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Baileys Snowskin Mooncakes with Black Sesame Paste (百利酒冰皮月饼)

mid autumn festival best snowskin mooncakes hello kitty
Assorted Snowskin Mooncakes
I did it! I made 100 #SnowskinMooncakes in just 2 days, and it is my 1st attempt! Together with my girlfriend, both of us made about 250 mooncakes; she took 150 and I took 100. That’s an achievement for me despite being a newbie! Don't you think I deserve a pat on the shoulders?

Well, we made different batches of mooncakes with snowskin using Green Tea and Earl Grey, liqueurs like Baileys and Grand Marnier, and also Fresh Fruits like Strawberry and Orange for the colours, so no artificial colouring is used.

auspicious assorted snowskin mooncakes recipe
I have been wanting to make Snowskin Mooncakes for years but just never get to it. I am so glad I finally did it! Snowskin Mooncakes Recipe is relatively simple and pretty standard, but my partner-in-crime shared with me one secret ingredient that she got from a Sifu. Let’s see if you can spot the ingredient later.

phoon huat mooncake boxes
Sorry for publishing the recipe so late, as I was terribly busy packing the Snowskin Mooncakes for friends after making them. Hubby thinks I am crazy when we are not even a fan of mooncakes. Although I made 100, I only kept 4 for ourselves, and the rest are for giving away. Bought these colourful mooncake boxes for packing my mooncakes as gifts. Aren't they pretty?

moon festival delicious colourful snowskin mooncakes recipe
Since many are asking for the Snowskin Mooncake Recipe especially the ones with liqueurs, I am coming out with this first so that you gals can start making them in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival ( 中秋节 ) this Wednesday.

I know it is late, but I made 100 in 2 days. If I can do it, you can too! Trust me, it is not that difficult, and you can make just a small amount as 1 dough makes about 16 mooncakes. Head over to Phoon Huat or any baking store near your home, and start making tomorrow morning! You have a full day tomorrow, plus half day on Wednesday to make. If you want an easier job, you can even buy the Snowskin Premix Powder instead of the usual Phoon Huat Redman Kou Fien ( 糕粉 ) which we are using in this recipe. Difference is, we do not like ours too sweet so we prefer not to use premix flour.

mooncake festival baileys snowskin mooncakes black sesame paste
So let’s start our Baileys Snowskin Mooncakes with Black Sesame Paste ( 百利甜酒冰皮月饼 ) making session! * If you do not have a bottle of Baileys at home, use any liqueur of your choice.

baileys irish cream liqueur recipe
One bowl of 155g Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur makes 16 Snowskin. I used up almost the entire bottle of Baileys in just 2 days for our mooncake-making sessions! Ouch!

( Makes 16 Snowskin Mooncakes )
120g Kao Fen ( 糕粉 )
50g Hong Kong Flour ( 香港面粉 )
65g Icing Sugar ( 糖粉 )
30g Shortening Premium ( 白油 )
155g Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur
500g Black Sesame Paste ( 黑芝麻莲蓉 ) *Makes about 16 x 30g Paste
60g Sunflower Seeds

    phoon huat redman hong kong flour baking recipe
  • Preheat oven at 180° and bake Hong Kong Flour for about 5 minutes. Stir evenly and bake for another 5 minutes.
  • phoon huat redman snowskin mooncake flour
  • Sieve all the flour and icing sugar together, then add the shortening. Mix well.
  • making baileys snowskin mooncakes
  • Add in Baileys and mix well into a smooth dough. Pinch a little and try if the liqueur taste is strong enough. You will love how delicious it tastes! After that, let it rest for about 20 minutes.
  • phoon huat redman black sesame paste sunflower seeds
  • Meanwhile, throw in sunflower seeds into sesame paste and knead well.
  • making mooncakes phoon huat redman black sesame paste
  • Make about 16 sesame paste balls weighing 30g each. Set aside.
  • how to make snowskin mooncakes
  • Dust some Hong Kong Flour on your hand or gloves to prevent dough from sticking. Divide the Baileys dough into half, and roll into 2 long dough. Then make about 16 balls weighing 25g each. This is a tray of assorted flavours we made, pairing with the respective paste.
  • baileys snowskin mooncakes black sesame paste recipe
  • Flatten the dough, and put a ball of sesame paste filling in the middle and wrap around it. Dust more HK Flour onto hand and roll the dough into a ball.
  • Pour some HK Flour onto a tray and also dust some onto mooncake mould. Shake off excess flour. Put the dough into the mould and press gently. Remove the mooncake from mould and you are done!
  • mid autumn festival snowskin mooncakes black sesame paste
  • Refrigerate well and serve your Aromatic Baileys Snowskin Mooncakes with Black Sesame Paste ( 百利甜酒冰皮月饼 ) chilled!
buy cute hello kitty snowskin mooncakes
These are some of the “anyhow” flavours we have experimented with; there are some Cute Hello Kitty Mooncakes too:
luxury haven lifestyle blog snowskin mooncake making session
Special thanks going out to Jennifer, for her secret Hong Kong Flour ingredient! We had an awesome time making the mooncakes, and it was great teamwork!

So, what do you think of our “anyhow” Snowskin Mooncakes? With this, Luxury Haven wishes all a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 中秋节快乐!

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  1. Hello Shriley!
    Looks really nice!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy your week..

  2. Thanks for taking the time to share with us^^

  3. Wow, stunning achievement for a newbie! I'll like to share that "Gao fen" is not exactly glutinous rice flour, it's actually cooked glutinous rice flour just incase any one interested in making, please do not go to the supermarket to get glutinous rice flour to make these moon cakes - those are not edible without cooking - you need to get from baking needs suppliers like Phoon huat, look for "Gao Fen 糕粉", otherwise your effort may be wasted.

    1. Thanks for your input, dear! Yap, the only thing you need to bake is Hong Kong Flour in this mooncake recipe. There's also a snippet of the ingredients above for you guys to refer to in case you're shopping for the flour etc.

  4. Your mooncakes are gorgeous! And I love that you added Baileys!!

  5. Amazing, I must try it sometime.

  6. Gosh! You are so hardworking, Shirley. 100 snowskin in 2 days? That was an amazing feat. Well done to you.

    Never tasted Bailey snowskin. Now so many flavours in the market. We are pampered.

  7. Shirley, you deserve a standing ovation! A hundred in two days for a newbie is amazing! xx

  8. Fantastic Shirley. Salute to your pride and joy mooncakes. These are so lovely.

  9. Delicious!

  10. Shirley, your mooncake are delicious!👍. Thanks for your sharing 😊

  11. ;D

    Tudo parece ser delicioso!

    Ótima terça!

    Beijo! ^^

  12. They look so delicious :)

    happy Mid Autumn Festival to you

  13. Hahaha I love this season so much! Because I love eating Mooncake!

  14. My favourites are the snowskins. I much prefer them over the baked items.

  15. The mooncakes looks super pretty and delicious

  16. I love to drink Bailey's and it is amazing that it could be the ingredients of your moon cakes. The snow skin looks so delicious! Did you send to my correct address? Kikikikikiki

    1. Hahaha! I sent by Kitty express mail! You didn’t get it? Now that you’ve got my recipe, can try making your own too. xoxo

  17. I take my hat off to you, Shirley. You are amazing!

  18. Sooo beautiful and creative Shirley! I plan to try making traditional teochew mooncake soon! I love snowskin mooncakes and baileys sounds like it would be heaven!

    1. Gosh, it’s so nice to hear from you again! I thought you went MIA for a long while. Good to have you back, Sharlynn! xoxo

  19. hi is the seasame paste also from Phoon Huat?

    1. Yap! They’ve quite a lot of flavours. xoxo

    2. thanks! will try it out since i have a bottle of bailey at home

    3. Cool! Pls feel free to post your mooncake photo at our Facebook Page & tag @LuxuryHaven after making. Love to hear from you!

      Will be sharing more mooncake recipes soon, so do Subscribe to Luxury Haven via email to be the first to know! xoxo

  20. sorry Shirley what can I use to replace shortening?

    1. You may substitute shortening with butter, but the texture may be different. ......


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