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CoolMini for Double Chin, Does Fat Freezing Really Work?

zeltiq coolmini procedure for double chin pain factor
Zeltiq CoolMini Before and After Photos
As age catches up, my double chin is also getting more obvious although having a double chin doesn’t necessarily mean one is fat. During one of my visits to EHA Clinic, a reputable aesthetic clinic located in Shaw Centre, I raised my concern to Dr Tam who recommended the Zeltiq CoolMini as one of the options to remove double chin without undergoing any surgery.

eha clinic zeltiq coolsculpting coolmini review
Zeltiq CoolSculpting Machine
Fat freezing is not new to me as I had previously gone through CoolSculpting treatment for my tummy, a well-accepted procedure for freezing away stubborn fats. Although CoolSculpting has been around for years, the Zeltiq CoolMini applicator was only introduced in Singapore sometime last year.

fda approved fat freezing zeltiq coolmini applicator
Zeltiq CoolMini Applicator
The smaller applicator FDA-approved fat-freezing machine, CoolMini is designed to target areas like Double Chin, Armpits and Knee areas by freezing away the stubborn fat and contouring without any surgery or downtime.

coolsculpting zeltiq coolmini double chin before after results
I had just gone for my 1-month review recently, and certainly saw some positive results. Although best result is achieved in 3 months, one can see a noticeable improvement in just 1 month. Generally, one session is all you need; you will get results in just 1 or 2 visits.

The popular non-invasive fat reduction process uses crypolipolysis freezing technology that freezes fats faster than other cells, so there is no damage to the surrounding tissues. Zeltiq CoolSculpting has been clinically tested to help reduce fats by up to 20% of the treated area!

So if you have a Double Chin and wanna take years off you to achieve a younger look, I am going to walk you through my CoolSculpting experience with the Zeltiq CoolMini in this post. I will also talk about Diamond Pola Neck Treatment, another option to consider.

The Zeltiq CoolMini Procedure for Double Chin:

eha clinic zeltiq coolsculpting coolmini double chin review
singapore aesthetic clinic zeltiq coolmini double chin review
Hair By: Mosche Grand Hyatt
The doctor assesses your chin and determines the number of areas that need to be treated. Dr Tam of EHA Clinic marked out two areas for my case. To proceed with the treatment, you will have to sign a set of CoolSculpting Treatment Considerations Form, basically informing you what to expect from the procedure.

eha clinic zeltiq coolmini double chin potential candidate
Following that, photos of different angle will be taken for comparison.

eha clinic zeltiq coolsculpting fat freezing review
eha clinic zeltiq coolmini double chin review
singapore beauty blogger reviews eha clinic zeltiq coolmini
You will then be taken to the treatment room where the Zeltiq CoolMini applicator is applied onto the area by the doctor, literally sucking the fatty chin area into a chamber and freezes the fat. Each area takes about an hour.

eha clinic zeltiq coolmini procedure double chin removal
In the first few minutes, you will feel a cold sensation and mild discomfort such as tingling or pulling, which will soon dissipate. During the hour-long treatment for one area, the cooling panels work to eliminate unwanted fat cells while you read a book, play computer games or simply relax and listen to music.

singapore top aesthetic clinic eha skincare louis vuitton
singapore top beauty salons eha clinic review
Over at EHA Clinic, you will be given a remote control for your movie time with a range of English and Chinese movies etc, and call button in case you need any help during the procedure.

singapore beauty influencer reviews zeltiq coolmini double chin
eliminate double chin with zeltiq coolmini fat freeze
After the panels are removed, there will be swelling in the treated area(s). The therapist will then massage the areas to break up the frozen fat cells so they can be reabsorbed and eliminated by your body. Don’t worry, the ugly bulge is just temporary and soon gone after the massage.

What to Expect After CoolMini Treatment:

singapore lifestyle blogger imperial treasure review abalone
I actually had a lunch appointment following my CoolSculpting session. The treated areas returned to normal; no swelling was sighted. Well, I gave myself an Abalone treat at Imperial Treasure Nan Bei. The restaurant was having a promotion for their Double-Boiled Abalone Soup with Four Treasures at SGD 48 instead of the usual SGD 68. Both tummy and chin felt great with the yummy food! So yes, you can return to work or have a lunch date after CoolSculpting since this is a non-invasive treatment.

zeltiq coolsculpting crypolipolysis freezing technology
The next day, I had a bit of swelling around the chin area and I look somewhat like a Bullfrog. The area was tender, but swelling subsided in just couple of days. There was just mild discomfort and no painkillers were needed. If you need to work the next day, a turtle neck top should do the job; the swelling is not very obvious.

In the weeks to follow, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells. Over the next three months, you will see a gradual reduction of fat. Your body will continue to naturally process the injured fat cells from your body for approximately four months after the procedure.

zeltiq coolsculpting coolmini double chin before after photos
Results vary from person to person as with all other treatments. So say goodbye to your double chin in just 1 or 2 fat freezing sessions with no surgery or downtime!

singapore beauty blogger eha clinic zeltiq coolmini review
Hair By: Mosche Grand Hyatt
Zeltiq CoolMini 1-Month Review:

zeltiq coolmini procedure for double chin pain factor
coolsculpting zeltiq coolmini double chin before after results
Although best result is achieved in 3 months time where fat cells are crystallized, destroyed, and eliminated by your body naturally over time, the outcome was clearly noticeable in just 1 month. Yay! I am definitely looking forward to a more contoured neck in the coming months.

venus viva diamond polar neck double chin removal
To achieve better results and for maintenance, you could opt for the Diamond Pola Neck Treatment after the one month review. The Venus Viva Diamond Pola is an effective anti-ageing treatment that helps tighten and firm lax skin on the face and neck, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and improving skin texture.

singapore beauty influencer venus viva diamond polar review
You could also choose to have the Diamond Pola Facial with Neck included. I tried 5 sessions of the treatment 2 years ago before the Zeltiq CoolMini was introduced in Singapore and it delivered rather good results too. You can read more about it at Venus Viva Diamond Polar for Double Chin Review and check with your aesthetic doctor to see which suits you better.

eha clinic aesthetics zeltiq coolsculpting reviews
Got tummy fats to get rid off too? Read my EHA Clinic Zeltiq Fat Freeze CoolSculpting Treatment Review!

The Prices:
  • Zeltiq CoolMini - SGD 1,000/part
  • Diamond Polar Facial – SGD 298
  • Additional SGD 100 for Neck
For your regular beauty regimen, the clinic also offers the following packages:
  • Diamond Polar Facial - SGD 2,980 for 10 sessions + 1 free.
  • Diamond Polar Face and Neck - SGD 3,980 for 10 sessions + 1 free.
singapore aesthetic clinic coolmini double chin removal
Updates: Did another Double Chin CoolSculpting after the 3 months review, but under the chin this time! Check out the remarkable result!

EHA Clinic
1 Scotts Road
#15-01 Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208
Tel: +65 6235 3325

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