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Healthy Abalone Salad with Avocado Dressing ( 鲍鱼沙拉配鳄梨酱 )

abalone salad baby spinach party recipe
Have a can of Abalone but no idea what to do with it? Moon Festival is just next week! How about adding the delicacy to your greens and make it an epicurean salad, and having Mooncakes as desserts to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival ( 中秋节 ) with family and friends?

cold storage hussey mesclun salad baby spinach recipe
Combining a mix of Sunflower Seeds, Mesclun Salad and Baby Spinach, tossing with Taylor’s Avocado and Garlic Dressing, and lastly topping up with slices of Abalone, don’t you think this simple dish is too good to pass?

new moon australian abalone recipe
I am using the New Moon Australian Abalone ( 人月澳洲鲍鱼 ) in this recipe, which gives you 1 whole abalone and ¼ piece. Please do not discard the brine. Instead, store in a container and use it for your next cooking session.

taylors avocado dressing recipes abalone salad
Let’s assemble the Healthy Abalone Salad with Avocado Dressing ( 鲍鱼沙拉配鳄梨酱 ) together!

chinese new year new moon abalone salad recipe
1 canned Abalone
50g Mesclun Salad
50g Baby Spinach
8 Cherry Tomatoes
2 tbsp Avocado and Garlic Dressing
2 thsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tbsp Sunflower Seeds

    creative cherry tomato recipes food presentation
  • Rinse and cut tomatoes into halves. If you have a fruit carving tool, use it to create patterns. Set aside.
  • healthy eating hussey mesclun salad baby spinach recipe
  • Rinse salad and place them on a serving plate.
  • taylors avocado garlic dressing salad recipe
  • Drizzle olive oil and Avocado dressing.
  • cny new moon australian abalone
  • Remove abalone from can and cut into slices. Roll some up for food presentation, and mix the rest with salad. Keep the brine for next cooking session.
  • healthy new moon abalone salad recipe
  • Lay cut tomatoes neatly on plate, sprinkle the sunflower seeds and top with more abalones.
  • delicious australian abalone recipe
  • Toss salad well when serving your Healthy Abalone Salad with Avocado Dressing ( 鲍鱼沙拉配鳄梨酱 )!
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  1. Your salad looks very good, Shirley! Just like a bouquet of roses! Must be delicious too. I do have a can of abalone I think. Must try this salad soon :)

  2. What a lovely salad! The dressing sounds so yummy.

  3. I am always impressed with your cooking creativity. Can I adopt you to be my sister? Got free makan!!

  4. Hello Shirley ,
    Everything looks so delicious!
    Thanks for sharing, great recipe!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Style and a class about the rest. Yum.

  6. A lovely healthy and colourful recipe! Hope you're having a lovely weekend so far Shirley :)

  7. I would love to eat this salad even without the dressing!

  8. This looks SO YUMMY!! I want!! <3 -

  9. It looks delicious dear 😊

  10. Looks really interesting! Thanks a lot for sharing)

  11. This sounds so tasty and your presentation looks amazing!

  12. I do love avocado. Think I'd like this dressing.

  13. Such a pretty salad, Shirley. I could go for seconds or thirds .. ^.^

  14. Shirley, I just love the little touches you do to make your food pleasing as well as palatable -- the tomato garnish and lil' abalone "rolls" make this salad irresistible. Beautiful table cloth and salad servers, too!

  15. Yummy and an interesting way to use abalone! My family usually eats it with porridge and cold dishes!

  16. Aww...I must grab that avocado dressing...look and sound too good to miss.


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