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Mobike Celebrates 100 Days in Singapore with FREE Rides!

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Mobike, the world’s first and largest smart bike-sharing company, and Mastercard today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the intention to support Singapore’s drive towards greater digitalization of its transport payments ecosystem and enable a smart, connected, and sustainable city.

This collaboration will enhance a convenient, robust, secure, and seamless payment system for Mobike riders in Singapore. The integration of Masterpass, Mastercard’s global digital payment solution, within the Mobike mobile application will allow riders to make fast and secure in-app payments. The partnership will also bring tangible insights into the way urban residents travel, and enable local city planners to examine Singapore’s transportation systems and how they can be made smarter and more flexible.

The partnership is part of Mastercard’s smart cities initiative to use innovation, technology and data analytics to transform the consumer experience and deliver solutions that address the challenges cities face.

Florian Bohnert, Head of International Expansion of Mobike, said: “In a highly urbanized city with a sophisticated transportation system such as Singapore, our value lies in bringing our smart, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly mobility solution to urban residents. We actively seek strategic partners that share our vision of creating transport solutions of tomorrow.  Mobike’s partnership with Mastercard will bring us a step forward in fulfilling Singapore’s vision to build an even more connected, efficient, and environmentally friendly city.”

Benjamin Gilbey, Senior Vice President, Digital Payments and Labs, Asia Pacific, Mastercard, said: “As a global leader in today’s payment technologies, we continue to work with partners such as Mobike to create smart payment solutions that contribute to better connected cities. When you have a city like Singapore that is constantly on the move, it’s imperative that the way people pay for transport is also as safe, seamless and stress free for both residents and visitors. The essence of Masterpass is to remove friction from the payment process so that paying becomes as easy as the push of one button. By combining payment, ticketing and mobile technology, we are bringing about greater time, cost and operational savings, which ultimately leads to an improved travel experience for commuters.”

“Masterpass already provides a seamless way to pay at many popular retail and F&B merchants both in-store and online, and today’s celebration with Mobike is another step in supporting a contactless payments ecosystem that gives consumers convenience, choice and security. Building on our recent partnership with the LTA to roll out Account-Based Ticketing in Singapore’s public transportation system and integration of Masterpass within taxi-mobile apps, our partnership with Mobike further helps deliver on our commitment to providing smart city-focused payment solutions to Singapore. In the near future, we expect to broaden contactless commerce by enabling mobile and wearable devices for cashless use.”

Mobike Celebrates 100 Days in Singapore
Mobike marked its 100th day milestone in Singapore on 28 June. As the world’s only company to operate a truly smart bike-sharing platform, Mobike leverages its AI platform, Magic Cube , to analyze travel patterns and provide intelligent solutions to the city’s most pressing transport challenges.

Based on data from the last 100 days of operations in Singapore, people have shown strong support for Mobike as their preferred smart bike-share solution. Mobike’s A.I platform reveals that the average distance cycled by local riders is 2.7km, with the longest distance cycled in a single trip being 108km.

Mobike has helped change the city-state’s transport landscape. At launch, Mobike introduced its online credit system to encourage responsible bike-sharing etiquette. This system is at the heart of the platform that now supports over 25 million rides every day.

In addition to the credit system, Mobike has implemented over 300 Mobike Preferred Locations (MPLs), which are clearly marked parking zones in shopping malls, schools, and other places in the city district that provide convenient parking areas for users. The company has set an ambitious goal to implement 1,000 MPLs across Singapore by the end of this year and is currently on track to do so.

In Singapore, as with all the cities that Mobike operates in, Mobike recognises the importance of working closely with city officials to understand the needs of the community. Since its launch, Mobike has been working very closely with Town Councils such as Jurong-Clementi Town Council, as well as local government ministries and organisations including Singapore Police Force, Ministry of Transport and Land Transport Authority, HBD Industrial Properties Group, Public Utilities Board and the National Heritage Board.

Weiwei Hu, Founder of Mobike, said: “We would like to thank all of our riders in Singapore for their support, as well as our strategic investors, local regulators, and industry partners for the successes we have achieved since our launch in April. This 100-day milestone is a testament to Mobike’s commitment to bring a wider economic benefit in the cities we operate in - not only have we fulfilled previously unmet demands, our bike-sharing platform encourages more urban residents to get around more often on bikes. In Singapore, Mobike is already changing the way residents are completing their last-mile journeys and we believe they will continue to choose a bike-share platform that provides the best service and the most convenience.”

bicycle rental mobike new bike model
Mobike’s New Bike Model
#Mobike will be introducing a newly designed model to Singapore. This model features three-gears, an adjustable seat for comfortable riding, and solar-powered headlights.

Every Mobike is equipped with GPS-enabled smart lock, which connects the bike to Mobike’s IOT network – the world’s largest mobile-enabled IOT network in the transportation industry. This enables the company to monitor the health and location of the bike at all times to better anticipate and address user demands, and solve common transportation challenges.

The Mobike app is available for download at Android store and Apple app store. Consumers may also register for Masterpass at When integrated, riders can sync their Mobike accounts with Masterpass for easier, secure payment.

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