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TomTom Touch Cardio, New Fitness Tracker For Your Heart!

gss tomtom touch cardio heart rate tracker

TomTom Sports officially announces the new TomTom Touch Cardio! With this launch, TomTom not only extends its Fitness Tracker range, but also reinforces its commitment to continue to create Sports Wearables that inspire people to get going at a more accessible price point.

“We know that many people don’t necessarily see exercise as an activity, but rather as an integrated part of their daily lives. They try to stay fit and healthy by walking, taking the stairs and doing groceries. We are extending our TomTom Touch range with this accessible tracker for the fitness optimist to help more people understand how fit they are and inspire them to take that first step towards a more active lifestyle,” says, Corinne Vigreux, co-founder and Managing Director TomTom Consumer.

tomtom touch cardio heart rate monitoring
Embodying the notion of how fitness starts with your heart, the TomTom Touch Cardio’s heart rate monitoring function tracks your heart rate throughout the day and adds to a more accurate calculation of the calories burnt during exercise. This measures the true intensity of your efforts and provides insights about your fitness level. Also, to ensure that every minute counts, it captures your steps, active time, calories burned and sleep, to help you set goals, observe trends and stay on track.

fitness tracker gadgets tomtom sports wearable range
The TomTom Touch Cardio boasts a new elegant design for everyday wear. Sleek and slim, it is available with a range of colourful, high quality straps to match your style. This comes after the successful introduction of the TomTom Touch Cardio + Body Composition which was launched in September last year as the first fitness tracker in Singapore that combines body composition analysis with steps, sleep and all day heart-rate tracking, right from the wrist.

tomtom sports cardio fitness tracker

Retailing at SGD $159, the TomTom Touch Cardio is currently available for sale in Singapore at TomTom, and will be available at Challenger, Harvey Norman, Hachi.Tech, Lazada and other leading electronic and sports outlets from the end of May.

tomtom fitness tracker specifications
TomTom Touch Cardio Specifications

To get the best out of your TomTom Sports fitness tracker, you can use the new TomTom Sports App to and find stats such as steps, HR and calories as well as activity trends and comparisons, and rich social sharing functions. The stats and graphs in the app assist in identifying what works for you and will help you stay motivated.

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  1. Thanks for really interesting post) Have a nice day!

  2. Hello !
    It looks like a great concept !
    Thanks for sharing .

  3. This is really interesting...a few of my friends had bought seems to be s trend now.

  4. Very interesting and useful device :-)

  5. That's a good product! I'll forward this article on TomTom Touch Cardio to my son. He likes exercises like running.

  6. Health is definitely wealth. So speaks this tracker.

  7. I just found out on Monday that my BPM is getting higher. I realised that I neglected my health a bit during the few years taking care of both my parents till the end. Well, it is just excuses and I need a tracker like this to help back back to track again for a robust health. Good & timely sharing of this gadget.

  8. This si avery useful watch!
    I'm using the Fitbit since a year and it's been my buddy for may daily workout! :)

  9. Looks really interesting! Thanks for sharing)

  10. What an attractive tracker! I love how the stats provide an incentive to move more!

  11. ;D

    Parece ser bem legal!

    Ótima quinta!

    Beijo! ^^

  12. I need this. Currently relying on my Samsung Health tracker.

  13. Love it!

  14. I am using it too 😊

  15. I didn't know TomTom had released this cardio tool! Thank you for sharing Shirley! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  16. They keep on releasing such amazing technology, this looks amazing! Thanks for the update, Shirley!

  17. Regular exercise is beneficial for our health. This tracker seems like a great fitness gadget.

  18. Oh very interesting gadget darling

  19. Now this looks really cool. Motivation to exercise more! ;)

  20. so common nowadays but i never really get myself one. lol

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