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Mosche Grand Hyatt Hair Salon Review: Rene Furterer Therapy

singapore beauty blogger reviews mosche grand hyatt
I was at Mosche Grand Hyatt recently to check out their Custom Scalp and Hair Treatment. I have the habit of prepping my hair a week before any harsh chemical treatment, so I was more than eager to visit Mosche as I learnt that my favourite Scalp Therapist has just joined the hair salon as their Senior Stylist.

singapore grand hyatt facilities mosche hair salon
Amidst a well-manicured landscape with spacious seating area in the 5-star Grand Hyatt Singapore rests an upmarket hair salon, which is just a stone’s throw away from the Orchard MRT Station.

singapore top hair salons mosche grand hyatt
Wind down at Mosche Grand Hyatt for a deserving Scalp and Hair Treatment, a reputable hair salon in Singapore since 1979. Mosche has a tasteful finish with gold hue, featuring 6 exclusive seats with long pendant lights suspending just above the table emanating a soft glow.

mosche hair salon custom scalp hair treatment review
In my previous posts, I have talked about Daniel’s skills and his dexterous massage technique being the best I have ever had, and his treatments often yield satisfying results. For this occasion, I was recommended using the Rene Furterer Paris range of products.

mosche grand hyatt rene furterer complexe 5 ampoule
My Custom Scalp and Hair Treatment kicked off instantly with the application of the Rene Furterer Complexe 5 for my scalp therapy. Combining effectiveness, sensory stimulation and natural products, the Rene Furterer Complexe 5 Regenerating plant extract is rich in essential oils, and has a refreshing and soothing fragrance.

rene furterer complexe 5 rf 80 serum review
The Rene Furterer ampoule contains essentials oils such as Orange, which is an effective cleanser and stimulant for micro-circulation; and Lavender, renowned for its antiseptic and relaxing qualities.

grand hyatt mosche hair salon scalp treatment review
mosche grand hyatt rene furterer scalp treatment review
After a good scalp massage by Daniel, I was put under warm air for about 15 minutes to help the ampoules penetrate into my scalp. It was quite a soothing procedure and I was dozing off in no time. Complexe 5 cleans and prepares your scalp while activating its micro-circulation, and the regenerating plant extract acts like a fertilizer for your scalp.

blogger reviews rene furterer melaleuca anti dandruff shampoo
rene furterer paris melaleuca anti dandruff shampoo review
I was then given a good hair wash with their Rene Furterer Paris Melaleuca Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with cleansing essential oils which totally eliminates any dandruff while limiting relapses. It also hydrates the hair and scalp with rich Carthamus oil.

rene furterer fioravanti-clarify shine rinse dull hair
The Rene Furterer Paris Fioravanti Clarify and Shine Rinse for Dull Hair was next applied onto my hair. Facilitating the detangling of hair, Fioravanti Clarify and Shine Rinse is ideal for neutralizing the dulling effect of hard water.

Containing the Acerola Extract, Acerola is a small cherry originating in Chile particularly rich in vitamin C and fruit acids. The vinegar obtained from its concentrated juice contains surprising properties: its acid pH enables it to smooth the hair cuticle and neutralize limescale along the hair fiber for maximum shine. There are two possible uses after shampooing:
  • Pure: distribute through hair, then rinse with cool water.
  • Diluted: use 1 volume of product with 10 of water as a wash, do not rinse after that.
rene furterer paris rf 80 concentrated serum review
As we age, we suffer from ageing and thinning hair. Thankfully, there is the Rene Furterer Paris RF 80 Concentrated Serum with a double patented and scientifically proven formula that combats the two major factors of sudden thinning hair: Vascular and Nutritional. It works against these 2 causes to naturally encourage the growth of stronger hair and improve hair structure for thicker and faster growing hair. To use, simply apply the no-rinse serum as the last step.

gss 2017 mosche grand hyatt hair cut promotion
singapore best orchard hair salons short bob
singapore orchard hair salons review short bob
I was then given a hair cut after the Rene Furterer no-rinse serum, followed by a blow and style session. The result is a fuller and more volumized hair instead of the usual limp and thin-looking hair.  Time Taken: Approx 2 hours

singapore beauty influencer reviews hyatt mosche hair salon
For optimal results of a scalp treatment, always get a hair stylist with a good massage technique. You have probably met Daniel from my previous hair reviews, and he is definitely my favourite Scalp Therapist. I am really delighted that he is now at Mosche Grand Hyatt, so I can continue to have him taking good care of my hair.

luxury haven lifestyle blogger reviews mosche grand hyatt
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If you are in Singapore for a vacation, take some time off your hectic shopping or business schedule! Indulge yourself in a Scalp and Hair Therapy, and enjoy a relaxing head massage session at Mosche Grand Hyatt. For residents of Singapore, the hair salon has been around since 1979. It is a trusted brand that you can rely on with their pool of professional hair stylists; be it just a hair cut, or their chemical treatments. If you are into Organic products, be sure to check with the staff for their range of Organic services rendered.

grand hyatt singapore damai spa massage review
If you have been following me at Facebook, you would have known that I had a premium spa package consisting of some 90-minute Massage sessions at Damai Spa last year, so I am pretty much familiar with the surroundings on that level of Hyatt Hotel. Are you a spa-goer too?

mosche grand hyatt hair salon review
Mosche Grand Hyatt is located just next to Damai Spa. If you are visiting the salon, take the lift near Hyatt’s carpark up to Level 5, not the ones in the lobby. While you are there, check out Grand Hyatt’s free-form beautiful turquoise pool, or their poolside dining at Oasis Restaurant, offering a delicious selection of homely and hearty options, including healthy Damai selections.

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Mosche Grand Hyatt
Level 5, Terrace Wing
Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road
Singapore 228211
Tel: +65 6735-5443
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat: 9.30am – 7pm
Sun and PH: Closed


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