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Clover Hair Boutique Styling Tips + 30% Discount Off!

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Image Credit: Clover Hair Boutique
Do you know your face shape? Do you have an oblong, square, round or oval face? Should you be keeping your fringe at all?

Fringe helps to shape your face too, and can even make you look younger. If you are fretting over the ultimate hair question – bangs or no bangs, perhaps you should take a look at Clover Hair Boutique’s styling tips to find the best bangs for your face shape!

Just for you readers, quote LUXURY HAVEN during booking for your Special Readers’ Discount of 15% off all hair services! *Not valid with any Ampoules, Partial Treatment, Promo, Packages or VIP Discount.

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Or, request for Wayne or Nicole for Clover’s Stylists of the Month Promotion to get 30% off their full chemical service from now till March 5, 2017! Call +65 6836 2748 to book your slot now!

The promo has expired. Check out which Hair Salon I am currently endorsing, and catch our latest deals at Sales/Event!

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Clover Hair Boutique
14 Scotts Road
#02-44/45 Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213


  1. Thanks for the interesting information) Have a nice day)

  2. Greta post :-)I always had a problem to determine it;-)

  3. great tips. It is very important to consider our face shape when selecting a haircut.

    It is lovely to know about the discount too.

    have a fabulous say!

  4. Great post, Shirley, and a discount is always nice. I hope you have a great weekend. :)

  5. I always thought my face shape was round but I was recently told it was oval. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great tips and a nice discount, too!!

  7. Clover is doing a sensational job on your hair. Great tips.

  8. Wonderful.... Interesting offers my dear

  9. Great post! Thanks for sharing! <3 -

  10. Hello !
    Nice post and promotion !
    Enjoy your weekend !

  11. very informative post
    new post on my blog <<< Clarins Contouring Perfection Collection >>>
    have an happy day, kisses

  12. I really need to get down the hairdresser soon! ;-)

    Almost Stylish

  13. this post is very informative! :)

    xoxo, rae

  14. ;D

    Adoro um desconto! hahaha!

    Ótimo domingo!

    Beijo! ^^

  15. Interesting! And what I always expected about my face shape too hehehe


  16. hi, Im a new follower on your blog for gfc ...
    ı hope you will be back ...

  17. I always believe that sometimes the ladies need the expert stylists to judge & decide which style suits them. We cannot see clearly what makes us look good at.


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