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Mucota Scena Treatment Review: Mosche Grand Hyatt Singapore

mosche hair salon mucota scena hair treatment review
Made in Japan, Mucota is one of the top prestigious hair care brands. Its Mucota Scena Treatment focuses on mechanism of hair damage that gives hair freshness and shining luster, creating more beautiful hair.

With Mucota Scena Treatment, it’s advanced nano-technology to the rescue! Using advances in material-sciences and biotechnology, Scena+ restores and protects hair by focusing on replacing important natural elements that make up the intercellular components in hair.

mosche grand calore mucota scena lustre protect seal
I enjoy pampering my hair as much as my skin. So indulging in both scalp and hair treatments are of utmost importance to me in order to achieve healthy and lustrous hair.

It was one of those days where I had visited Mosche at Grand Hyatt Singapore to have my hair done, and was highly recommended to try their 3-Step Mucota Scena Hair Treatment, which I shall be sharing in this post.

mosche grand hyatt mucota scena treatment review
mosche grand hyatt mucota treatment advanced nano technology
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1st Step Adel: Mucota Scena Moisture Base Treatment
Containing a mixture of Ceramide, Cholesterol and Phytosphingosine penetrating deep into the hair structure, mimicking natural moisture retention elements that make hair soft and hydrated. Also, the highly-formulated Maltose-based Millet jelly keeps moisture in hair, and supplies it by the synergy effect of CMC ( cell membrane complex ).

mosche grand hyatt ferragamo messenger bag
2nd Step Brava: Mucota Scena Intensive Hair Repair
This step repairs a wide spectrum of damaged hair, and the reactive ceramid-like substances create a web-like structure preventing moisture and CMC from flowing out of hair, thus improving hair texture.

mosche hair salon mucota scena treatment review
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3rd Step Calore: Mucota Scena Lustre Protect and Seal
Key ingredients such as Ceramide, Cholesterol and 18MEA protect hair cuticle by restoring its hydrophobic surface. A 7-layered lamellar liquid crystal nano-structure is formed on the outermost layer, creating a pseudo-cuticle that keeps hair moisturized and healthy-looking,

Mosche carries a variety of scalp and hair treatments. If you are not sure which to try, speak to their stylists who are all well-trained and knowledgeable. Or you can look for my stylist, Daniel, to have him check the condition of your hair and suggest the best treatment for you! Don’t be shy, they are the best person to ask.

luxury haven lifestyle blog reviews mosche hair salon
mosche grand hyatt blogger review mucota scena
The Mucota 3-Step Scena Hair Treatment takes about 1.5 hours and delivers instant result. I am loving it!

mosche grand hyatt oasis alfresco poolside dining menu
mosche grand hyatt oasis dining menu
While you are at the salon doing your hair, you can also ask for Hyatt’s dining menu to try some of the hearty cuisines of Oasis Alfresco Poolside Dining.

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Mosche Grand Hyatt
Level 5, Terrace Wing
Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road
Singapore 228211
Tel: +65 6735-5443
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat: 9.30am – 7pm
Sun and PH: Closed


  1. Envy you. Such a luxurious pampering.

    You look great and youthful with the new hairstyle.

  2. You look fantastic, dear friend!

  3. This is real sophiscated...but love how well your hair is being taken care of.

  4. What a wonderful, pampering, treatment, Shirley!

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  6. The Grand Hyatt has a great spa!

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  9. Great review:) You look beautiful Dear:)

  10. Sounds like a veru good treatment, very nice hair style my dear :-)

  11. You always get the best treatments!

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  12. Thanks for the details on this treatment.

  13. Seems a very nice treatment, your hair looks so good!
    And you look very very pretty dear!

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  16. I am dying for this kind of hair treatment. You look great Shirley!

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  19. Great treatment! Your hair look healthy. As always you wrote a sophisticated review.

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  21. your hair looks amazing! This treatment must be really good.

    sorry for not commenting lately, I've been sick.

    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks, babe! Do take care of your health & hope all's well with you. xoxo

  22. This looks like a fabulous intensive treatment for your hair, the products look/sound great!

  23. Shirley, your hair is super gorgeous xx
    This looks like a great treatment.


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