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Lazada GSS Sale Is Here! Get Your Voucher Code Now!

lazada gss surprise box bio essence beauty products
The Great Singapore Sale 2017 is here, and so is Lazada GSS Sale!

lazada online shopping great singapore sale 2017
I adore deals and online shopping is so addictive cause there are so many great buys! I am almost going insane just looking at these attractive deals at Lazada like Laneige going at up to 50% off, Philips at up to 49% discount, even EuropAce is going at up to 66% off!

great singapore sale 2017 lazada bio essence sale
Well, I have just received my Lazada's Surprise Box, and it is a Lazada x Bio-Essence Beauty Box! I am not going to talk about all the items today, but just two of the Bio-Essence skincare products which totally caught my attention, and I hope they will excite you as much. Here's unboxing my Lazada's Surprise Box! Plus, read more on how to win attractive prizes!

lazada sale bio essence 24k rose gold water
I love gold-infused skincare products and oh yeah, I definitely need some GOLD in my life! The Bio-Essence 24k Bio-Gold Rose Gold Water is not just pretty to look at, but it is also a great buy!

lazada bio essence 24k rose gold water eijitsu
The 24k Bio-Gold Rose Gold Water is a light-weight essence water that contains a precious Japanese rose extract, also known as Eijitsu, which provides extra hydration for the skin. This formula is not only infused with deep hydration properties for continuous moisture replenishment, but also helps to prevent the formation of fine lines and refine visible pores so that skin is transformed to look much more radiant, supple and youthful.

lazada sale 24k bio gold rose essence
Product Efficacies:
  • Hydration – moisture is constantly restored and locked into the skin for long hours to keep it well-hydrated while skin takes on a soft and supple radiance for a youthful complexion.
  • Fine lines – infused with 24k bio-gold which contains powerful anti-oxidant properties that help to slow down the formation of fine lines for youthful-looking skin.
  • Pore reduction – tightens enlarged pores and regulates moisture and sebum balance for fine and smooth skin.
unboxing bio essence 24k rose gold water
Well, opening the bottle can be a little tricky. You will need a pair of mini scissors to cut out the inner rim. Of course you may also poke a hole in the center but the essence may not flow out as smoothly.
    lazada bio essence 24k rose gold water review
    Inhale the sweet-smelling rose-infused essence as you smooth the Rose Gold Water onto your face. The scent is so refreshing, and I kinda like the gluey texture.

    24k bio gold flakes powerful anti oxidant
    Oh yes, you will find real gold flakes inside the bottle of essence! I love how the gold flakes magically disappeared as I massaged the Rose Gold Water onto my face and neck; it is like my thirsty skin had hungrily " devoured " those flakes! This thirst quencher gives my skin the hydration I need, leaving my skin soft and moisturized. After that, I just continued with my usual skincare regiment going over with serum, moisturizer and sunscreen.

    bio essence 24k rose gold water review
    24K Gold may sound really pricey, but the product is surprisingly affordable. Retailing at just SGD 36 for a 100 ml bottle, I think the Bio-Essence 24k Bio-Gold Rose Gold Water is such a steal! But hang on, you may be getting an even lower price over at the Lazada GSS Sale so be sure you check it out!

    lazada sale bio essence miracle bio water review
    The next item that I am gonna introduce today is the Bio-Essence Miracle Bio-Water.

    great singapore sale 2017 essence miracle bio water
    Mist spray is one of my favourite skincare products especially in a hot climate like Singapore. I was intensely captivated by the list of things that it can do from head to toe:
    • Controls oil effectively, refines pores, firms skin with better elasticity and lifts skin.
    • Reduces dark circles and eye bags
    • Relieves sensitive skin, pimples and reduce redness
    • Relieves tiredness, energizing
    • Soothes skin after treatment
    • Whitens and brightens skin
    • Use after make-up for longer lasting and natural look
    • Moisturize for lustrous hair
    • Relieves dryness and split ends
    • Refreshes and soothes skin after exercise
    • Soothes and calms damaged skin
    • Under hot sun to moisturize skin and refreshed
    • Ideal skincare for babies
    • Soothes diaper rashes
    how to use bio essence miracle bio water
    I am not too sure about its ability to reduce dark circles and eye bags as claimed, but I am using the Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water as a freshener and the rest of the benefits are of course, a bonus.

    lazada gss sale miracle bio water review
    Besides, the Bio-Essence Miracle Bio-Water's price tag at SGD 12.90 is amazingly attractive. Uniquely low in mineral content yet rich in trace minerals to ensure 2X cooling, soothing, softening, moisturizing and anti-irritating effects. It is also Hypoallergenic, pH Balanced and Dermatologically Tested!

    lazada online shopping deals great singapore sale 2017
    4 more days to #LazadaGSS and let's #goglobalshoplocal:
    • Catch their deals with up to 90% off!
    • Flash Deals every 2 hours from June 6 - 8!
    • If you are a new customer, shop during Lazada GSS Sale from 6th to 8th June with your exclusive voucher code: GSSSHIRLEY18 and enjoy 18% off your shopping with no minimum spend required! *Capped at SGD 8.
    • Wait, there's more............
    lazada gss surprise box bio essence beauty products
    Lazada GSS Sale Contest:
    Shoppers, be sure go to Lazada GSS Sale to grab your very own Surprise Box going at just SGD 29 for all the different brands; the contents inside are worth far more, just like a lucky bag! ** Each Surprise Box is worth a minimum of $100!!

    * Hang on, there's more! Post a video of yourself unboxing the Surprise Box on the social media with the hashtag #lazadasurprises and #luxuryhaven, and you may be one of the winners to walk away with attractive prizes! Have fun shopping at #LazadaSG!

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    1. the rose gold water looks amazing!
      style frontier

    2. Great review, rose water looks very tempting :-)

    3. I would like to try these products right now!
      Kisses, Paola.

    4. The Bio-Essence 24k Bio-Gold Rose Gold Water looks so luxe!

    5. thanks for sharing these products! I wanna try them out too ;)

      xoxo, rae

    6. So lovely products, Shirley!


    7. Lots of good deals and nice products!!

    8. Once a while I do shop in Lazada. Just did mine few months ago.

      The rose gold water is amazing. Tempted to buy.

    9. I am a big fan of Lazada. Great stuff you got there Shirley! Bio Essence is a good brand.

    10. ;D

      Parecem ser muito bons!

      Ótima quinta!

      Beijo! ^^

    11. I like all of these products but I wish companies would come up with a design that produces less waste of packaging.

    12. Awesome post. Great review. I will try out all the lovely products. Bio-Essence Bio-Gold Rose Water is very interesting. I think i am going to buy that first :)

    13. Beauty box is for me. Indeed. I am in into exploring new beauty products. Anytime.

    14. Oh amazing beauty box darling

    15. That rose gold water sounds really wonderful!!! :D

    16. Wah! Good deal!

      Enjoy your weekend, Shirley!

    17. I had these two products too
      I like the 24K Gold too....but I have not open and use it...

    18. Perfect product sorry for late response I was on vacation

    19. I just love these products!! And they're sparkling!! Amazing beauty box! Thanks for sharing!

      ♘ ♘

    20. I love shopping at Lazada too! So many great deals!

    21. Oh wow the f-Essence 24k rose gold water is so beautiful - would make a perfect gift!

    22. Oh wow I love the idea of the little gold flakes, makes it seem even more luxe! :) Enjoy shopping the sale, it sounds like a great one! :)

      Hope you have had a great weekend! :)

      Away From The Blue Blog

    23. I love those gold flakes! I was wondering how they'd go on the skin, if it would stick like glitter but good to hear they dissolve!


    24. I have used that brand when I was in Shanghai shopping for water based facial water sprays. This brand is very popular there.

      My wife is a crazy fan of Lazada. She even bought a heavy sewing machine and got it delivered safely.

    25. Great products 😊

    26. Have a great start of the week doll!
      Kisses, Paola.

    27. The rose gold water is such a gorgeous looking product. I love the packaging!


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