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Asakusa Nakamise and Sensoji, Must-Visit Places in Tokyo!

tokyo must visit places sensoji asakusa kannon temple
Traditional snacks, local food and souvenirs, find them all at Asakusa Nakamise! Temple visitors to the Sensoji ( 浅草寺 ) aka Asakusa Kannon Temple will also get to enjoy Nakamise, a shopping street that is filled with tasty lovely treats.

travel blogger explores tokyo sensoji asakusa kannon temple
explore asakusa sensoji kaminarimon thunder gate
Asakusa ( 浅草 ) is definitely one of the must-visit attractions in Tokyo, and it is easily explored by foot. The area is easily spotted with their huge red lanterns through the famous Kaminarimon ( Kaminari Gate ) leading to the Sensoji Temple, which is also known as Thunder Gate ( 雷門 ).

japanese asakusa nakamise shopping street
asakusa nakamise must visit places in tokyo
asakusa nakamise shopping street japanese snacks
Upon entering these gates, you may find the Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street with more than 50 shops stretches over 250 meters from Kaminarimon to the main grounds of Sensoji Temple. Here, you will find typical Japanese souvenirs such as Yukata ( 浴衣 ), handkerchiefs and local snacks like Senbei rice crackers ( 煎餅 ). This is one of the best places in Tokyo to buy souvenirs home.

japanese kagetsudo asakusa jumbo melon buns
Explore every nook and cranny of the shopping streets and you will find interesting shops hidden somewhere like this one selling Giant Melon Buns. Apparently, Kagetsudo Asakusa ( 浅草花月堂 ) is a brand known for their famous Jumbo Melon Pans ( ジャンボめろんぱん ).

asakusa nakamise shopping street monjya buns
As you venture, you can even find Monjya Buns ( もんじゃまん ) with Mentaiko flavours all freshly made!

sensoji asakusa kannon temple hozomon gate
asakusa sensoji hozomon gate waraji straw sandals
After splurging on souvenirs at the Nakamise-Dori, Hozomon Gate ( 宝蔵門 ) awaits you with a pair of giant waraji straw sandals, a charm that wards off evil and represents the power of the Nio Guardians.

asakusa sensoji temple omamori amulets souvenirs
Built in the 7th century, Sensoji is Tokyo's most famous and popular Buddhist temple, and also one of its oldest. Admission is free to these attractions. Visitors will find shops selling the official Sensoji merchandise such as omamori amulets, scrolls, and incense.

asakusa sensoji temple big incense burner
Don’t leave Sensoji Temple without praying and getting your fortune told. There is a big incense burner for visitors to burn their joss sticks and pray. Watch what the locals do and simply follow. You will be surprised to see them putting the incense smoke on their head and body. It is said that the smoke will also drive your body aches away.

travel blogger sensoji omikuji paper fortune adventure
For just 100 yen, try the Omikuji ( おみくじ ) after your prayer to check your luck. Well, Jonathan was having fun with the Paper Fortune since he did not get to do this the last time he was in Japan.

sensoji asakusa kannon temple omikuji paper fortune
how to draw omikuji paper fortune
After you have inserted the coin, shake the Omikuji box several times while saying your wishes, just like what you will do in a Chinese temple. Once the stick pops out, go look for the number in the shelves to find your Omikuji.

sensoji omikuji paper fortune good luck
Thank goodness, Jon drew a lucky fortune! Looks like he had his prayers answered.

sensoji omikuji bad luck paper fortune tied on racks
Be warn, there is a rumour saying that probability of drawing a bad fortune is high compared to other temples. In the event you have a bad fortune, you are supposed to tie your paper on these racks. I was told that these racks are often full at the end of the day. We went to Sensoji early in the morning to avoid the crowd, so we only spotted a few bad luck fortune papers tied there.

asakusa sensoji temple ryushinzo stone statue water fountain
asakusa sensoji osuisha washing hands from dragon jaws
There is also the Osuisha ( お水車 ) for visitors to purify before entering the main hall. Adorned with a stone statue of Ryushinzo, you can wash your hands with water from the dragon's jaws.

asakusa sensoji temple greatest artworks collection
flowers in japan sensoji asakusa kannon temple
tokyo sightseeing asakusa sensoji temple
Don't miss other stuff at the temple such as the greatest artworks from Sensoji’s collection painted on the ceiling etc.

tokyo tourist atttractions asakusa rickshaw jinrikisha
In Asakusa, you can also consider a guided tour on a Rickshaw ( 人力車 ). A 30-minute tour for two pax costs around ¥9,000.

asakusa traditional events colourful procession
Asakusa is also known as the site for many traditional events. When we were in Asakusa, we spotted a procession going on where traditional performers parade through the streets. It was such a colourful and eventful festival.

Have you been to Asakusa? Be sure to hit this rustic town the next time you visit Tokyo! You may even spot a Geisha if you’re real lucky. After all, Asakusa used to be an entertainment district filled with gangsters, courtesans, artists, and geishas too!

luxury haven lifestyle blogger explores tokyo skytree
After spending time in Asakusa, I would suggest that you explore the Tokyo Skytree next, which is about a 20-minute across the Sumida River from Asakusa. Christmas is especially beautiful in Tokyo Skytree since not many places have Christmas lightings in Tokyo.

tokyo skytree pen pneapple apple pen cafe
Guess what? We spotted the Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen Cafe when we were in Tokyo Skytree selling PPAP Fresh Juices and burgers! Isn’t it amazing PPAP even has a cafe now? Talk about striking the iron while it is hot………..

pasmo suica cards travelling shopping airport shuttle buses
Oh, one last thing……….. it will be ashamed not to get these SUICA or PASMO cards if you are visiting Tokyo cause it makes travelling so much easier, saving you lots of time. Basically, they are prepaid e-money cards for moving around and shopping too. They won’t save you money, but just for convenience. People use the SUICA or PASMO for everything from train travel to vending machines. You can also use these cards to travel on normal bus lines in the Tokyo metropolitan area as well as some inter-city express buses and airport shuttle buses. SUICA or PASMO? Well, they work the same way and can be used in the same places, so both are just as good.

instagram worthy spots tokyo disneysea arabian coast
This is a scheduled post as I am now travelling in Japan again for a week. Keep all your comments and sharing coming, and I will resume my blog hopping when I return to the Garden City. If you have missed our previous posts on the nice locations in Tokyo for your photo shoots, check out Instagram Shots in DisneySea, Keio Plaza, Hilton Tokyo Bay! Like what you see? Get Beauty, Dining, Recipes, Travel, Health and Wellness reviews right into your mailbox! Subscribe to Luxury Haven by Email and you will never miss a post again!


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  2. Japan has very beautiful ancient temples. I would love to try the omikuji too.

  3. Reminds me of the times when I visited Asakusa. Definitely a must-visit place.

  4. Oh wow this place looks amazing, especially by night! The flowers are so pretty too :)

  5. What a lovely trip, Shirley! Looks like a great time.

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  7. Enjoy your trip, Shirley xx
    This is a lovely list of things to do and visit!

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  10. I've always wanted to visit Tokyo and I'll definitely have to add Asakusa to the must see list!

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  19. Oooh! I love that temple very much and will visit again on my next Tokyo visit. The Mikuji was so accurate and powerful that it gave me goosebumps. It directly answered me in details. Next time must swing your wallet over the smoke to invite more wealth! Ha ha

    That 9000 Yen rickshaw is so expensive. I could sit the one in Melaka to Singapore for that price. LOLOL

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