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Western Australia’s Swan Valley Unearthed In Singapore

australian food swan valley unearthed in singapore
A Showcase of Extraordinary Food and Wine
from Western Australia’s Oldest Wine Region
The rich and bountiful plethora of gourmet products and produce from the Swan Valley in Western Australia were recently unveiled at a cocktail reception at ME@OUE hosted by Mayor Mick Wainright and Chief Executive Officer Mike Foley from the City of Swan.

western australia swan valley la boutique lavender lollie
Featured Food in Swan Valley:
Morish Nuts, La Boutique Lavender Lollies, The House of Honey
Over 100 guests from the travel trade, media and food import sector had an enjoyable time tasting products specially brought in from the Swan Valley such as olive oil, dukkah, jams, lavender products, finger and seedless grapes, honey, nuts, nougat, spirits and wines. Swan Valley Humane Food Ambassador Caroline Taylor conducted a cooking demonstration using products from the region while Singapore’s own wine specialist and consultant, Lim Hwee Peng provided an insight into the wines of the Swan Valley.

western australia swan valley wines chenin blanc talijancich
Featured Wines in Swan Valley:
Pinelli Estate - Chenin Blanc 2007, Garbin Estate - Vigneron Series Verdelho, Talijancich - Julian James White Liqueur
“With our favourable climate conditions, the Swan Valley is filled with an abundance of fresh produce and products for export. As the oldest wine region in Western Australia, the region is renowned for its specialty wines and some of the finest fortifieds in the world. We are also proud of being the first Australian Humane Food Region by the RSPCA in 2014 and remain committed to serve humane food where animals lead a better quality of life. Located less than 30 minutes from Perth, the region is very popular with visitors from Singapore, one of our top three markets. This event reaffirms our commitment to this important market,” remarked Mayor Mick Wainright.

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  1. Heard about this Swan Valley. My Singaporean cousin went there recently with her family. I would love to visit it some day.

  2. Boy, loads of great products from the Swan Valley! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Really good items in this place,thank you so much for share it

  4. Those products sounds great, never heard of Swan Valley, but seems a pretty important place for these proctions!

  5. I'd love to visit Swan Valley after reading your article and listening to my friends describing the place with compliments and vigor. Gosh, the amount of wine I can purchase on my eventual trip there might cause a frown in the Custom officer's face when s/he looks at my luggage through the scanner....

  6. Been to Swan Valley, I can vouch these are the splendours. Loved.

  7. Great and very interesting event, thank you for sharing ;-)

  8. Hi, Mun here. Thanks for introducing this. I hope to visit Swan Valley one day.

  9. Looks very interesting! Thanks for informative post !

  10. Wow the place look so great!
    It's strange, I'm french but I hate wine haha

  11. Looks and sounds really great!!

    ♘ ♘

  12. Great post my dear, thank you for sharing! <3 -

  13. This is such a nice and fun place to hang around...
    I hope you are having a great week Shirley :)

  14. Lovely products, Shirley. I am excited to check them out! ^.^

  15. Quite a lovely part of the world.

  16. wow the fruits look so fresh! I love Australian products!

  17. ;)

    Tudo parece ser muito bom!

    Ótima quarta!

    Beijo! ^^

  18. Yeah I get to know Australia is a place producing wines too


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