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Air Connection Design Review: Daikin Multi-Split Inverter

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I am sure most would agree with me that choosing an air-conditioning contractor can be a pain. Aircon installation, as with home renovation can be a nightmare if you engage the wrong contractor.

As much as I would like to change my existing air-conditioners, there are also couple of other things to consider such as workmanship, and the different types of air conditioning systems. As I am living in a condominium, more work needs to be done since piping is concealed unlike HDB. Hacking of ceiling is an example, and my hubby is strongly against since it may leave ugly marks.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Air Connection Design recently to change all my 3 bedrooms’ air-conditioners, but I had a hard time convincing my hubby as hacking is compulsory in order to install new piping.

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I assured him that we are in good hands with Air Connection’s good standing and years of experience. Hubby finally agreed to have an on-site survey one weekend, and Nick came down to explain the type of aircons suitable for our usage and what’s needed to be done.

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Nick was friendly and patient, and had recommended the 3 top air conditioning brands – Daikin, Mitsubishi and Panasonic. After going through our lifestyle, Nick suggested the Daikin 3 Ticks Multi-Split Inverter Air-Conditioner or the 3 Ticks Mitsubishi Starmex, which is sufficient for our family's usage. Nick also explained that a total of 3 areas had to be hacked - the ceiling above our 3 bedrooms, the common toilet and the yard toilet. Nick reassured us that these areas would be properly patched and painted over.

air connection design daikin multi split inverter review
After much consideration and discussion, we decided to go ahead with the Daikin 3 Ticks Multi-Split Inverter Air-Conditioner as hubby was relatively comfortable with Nick after speaking to him. In this post, we will be sharing all the things you need to know about aircon installation and piping.

Aircon Installation:

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daikin aircon installation groundwork
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The big day - 2 workers , Ah Kang and Ah Choy, turned up with Nick at about 9am. Nick left after instructing them what needed to be done. The workers started to prep our house for the aircon installation. I was surprised with the ground work, like protecting our flooring and also sealing our 3 bedrooms and living room to prevent dust from entering. The guys even covered the corridor ledge outside our apartment. Boy, I was already impressed.

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Next was to dismantle the old aircons in the bedrooms.

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While one worker was sealing our rooms, the other went outside our apartment to cut the pipes. I was pleased to see Ah Kang wearing a safety harness as I read about workers falling off from great height during their work occasionally. Safety is of utmost importance since we do not like to see any mishaps.

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air connection condo aircon hacking of false ceiling
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The guys worked hand in hand. While one was taking down the old aircons, the other started cutting the false ceilings. As he cut, the vacuum cleaner was turned on to suck up the dust. I thought that was brilliant. My heart was pounding hard when he was cutting as I was afraid the entire ceiling may collapse. Not sure why, but I was paranoid.

air connection design aircon cleaning review
Ah Choy was cleaning up the area as soon as he finished hacking the ceiling. I liked the way they worked, very tidy.

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One of the steps also involved inserting of copper coils into the rubber pipes, followed by using a special glue to connect the pipes together then taping to seal them.

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These aircon piping were then inserted into the false ceiling with the PVC flexible cables through the hacked holes and then out to the exterior. One insulation is used to wrap one copper coil, except for areas near fan coils where space is insufficient. In such cases, one insulation will be used to wrap two copper coils.

air connection aircon worker soldering copper pipes
air conditioning system changing existing piping
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I also spotted Ah Kang soldering the copper pipes, and he patiently explained that the length is too short so he needed to solder them together. When this was done, he tucked the aircon piping neatly into the cable box and closed to conceal them.
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Time to patch up the ceiling! When all the piping were inserted, another guy turned up to plaster the ceilings. He inserted some reinforcements to hold the false ceiling and then nailed them. He then put back the boards, and started the plastering work.

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My Daikin air-conditioning system 3 arrived in the afternoon, and the guys commenced with the installation.

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Next was the removal of the old Toshiba condensing unit and replacing it with the new Daikin 3 Ticks Compressor Condenser Unit.

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Tada, my new Daikin Multi-Split System 3 are up in our bedrooms with Ah Kang showing us how to remove the filters for normal cleaning.

dakin multi split inverter aircon wireless remote control
Daikin Multi-System Inverter: wireless remote controller, batteries and operating manuals.

Why I Decided To Work With Air Connection Design

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As I mentioned earlier, getting a good aircon contractor is not an easy affair. I had to be very selective as hacking of ceiling was involved and also, to prevent any future aircon piping problems. I did my homework and went to Air Connection Facebook page to check them out and was truly impressed with their strings of testimonials posted by their customers.

Nick was very professional, and hubby and I felt comfortable working with him after our onsite survey. Installation by Air Connection:
  • BCA certified Technicians
  • Premium Material Package
  • Unbeatable Warranty Guarantee - 365 days on workmanship
  • 24/7 Facebook Technical Support
  • Free, no purchase required site survey. Book yours now at FREE Site Survey!
Upgraded Materials:
    dne swg 22 copper pipe aircon installation
  • SWG 22 (0.71mm) copper pipe. Thicker copper piping as an added protection against corrosion and leaking in the future.
  • air connection air con piping using armaflex insulation
  • Armaflex ½” insulation individually insulated. A thicker insulation helps to prevent air conditioner from condensation and leakage. The AF/Armaflex Class O with in-built Microban technology gives it an added level of protection against harmful microbes such as bacteria, mould and mildew.
  • air connection design keystone cables for aircon installation
  • Keystone / Tai Sin control cables.
  • 16mm drainage pipe. More suitable than the smaller 13mm used by others as it is harder to get clogged.
Why I Chose Daikin

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Daikin is the World’s Number 1 Brand ( Info from Ranker and various web sites ), and Daikin Singapore was awarded Reader's Digest Asia Trusted Brand - Gold Award 2017.

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Daikin is currently having an Extended Warranty Promotion with an additional 15-mth Warranty when you purchase any full set of Daikin Multi-Split Inverter Air-Conditioner for some of their models. Valid till end June 2017. * Installation by 30 September 2017.

air connection design daikin multi split inverter review
I was recommended the Daikin Super Multi NX 3MK series where up to 3 indoor units can be connected. The individual indoor units in different rooms—the living room, study room, and the master bedroom can be controlled independently to match our family’s lifestyle.

daikin energy saving technologies inverter
daikin titanium apatite photocatalytic air purifying filter

Equipped with intelligent technologies, Daikin Inverter Multi-Split boosts cooling performance and reduces energy wastage, achieving high Coefficient of Performances (COPs). Key Features:
  • Wide Variety of Stylish Indoor Units including the Envi series.
  • High Energy-Efficiency rating with Inverter Technology.
  • High Quality Clean Air
  • - Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air-Purifying Filter effectively absorbs and decomposes bacteria, viruses and impurities such as dust and cigarette smoke.
  • - Mould-Proof Operation prevents generation of mould and odours.
  • Intelligent Technologies
  • - Smart control via smartphone and tablet.
  • - Intelligent Eye automatically controls air conditioner operation according to human movement in a room using infrared sensor.
  • - Night set mode prevents excessive cooling for pleasant sleep where room temperature is raised by 0.5 C after 60 minutes of cooling operation.
  • Silent Mode for Indoor and Outdoor Unit with Quietest Sound Level for Indoor Unit at 19dB.
  • Select Priority Room to Cool.
  • Great Installation Flexibility.
dakin system 3 multi split inverter intelligent sensor
Intelligent Eye with its infrared sensor automatically controls air conditioner operation according to human movement in a room. When there is no movement, it adjusts the temperature by ± 2˚C for energy savings. Intelligent Eye is available for the FTK(X)S20/25/35/50/60/71.

Some Points to Note:
  • 5 ticks is the highest rating which can be given to an air-conditioner. This rating system is designed to help consumers choose the best appliances to save energy and costs.
  • Choosing the right BTU for your room size will ensure you get the most efficient cooling system for your needs.
The Price Tag for Our Condo Installation:
( Daikin Multi-Split Inverter Air-Conditioner System 3 )
Model 3MKS71FSG + FTKS25DVM x 2 + FTKS35DVM
  • Outdoor 29k + 9k x 2 + 12k - SGD 2050 + GST 7%
  • Materials cost per unit - SGD 180 x 3 + GST 7%
  • Cost for Replacing Existing Concealed Piping - SGD 400 - SGD 650 per set in bedrooms; SGD 500 - SGD 800 per set in living room + GST 7%.
  • Cutting / Patching of Ceiling - SGD 250
Total Cost: Approx SGD 4,500
Time Taken: Approx 9am - 6pm

Our Thoughts:
A stellar workmanship and service rendered by Air Connection Design. Both Ah Kang and Ah Choy are honest and hardworking. It is a usual practice for hubby and I to give tips to good workers, and I handed them tips as well but both of them rejected. They refused to accept even though I had insisted. In the end, I had to stuff the money into their shirt pocket as they truly deserved a good tip.

air connection design workers review
The workers were also very neat and tidy and did a good job in the housekeeping.

singapore private property aircon concealed piping
air connection ceiling patch work before
air connection ceiling patch work after
Patching up of work was also very impressive as I certainly did not expect a near flawless result. I was praying hard cause the ceiling seemed to be “ badly damaged “ after the cut, and I hate to face my hubby’s nagging. But with a few simple strokes, those zig-zag rugged edges seemed to disappear slowly after two coats of plastering. In no time, those ugly lines were almost invisible after he painted over them. What a professional job done! Phew!

luxury haven lifestyle blogger nippon paint hello kitty
Thanks so much to Nick and his team for their great work! Now my family and I are enjoying cool air with our new Daikin Multi-Split System 3 Aircon especially with me in my favourite Hello Kitty study room. I am most happy to recommend Air Connection's service to anyone out there who is in need of aircon servicing and installation!

Oh, don't forget to claim your FREE 45-min Site Survey now with no purchase needed!

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Come and join our Giveaway to Win Air Connection’s CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units for Your Aircon! We will be picking 3 lucky readers!

* This is a sponsored post by Air Connection Design. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.

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