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DisneySea Shopping: ShellieMay, the Disney Bear ( シェリーメイ )

disney shopping shelliemay bag disney bear
Do you know who ShellieMay ( シェリーメイ ) is? Well, #ShellieMay the Disney Bear is a Disney character found in Tokyo DisneySea and only couple of other Disneyland theme parks worldwide!

where to buy shelliemay bag in disneyland
ShellieMay has a lovely shade of pink, and has a pair of sparkling blue eyes. I love my ShellieMay bag, bought during my recent trip to Tokyo DisneySea. I was told it is the iconic item there and it is a must-by, and I did! Never mind my age, you are only young once!

louis vuitton epi leather backpack disneysea shelliemay
Louis Vuitton or Disney Bear? I mentioned I traded my LV for ShellieMay in my last DisneySea post, and yes, I chucked my LV backpack into my cargo bag and carried my new plush toy throughout my entire stay in Tokyo!

tokyo disneysea shelliemay backpack
The ShellieMay bag is too cute, and it is a 3-way bag that can be used as a shoulder bag, a handbag, and also a backpack; plus I can cuddle the adorable ShellieMay whenever I take her out!

disneysea mickey mouse duffy disney bear
Spotted a Japanese carrying Duffy Bear in Tokyo DisneySea. Noticed the difference between Duffy and ShellieMay? Duffy is in darker brown, while ShellieMay is lighter in colour and has a pretty bow.

tokyo disneysea disney stuffed toys on bag
Also saw this couple carrying Disney bags with a handful of Disney stuffed toys attached onto their bags! Just look at the the range of Duffy Bear, ShellieMay, Mickey and Minnie Mouse plushies they have!

disney friends shelliemay duffy best friend
Image Credit: DisneyParks
The Story
Duffy is the stuffed bear Minnie Mouse made for Mickey to accompany him on his adventures so that he would never be lonely. Duffy is Mickey’s one-of-a-kind travel buddy! Well, Shellie May is Duffy’s girlfriend, also created by Minnie Mouse to keep him company.

travel blogger in disneysea shelliemay purse
If you wanna meet the lovable ShellieMay in person, the character can be found strolling through American Waterfront in Tokyo DisneySea, where her greeting spot is. Do you own a ShellieMay plush toy too? If you haven't been to DisneySea, check out the rides and attractions at my last Christmas at Tokyo Disney Resort, DisneySea 15th Anniversary!

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  1. I thought you would be the central of attraction carrying ShellieMay throughout you trip... but looks like i'm wrong...there are plenty of Disney fan irregardless of age and all are not shy to carry 1 Disney character around. Did you buy the mini as well?

    1. Wow, you're fast! Everyone's a kid in Disneyland, no one is too shy to carry those cute bags at all. Nope, I didn't get the purse & I'm regretting it now.....

  2. That is such a cute bag!

    I have a ShellieMay too, but a small key-chain. Hahaha

  3. Fantastic place and you look really cool!

  4. Really brings out the kid in you! :D

  5. Cute bag, Shirley! You look beautiful.

  6. Aaaww. ShellieMay is cute. Everyone is so into the plush bag. Lol. LV or Disney Bag? So hard to decide if I were you. ^^

  7. So fun! You look terrific carrying ShellieMay!

  8. That bag is so cute, Shirley. ^.^
    Now that is what I call a great buy!

  9. Both the bears are very cute! You could carry this cutie bag in Tokyo only. You will make heads turn in Singapore. LOLOL

  10. As usual amazing post ) Thanks for sharing!

  11. Awww I love Disney >w< Youe ShellieMay bag is just soooo cute <3

  12. Cute bag and you look very pretty 😊

  13. Wowww amazing experience babe
    Maggie Dallospedale

  14. Hello
    I'm also a big fan of the Disneyworld.
    SincecI was a little girl !
    Great post with fantastic photos!

  15. That shelliemay Disney bag is adorable. Visiting Disney must be a lot of fun!
    I really like your outfit. Grey and black is always a good combo. You look very elegant...and that bag adds a cuteness element to this styling.

  16. So pretty. Wish I am with you in Disney. Let me save first ya!

  17. ;)

    Uma gracinha esse urso!

    Ótima quarta!

    Beijo! ^^

  18. In love with thos plushie bags!!! And such cute stuffed toys!
    I'm a huge Disney fan! :D

  19. Aww, Shirley this is SO cute! You look so happy with the bear too haha :)

  20. That bear bag is so cute! love it.

  21. this is cute!
    Yes regardless of age, every woman can carry too :)
    I love it too


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