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Daiso Shrimps Ahijo with Mushrooms Recipe ( ダイソーオーマイアヒージョの素 )

daiso oh my ahijo garlic oil recipe
I like cooking with garlic, and Japanese Ahijo is certainly one of my favourite food. Ahijo ( アヒージョ ) is a dish cooked in garlic oil; also known as Ajillo in Spanish. Gambas al Ajillo ( Garlic Shrimp ) is an extremely popular Spanish dish, and the Japanese version is known as Shrimp Ahijo.

daiso oh my ahijo grilled pork garlic sauce
One of my favourite pastimes is browsing in Daiso; you will never know what you can find in these $2 shops. Recently, I found the Oh My Ahijo ( オーマイ アヒージョの素 ) and the Oh My Grilled Pork in Garlic Sauce ( オーマイ 豚肉のにんにく醤油焼き ) in Daiso. The results were rather satisfying, and my family likes the dishes. You may follow the instructions on the package or do it your own way just like me; I have given it a tweak.

fusion cooking with luxury haven lifestyle blog
That evening, I made Shrimp Rolls with Wasabi Mayo, Green Dragon Veg with Sakura Ebi, Shrimps and Mushrooms in Garlic Oil, and Japanese Pork Ginger using the Grilled Pork in Garlic Sauce from Daiso.

daiso oh my ahijo garlic prawns olive oil
I had added Cherry Tomatoes, Enoki Mushrooms and Champignons into my Shrimps Ahijo, and the dish tasted wonderfully fragrant. Let’s cook this Delicious Shrimps and Mushrooms in Garlic Oil!

1 dozen Medium Shrimps
8g Daiso Oh My Ahijo
20g Cherry Tomatoes ( halves )
100g Canned Button Mushrooms ( sliced )
200g Enoki Mushrooms
5 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    daiso oh my ahijo garlic prawns recipe
  • Prepare prawns for cooking and marinate them with 1 tsp of Ahijo seasoning for about 15 minutes. Keep the rest of the seasoning for later use.
  • japanese cooking with enoki mushrooms
  • Chop off the enoki roots and rinse the mushrooms.
  • daiso ahijo garlic oil recipe
  • Heat oil and add remaining Ahijo seasoning. Mix well.
  • daiso oh my ahijo cherry tomatoes button mushrooms
  • Throw in rinsed tomatoes and mushrooms, and fry till tomatoes turn soft.
  • spanish gambas al ajillo recipe
  • Add prawns and mix well.
  • ntuc golden enoki mushrooms recipe
  • When prawns are half cooked, add enoki. Cover and simmer till soft, and you're done!
delicious spanish gambas al ajillo garlic shrimp recipes
Transfer to serving plate, and serve your Delicious Shrimps and Mushrooms in Garlic Oil! Alternatively, you can cook and serve directly from this $2 Daiso pan, and make your dish sizzling by putting a food warmer below the pan!

purelyfresh prawns sizzling hotplate tofu recipes chinese cuisine
Here’s another dish using my Daiso pan: Hotplate Tofu with Prawns, Fuss-Free Home Cooking! ( 铁板豆腐虾 )! Are you a fan of Daiso too? I will be back with my Oh My Grilled Pork in Garlic Sauce ( オーマイ 豚肉のにんにく醤油焼き ) recipe, so be sure to subscribe to Luxury Haven to receive the latest updates! Like what you see? Get Beauty, Dining, Recipes, Travel, Health and Wellness reviews right into your mailbox! Subscribe to Luxury Haven by Email and you will never miss a post again!


  1. Wow! $2 sauce to make such appetizing dish...certainly a must try!

  2. Not familiar with the Spanish cuisine but this dish sure looked great. I love prawns and mushrooms.

  3. Those look simply enticing!


  4. Mmmmm....I love both shrimp and mushrooms! What a fabulous dish!

  5. I love garlic anything! Yes to garlic oil and garlic sauce!

  6. Omg Shirley this looks amazingly delicious.

  7. I love shrimps, great recipe hun!
    Kisses, Paola.

  8. It looks amazing! I love garlic shrimp!

  9. Those shrimpslook lovely and plump.

  10. This dish looks so yummy! Prawns and mushrooms are a great combo. I wish I could access enoki to try the full recipe. Have a great week!!

    Jasmine ♥♥♥

  11. It looks delicious:)

  12. oh my gosh!! seafood is my weakness!! i would love to try this! :D

    xoxo, rae

  13. Mushrooms and shrimps are 2 of my fav foods!
    This recipe sounds great and very tasty! :D

  14. This looks so endlessly delicious! I love scampis!!

    ♘ ♘

  15. The shrimps look wonderful tender and plumped.
    Have a great week ahead Shirley :)

  16. its look very yummy
    new review <<< Gipsyway buy and sell used clothes >>>
    have an happy day, kisses

  17. You sure know how to hit me on my hunger throne. Not fair, next time I want to tuck in as well Shirley.

  18. Although I'm not usually a huge fan of shrimps, I really love the inclusion of mushrooms in this recipe - yum! :)

  19. Oh this looks super delicious
    Now I am hungry

  20. It looks tasty 😊

  21. you're an artist in the kitchen dear. Great recipe, thanks for sharing.

  22. They are so mouthwatering and delicious! I am going out for my late lunch now. Hungry hungry for your prawns.

  23. I am a BIG, BIG fan of Daiso! ^.^ Thanks for sharing, Shirley. I am clueless when it comes to their food products. I won't hesitate to grab a packet to try now.

  24. Looks amazing! Your pictures are making me so hungry!!

  25. Shirley! this look one delicious dish. I always visit Daiso and wanted to try out their seasoning but don't know how to read Japanese is totally sucks!

    1. Yah, I've to admit it's a challenge for those who can't read Japanese. Next time bring along a Japanese friend *_*

  26. Sooo yummy Shirley! I love prawns cooked everyway! I've bought a cod roe pasta sauce from them and it was so good! Just nice for 2 people or pretty much $1 a person! I've always liked trying their snacks although not all are worth it.


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