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Hong Kong Fried Noodles with XO Seafood Recipe ( 香港XO海鲜炒面 )

hong kong fried noodles xo seafood recipes
Spicy food lovers will adore these thin springy strands of Hong Kong Noodles enveloped in a delicious XO chilli sauce sauteed with succulent seafood.

fortune hong kong style noodles recipe
fortune hong kong noodles xo sauce recipe
In this dish, you find a good mix of garlicky prawns and squids stir-fried with this packet of Fortune Hong Kong Style Noodles ( 鴻運港式面条 ) bought from NTUC Finest. A very easy and economical recipe that is great for week nights especially for busy executives and housewives who just want a quick meal.

lee kum kee oyster sauce hong kong noodles
The Samsui XO Sauce ( 三水XO酱 ) with conpoy and belachan from Soup Restaurant is a bit sweet so you can use less if preferred. You can buy the bottle of chilli paste from Soup Restaurant or local supermarkets. If you don’t like it spicy, just leave out the chilli and add more oyster sauce instead. Shall we start cooking this Tasty Hong Kong Fried Noodles with XO Seafood ( 香港XO海鲜炒面 )?

spicy hong kong seafood noodles recipe

( Serves 2 )
200g Hong Kong Noodles
8 Medium Prawns
4 Small Squids
1 sprig Spring Onion ( shredded )
1 Chilli ( shredded )
½ Onion ( sliced )
1 tbsp Minced Garlic
6 tbsp Samsui XO Sauce
2 tbsp Oyster Sauce
3 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a healthier choice

    how to score squids make criss cross patterns
  • Separate squid head from body. Cut off unwanted parts and remove skin. Slice and score the squids to make criss-cross patterns.
  • Prepare prawns and set aside.
  • cooking fortune hong kong style noodles
  • Cook noodles according to instructions of package. Make sure you run in tap water after that to prevent noodles from sticking together, and also to stop the cooking process since we are going to fry them later.
  • stir fried prawns wth samsui xo sauce recipe
  • Heat oil and saute onions till fragrant. Add garlic, then prawns and xo sauce.
  • cantonese style fried noodles with squids
  • Throw in noodles next. Add squid and oyster sauce, and stir fry till fragrant.
  • how to cook springy noodles
  • Add spring onions and chillies, and mix well.
  • hong kong seafood noodles with samsui xo sauce
    cantonese fried noodles with belachan squids
  • Serve your Tasty Hong Kong Fried Seafood Noodles ( 香港XO海鲜炒面 ) with more XO sauce!
delicious stir fry seafood vegetables recipe
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  1. Your noodle looked so appealing and delicious. I love XO sauce.

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  7. I loooove squid and shrimps!!! This recipe seems so tasty!
    And pretty easy to do as well! :D

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    Thanks for the recipe.
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  11. I read on the first two words, spicy food indeed and I shurge to the happiness hunger level. Can I have some please??

  12. This looks so darn delicious Shirley! I need to make this for my family some time! Tonight we're making beef noodles using extra instant noodles! I love my egg noodles though, they are my favorite type.

  13. this looks so delish! and the shrimps are calling me! omg. yum! <3

    xoxo, rae

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  15. Such a beautiful dish, Shirley! Feel like digging in. Love the addition of squid and prawns.

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  20. Times like these I wish I ate seafood. Another drool-worthy recipe Shirley!


  21. Yummy dish, I must try it some time.

  22. I love noodles and I love sea food, so I'm sure I would love this dish. You're such a great chef and your recipes are always inspiring.


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