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TWG Grand Crus Prestige: Iced Lychee Tea Recipe ( 荔枝冰茶 )

twg grand crus prestige jasmine lychee tea recipes
I have fallen prey to Iced Lychee Tea since a food tasting session at Arteastiq Boutique Tea House some time back. I had the chance to demonstrate my creativity once again when I was hosting a guest from Australia recently, and the idea of serving her the Iced Lychee Tea surfaced.

twg grand crus prestige jasmine lychee tea
I was staring at my collection of TWG teas, and picked the TWG Grand Crus Prestige Grand Jasmine Tea which I thought would be a perfect match. I paired the sachets of tea with a can of Mili Lychee in Heavy Syrup, and out came the Refreshing Iced Lychee Tea ( 荔枝冰茶 ). My girlfriend loves it and in fact, she cleaned up all the dishes I cooked for her that day without a trace. That of course, made me very happy! Let’s check out how easy it is to make this iced tea!

2 TWG Grand Crus Prestige Grand Jasmine Tea Bags
1 canned Lychee
900ml Water
100ml Hot Water
3 tbsp Sugar
8 Lychees
Lychee Ice Cubes

    twg grand crus prestige grand jasmine tea recipe
  • Steep tea in hot water, and add sugar.
  • ntuc mili lychee heavy syrup recipe
  • Pour lychee syrup into pitcher. Add tea and water to infuse.
  • mili lychee ice cubes recipe
  • Cut up about 6 lychees and put them into ice cube trays. Pour tea when cooled. Freeze, and refrigerate the rest of the tea.
  • arteastiq iced lychee tea recipe
  • Remove lychee ice cubes and drop into serving glass. Pour tea and top glass with lychee. Serve your Refreshing Iced Lychee Tea ( 荔枝冰茶 ) chilled.
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Our 4-course lunch ( Click on the links for recipes, ingredients may differ ):
Have you tried making Lychee Tea? Is this recipe easy enough for you?

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  1. I never try lychee tea. I love the real lychee fruit. Usually in my cold dessert or eat as it is. This drink must be very refreshing.

  2. Great idea! Now i know how to prepared real fruit tea and not just flavour only. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love tea, and Jasmine is one of my favourites!

  4. Such a wonderful way to make a gourmet iced tea! Love those ice cubes, too!

  5. That looks good!

    I love lychee!

  6. Oh, delicious!

    Have a great week,
    Almost Stylish

  7. I love Lychee and Lychee Wine. This Iced Lychee Tea is very new to me but I think when I try it I will fall in love with it immediately! Thanks for a great advice and a great recipe!

  8. I love lychee! <3

    xoxo, rae

  9. What a great result, Shirley!


  10. This sound like a totally exotic recipe to me! It looks good and I'm sure it's worth trying! Thank you for sharing your glam ideas! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  11. I have had lychee flavored teas before, but not actual lychees in teas! That's a great idea!

    7% Solution

  12. Gosh! I can feel the chill burst down my throat right now.

  13. I love this kind of post from you so...creative. long time never taste lychee

  14. wowwww! i never know they both can matched well together! always got a lot leftover during CNY, but never know how to deal with the lychee. thanks for the tips! i would certainly try it out with Jasmine tea!

    #I Blog My Way

  15. I love this - so refreshing and perfect for our humid weather! ^.^ Lunch looks amazing, Shirley. xx

  16. Refreshing recipe. Thank you dear 😊

  17. Wow! This idea is fabulous and refreshing. I am sure my guests would love this.


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