rich in nutrients. With LABO Camelina Oil, you are getting your daily dose of Omega-3 with just 1 tablespoon a day, which is equivalent to approximately five 1g Fish Oil softgels! Gosh, the bottle of GOLD is a must-have in all kitchens! Other than Omega 3-6-9 which is beneficial for a healthy heart and brain etc, the superfood is also rich in Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps premature ageing, and Plant Sterols which support your blood lipid level.
unrefined camelina oil high smoke point
Which type of cooking oil are you using now? Are you ready to switch to a healthier oil? Retailing exclusively at Unity Pharmacy, followers of Luxury Haven can now Enjoy 15% off your purchase by keying in the code: LXYHVN15 for your first bottle of LABO Camelina Oil at Lifestream Group! For purchase of 2 or more, Lifestream offers attractive introductory bulk purchase offers, while stocks last. (You do not have to key in code for orders of 2 and above!) Call +65 6535 7333 if you encounter any issues. * Promo code valid till 30 Nov 2017.

healthy cooking with labo camelina oil
Well, I will be back with the recipes for my Yummy Fusion Trio Appetizers:
lifestream labo premium superfood camelina oil giveaway
Now, here's a lovely surprise! Hop over to LABO Camelina Oil Superfood Giveaway ( 乐保亚麻荠籽油抽奖 ) and be one of the winners to walk away with Camelina Oil Worth $49.80/Set!

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* This is a sponsored post by Lifestream Group. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.


  1. Great product dear. Kisses 😊

  2. Shirley, if you did not share this, I would not have known about camelina oil. At the moment I am using olive oil. Just like you, I thought this was the best but now I know that camelina oil is even better. Time to make a switch!

  3. I've never heard of this! What a versatile oil. I'll see if it's available here in the states.

  4. Thanks for sharing this because I have not heard of this oil before.

  5. Very interesting post,I never heard about this oil before.

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  7. Never heard of this oil, but it looks intriguing! Will have to check it out! <3 -

  8. Camelina oil sounds like it has wonderful benefits! Thanks for the intro!

  9. Omg ...another amazing food product for me to try. Will look out for it, Shirley! xx

  10. It's nice to know about this oil, worth checking it out.

  11. Yes. Good cooking oil is goodness for my cooking as well. This oil must be included.

  12. Thanks for this useful info about Camelina Oil. I have heard of this oil but its ranking sure raised my eyebrows. So I should drink this neat too! Voila!

  13. Wow! This really sound very good - so many uses and so much benefits, you are tempting me there, will consider buying this when i deplete my current cooking oil.


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  16. I've never heard of Camelina oil, but sounds very good for health!
    Here in Italy we use almost only olive oil, and, apart for deep fried food, I've ever thought it's a good oil, but still not good as Camelina oil! :D
    Very interesting post, dear!

  17. LABO Camelina Oil looks very appealing and healthy. I have to order it.

  18. What a interesting oil, dear, for a healthy lifestyle!


  19. Yes, we often think olive oil and others are good for us - but the truth is they're only good if they're not heated. Once you cook with them all the benefits are lost.

  20. I never heard about this before. So far I only know olive oil and coconut oil.


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