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SK-II: Face The Wild, Face The Camera Extreme Expeditions

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SK-II: Face the Wild Face the Camera Extreme Expeditions - In a new series of short vignettes, presented by SK-ll with National Geographic, four celebrities from around the world travel to some of the most extreme and beautiful places on earth to put themselves and their skin to the test with SK-II's ironic Facial Treatment Essence.

The series comprises of four riveting short vignettes following the unique adventures of four loyal SK-II users and celebrities, Kasumi Arimura, award winning Japanese actress, Chiara Ferragni, global fashion icon, Nini, celebrated Chinese actress and Lee Siyoung, top South Korean actress and national boxer in some of the world's toughest environments from the Yaiibaru jungle in Okinawa, Japan to the Anza Borrego Desert in America.

In “Face The Wild”, follow Hannah Reyes, National Geographic Explorer as she documents and explores diverse ecosystems, topographies and cultures with each of the four celebrities in extreme conditions such as sub-zero temperatures, harsh UV, dryness, sweltering heat and pollution.

In “Face The Camera”, celebrities bravely take on a one of a kind on-location beauty shoots with notable fashion photographers - Jesper Mcilroy and Kirk Cheung to see if their skin truly withstood the test of the environments with the help of SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence.

Chiara Ferragni, global fashion icon and loyal SK-II user, undergoes a stressful expedition to explore the ancient topography of the parched and scorching Anza Borrego Desert, one of the most arid places in Western America, fighting dehydration dizziness and dry heat with Hannah Reyes, National Geographic Young Explorer.

national geographic chiara ferragni skii facial treatment essence
"I love visiting new places and this was definitely an incredible opportunity that I could not miss. I was not afraid of the physical challenges as I love going for long walks and to experience it all in an extreme condition was even more exciting.”

Chiara takes on a challenge to her skin in “Face The Camera” with a grueling post-trek on-location outdoor beauty photoshoot in scorching temperations with celebrity fashion photographer, Jesper McIlroy.

The Proof of Pitera™

sk ii facial treatment essence pitera reviews
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, containing over 90% Pitera™, helps skin improves skin’s natural Functions so your skin stays Crystal Clear, now and always.

When skin experiences dryness, water is stripped from the skin, resulting in weak skin-barrier functions, leading to further dehydration and wrinkles in long term.

Extremely hot and dry conditions as experienced by Chiara during her expedition in one of the most arid places in Western America, aggravates these skin concerns.

However, when skin is conditioned by Pitera, a natural bio-ingredient that comprises of over 50 micro-nutrients, it locks in moisture, so that your skin stays crystal clear.

“As excited as I was about embarking on a new project and adventure, I was worried about keeping my skin hydrated and protected given the extreme conditions. The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence really helped me keep my face hydrated and glowing throughout the expedition.” - Chiara Ferragni

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