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Ninja Akasaka, Tokyo’s Themed Restaurant ( 忍者赤坂レストラン )

ninja akasaka directions
Be warned foodies, this is not your usual kind of restaurant! Diners enter this Japanese eatery through secret doors in pitch dark led by a Ninja. Even the entrance is hard to locate; it took us some effort to find the main entrance to the restaurant which is a small black door almost non-existent.

japanese best themed restaurant ninja waiters
Yap, I am talking about Ninja Akasaka ( 忍者赤坂 ) in Tokyo. Once you are inside the Ninja restaurant, you will be greeted by Ninjas who would usher you to your village.

ninja akasaka shuriken star blades grissini foie gras
What kind of food will diners get? Well, you will get Ninja-inspired dishes like this Shuriken Star-Blades Grissini ( 手裏剣グリッシーニ ) and most importantly, the restaurant serves really delicious food. Need the attention of waiters there? Well, you gotta first search for the service bell which is hidden under the table. Sounds fun? Let's explore together!

luxury haven ninja akasaka birthday celebration
During my last media trip to Japan to review the Tokyo DisneySea, I wanted to dine in a really cool restaurant. I wanted to try something different other than the media tastings that were arranged for us as it was my birthday. The reason was partly due to my son joining us for this trip; we would like to give him a nice treat.

japan family fun restaurant ninja akasaka
Gotta admit we are fussy eaters, and food served in themed restaurants are mostly junk food and highly-priced, sad to say. Some of the themed restaurants in Tokyo which we had short-listed were Robot Restaurant ( ロボットレストラン ), Alice in Wonderland ( 魔法の国のアリス ) and Zauo ( ざうお ), The Lockup (ロックアップ), and Sengoku Buyuden ( 戦国武勇伝 ). These unique restaurants are all located in Shinjuku. Then there is also Alcatraz ER ( アルカトラズ イーアール ) in Shibuya, but no more boring Maid Cafes as I had already been to one previously, don’t waste your money there.

tokyo themed restaurant ninja akasaka review
After reading how bad the food are in some of the reviews, hubby and I narrowed down to Ninja Akasaka ( 忍者 屋敷レストラン ). The Ninja restaurant serves both Ala Carte and Course Menu, but I highly recommend you to order the Course Menu for each person + few Ala Carte dishes featuring their Signature items. Food was great and fanciful at Ninja Akasaka that evening! The three of us had lots of fun dining there, but be prepared to spend about USD 70 for each pax excluding drinks.

japanese themed restaurant ninja akasaka restroom
Ninja Akasaka Restroom
Come, let me take you a walk down the dark alley with magical food, but I won’t go into details else there will be no surprise when you dine there next time. Let the photos speak for themselves!

Ninja Cuisine ( 忍者の料理 ) - Tasting Course ¥ 5,700 ( approx USD 50 ) per pax:

ninja akasaka review shuriken star blades grissini
Shuriken Star-Blades Grissini ( 手裏剣グリッシーニ )
Foie Gras cream pate with crispy biscuits

tokyo themed restaurant ninja akasaka review mapo tofu
Cold Appetizer of the Season ( 季節の冷製前菜)
Chinese Mapo Tofu

japanese themed restaurant ninja akasaka review chicken fritter
Chicken Fritter Ninja Style ( 大山鶏のフリット NINJA 風 )

ninja akasaka review special stone boiled-soup bouillabaisse
Special Stone-Boiled Soup ( 名物 灼熱投石鍋 葉隠之術 ),
Japanese Bouillabaisse ( 和風ブイヤベース )

ninja akasaka review capellini chilled tomato pasta
Capellini with Japanese Tomato Flavour ( 和風トマトのカッペリーニ )

singapore travel influencer ninja akasaka themed restaurant review
ninja akasaka food review salmon with creamy rice
Meat / Seafood Specialty of the Day ( 本日の肉料理 または本日の魚料理 )
Salmon with creamy rice

Sushi of the Season and Today's Sushi Roll ( 季節の握り寿司と本日のロール寿司 )

disney bear shelliemay ninja akasaka birthday cake
Today's Dessert ( お楽しみデザート )
Red Wine Jelly

Ala Carte Orders:

ninja akasaka food salmon avocado tartar cream puff
Salmon Tartare Incognito Ninja-Style Cream Puff ( 忍びの衆(シュー ), ¥700

ninja akasaka magic shows turban shell bombs review
Escargots Turban Shell Bombs With Garlic Butter ( サザエ爆弾焼き エスカルゴもどき ), ¥1,800

japan themed restaurant ninja akasaka review magic shows
ninja akasaka magic snow crab grapefruit with sword
Snow Crab And Grapefruit Appetizer ( ズワイガニとグレープフルーツ 水平抜刀霧隠の術 ), ¥2,300

ninja akasaka sweet sour pork review
Black Enchantment Sweet and Sour Pork ( 忍法黒柔術 柔らか角煮黒酢豚 ), ¥1,800

singapore trave blogger reviews ninja akasaka japanese restaurant
ninja akasaka review japanese lean beef potato gratin
Japanese Lean Beef 80g with Potato Gratin ( 国産特選フィレ牛肉 ステーキ ), ¥2,200

ninja akasaka dining review icy bonsai dessert
Icy Bonsai Dessert ( 氷菓盆栽 , ミルク・黒胡麻・抹茶のソルベとフルーツ ), ¥1,300

Let's check out the interior of the Ninja Akasaka Restaurant, and some their magical Ninja-inspired dishes in the video! Bear with the poor quality of the video, it is really dark inside and we were overwhelmed with all the excitement……..

Spotted my cute Teddy Bear backpack? Read more at DisneySea Shopping: ShellieMay, the Disney Bear ( シェリーメイ )!

singapore parenting blog ninja akasaka dining review
So, what do you think of Ninja Akasaka? Have you been there?

ninja akasaka restaurant map
Image Credit: Ninja Akasaka
How to Get to Ninja Akasaka:
3 minutes on foot from Ginza Line • Marunouchi Line "Akasakamitsuke".

Ninja Akasaka
Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0014
2-14-3 Akasaka Tokyu Plaza 1F
Tel: : 03-5157-3936

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