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The Top 5 Golf Courses in Portugal

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Portugal is home to the world’s best golf courses and the top destination for recreational and professional golfers. It's sunny, warm region of Algarve alone, for example, is home to more than 40 golf courses, with most having championship layouts and are known all over the golfing world. Learn about golf holidays in Algarve and why they are anticipated by many, here are more information. There are also known golf courses in the Lisbon coast and even in the majestic Madeira Island located in the Atlantic Ocean. Basically, there is a golf course for anybody in Portugal, along with seeing amazing sights and sounds.

Here are the top golf courses found in Portugal:

1. San Lorenzo Golf Course
Located in the exclusive Quinta de Lago estate in Algarve, San Lorenzo is hailed as one of the most renowned golf course in Portugal and one of the finest in Europe. It is an 18-hole par 72 course was made by American golf architect Joseph Lee. It has a designed similar to a figure of 8 and laid out with beautiful Bermuda grass. Playing in San Lorenzo can be smooth, but it also has some very challenging holes that test strength and accuracy.

2. Penha Longa Atlantico
World- famous golf architect Robert Trent Jones, Jr. designed Penha Longa Atlantico, which is located within the upmarket Penha Longa resort near Sintra. This 18-hole par 72 course lies overlooking the expansive Atlantic Ocean and situated within a protected natural reserve. Playing in Penha Longa Atlantic requires bold and strategic plays due to the courses varying elevation. It is also ranked as one of the finest golf courses in Europe.

3. Vale do Lobo Royal
Known for its scenic setup that made one of the most photographed holes, the 16th hole of Vale do Lobo’s Royal Golf Course is famous in the European Golf scene. Its famous cliff- top carry over is considered one of the trickiest shots in Portugal and hailed as Algarve’s symbol of golf. Vale do Lobo Royal is an 18- hole par- 72 course designed by Sir Henry Colton in the 1960s.

4. Oceanico Victoria
Designed by Almond Palmer, Oceanico Victoria is the venue for the prestigious Portugal Masters and the PGA World Cup on many occasions. This exquisitely designed course is one of the many layouts in Vilamoura Resort in the Algarve coast. Natural water hazards, this 18- hole par -72 course, presents a series of challenging shots that even professionals took some second- guessing on strategy. Apart from these, the overall terrains put up a really big challenge for accuracy and strength.

5. Monte Rei Golf Club
Located in Tavira in the Eastern hinterland of Algarve, and one of the many courses in the area of studded cork oak and olive trees, the Monte Rei is an 18- hole par- 72 layout designed by American golf legend Jack Nicklaus is only a few distance from the coast and have an easy access to convenient resort facilities. The golf club itself has fabulous on-site villas complete with excellent five- star club amenities. Several water hazards, bunkers, and some thrilling deep make this golf course a perfect place to practice your play.

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