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Beware of Apple Store Phishing Emails and How to Identify!

how to handle-fradulent scam emails
I am sure all of us have received spam emails at one point or another, but do we really know how to handle them to avoid being spammed? Should you be clicking on the links? How do you identify if it is a phishing email?

Phishing emails are scams that trick receivers into giving out personal information such as your passwords, bank account and credit card numbers. These senders often disguise themselves as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication such as this recent one that I had received from Apple Store.

In this post, I shall relate my recent encounter and discuss how we can tackle phishing emails to avoid falling into scammers’ traps.

how to tackle apple store spam emails
Well, my son had borrowed my iPad few weeks back, and had asked for my Apple ID to download some stuff from Apple Store. The very next day, I received an email from Apple Store with a charge of $112.95!!

I was shocked and naturally upset with Jonathan but on a second thought, that can’t be true. Knowing my son, he would have probably informed me if there are any charges incurred and would have initiated to pay the bill. I don’t spoil my kid from young. Anything extra he wants, he has to pay using his own pocket money.

I looked at the email again, and there is a link to click to get my refund if I did not authorize the transaction. Now, here is the tricky part. Most innocent receivers would have panicked and clicked on the link to check immediately, and if that happens, they would have fallen into the scam by giving out their credit card details etc in order to get their refund thinking the mail is legit.

However, I messaged Jon instead and true enough, he was just as surprised. He did not purchase anything from Apple Store, and all he did was downloaded some free apps.

Now, what you do next is very important which I would like to share with you.

Steps to Identify Phishing Email and How to Protect Yourself:
Step 1: Do not click on any links if you are unsure.

steps to prevent phishing scam emails
Step 2: Double check the Sender’s Email Address. You can do that by hovering over the sender’s name, and the actual email address will show (see red arrow). In my case, the email address is: instead of Apple Store. So this is a fraudulent email.

Step 3: Just to be sure, check with your bank to verify the transaction. What I did was to log into my bank via internet banking to verify. Great, there was no charge from Apple Store! Do report to your bank immediately if there is any unauthorized charge.

how to prevent phishing scam emails
Well, I do hope this post is informative enough. The phishing email from Apple Store does look legit, right? It has the Apple logo, and everything to lead the receiver thinking the mail is from Apple Store. Phishing emails usually have links directing you to a spoofed website or get you to divulge private information. One common trick is asking you to " click here " to verify your information. Please do not do that!

Such scam emails are generally sent to induce panic in the reader and attempting to trick recipients into responding instantly. These emails may also leave your computer vulnerable to viruses and Trojans. Now that you have read this post, I hope you will be more vigilant and beware of fraudulent emails in the future.

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  1. This is very informative since there's plenty of scams these days. Great to know how to identify one.

  2. Great tips, Shirley. I don't have an iPhone or cell phone, but scammers even use landline phones to scam people, so it is great you are posting about this.

  3. I seem to get something like this about every other day! I check the email first and it's never legit. Great post, Shirley! XO

  4. Thanks for sharing Shirley. Very informative

    1. Glad this caught your attention, Christy! Hope to hear more of you. Happy weekend! xoxo

  5. Hello !
    Great informations !
    thanks for sharing .

  6. I hardly buy anything online Shirley. No doubt I can be considered as a true supporter of Apple, mainly because I've been using Iphone for 7 over years, yet, I am cautious. Thank you for the alert.

  7. I have so much junk email that if I don't personally know the sender it usually all ends up in the trash.

  8. Nowadays world getting scarier and meaner. Glad I read your post. At least I am aware on such scam and take extra caution.

  9. Now companies are brazenly trying to push customers into unnecessary things...generally I don't like Apple, my daughter's I-phone does not work after 2 months of use...

  10. Fantastic post Dear:)
    Have a good weekend!

  11. Thanks for this helpful information

  12. Thanks for sharing your story. I would be very careful when opening emails.

  13. Great photos dear!

  14. Great post, very informative!! Thanks for sharing! <3 -

  15. I've heard a lot about scams also! Thanks for sharing babe!

  16. I'm always extremely careful with emails I'm not 100% sure about!

    Have a great day,
    Almost Stylish

  17. Thank you for the useful information dear! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  18. Very informative post, Thanks for sharing.

  19. yes you are right Shirley, looking at the email address is the best way to judge! It's a dangerous world out there, gotta be more extra careful. Thankfully you didn't fall for it.

    How to Share Fairly?

  20. This is so timely to calm me down. Just an hour ago, I received sms that my credit card has been charged RM147 to pay EzzyBuy! There are so many hantu lurking around to con everyone they could reach. True enough, it made me panicked but mine has no links to lick except to call the bank.

    Good luck to you always.

  21. Scary stuff .. thanks for the tip, Shirley xx

  22. Thank you for this interesting information my dear


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