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Shu Uemura Master Ceremony Treatment, Beauty Ritual For Hair

clover hair boutique shu uemura master ceremony treatment
Shu Uemura Master Ceremony Treatment at Clover Hair Boutique is what their hair stylists rave about. Like an elixir, the hair therapy is a distinctive customized professional treatment using natural ingredients for the utmost results.

Shu Uemura Art Of Hair is a luxury hair care brand with exceptional treatments, shampoos, and styling formulas, all designed around rare ingredients and precious oils such as camellia oil, musk rose oil or argan oil.

shu uemura art of hair instant replenisher serum
Valentine's Day is approaching! Give yourself a treat with the Special 15% Discount just for you readers! With frequent chemical treatments, the Shu Uemura Master Ceremony Treatment is highly recommended for maintaining lustrous tresses and the therapy utilizes a range of Shu Uemura Art of Hair Serums designed to be combined together to produce a personalized treatment that target specific hair concerns:

Shu Uemura Instant Replenisher Full Revitalizing Serum - a professional rinse-out serum spray for all hair types with ingredients such as Magnolia Oil and a repairing Ceramide offering instant hair replenishment.

Shu Uemura Moisture Master Serum - suitable for those suffering from dehydrated and brittle hair that break easily. Featuring rich Gardenia Oil and Vitamin E, the serum prevents moisture loss and damage from free radicals.

Shu Uemura Shimmer Master Serum - made from wild rose and essential vitamins, the Shimmer Master is formulated specifically for coloured hair to boosts shine and protects the hair from oxidation.

Shu Uemura Repair Master Serum - designed for damaged hair, the serum repairs and stops breakage by using Golden Roots and Ceramide 4000.

shu uemura shusu sleek smoothing shampoo treatment masque
My Shu Uemura Master Ceremony Treatment kicked off using the Shu Uemura Shusu Sleek Smoothing Shampoo For Unruly Hair that needs to be tamed. Formulated with an optimal balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9, the Shu Uemura Shusu Sleek Smoothing Shampoo has a nice scent arising from ingredients such as sandalwood, jasmine and peach blossom.

shu uemura master ceremony treatment review
The process entails a combination of the above Shu Uemura Serums and the recommended Shu Uemura Shusu Sleek Treatment Masque, which in my case, the Shusu Sleek Smoothing Treatment For Unruly Hair.

clover hair boutique healer healing intensive o3 moisturizer
singapore top salons clover hair boutique shu uemura
You will then be placed under a steamer with the Healing Intensive O3 Moisturizer for approximately 15 minutes to let the ingredients work their magic. The Shu Uemura Shusu Sleek Treatment Masque is a collection of smoothing formulas for coarse and unruly hair enriched with black cumin oil. It also contains rare, healing nigellone, one of the most powerful natural antioxidants.

shu uemura art of hair master ceremony treatment
Offering a rich sensory experience is Shu Uemura Art of Hair, the pinnacle of Japanese luxury: mirroring the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, the brand offers a beauty ritual for the hair.

shu uemura singapore hair salons beauty blogger review
beauty influencer reviews clover hair boutique shu uemura
After slightly over an hour, I emerged from the salon with bouncier hair with beautiful radiance. The combination of the ingredients in this luxury hair therapy provides nourishment needed and disciplines the hair fibre with a fluid touch. The Shu Uemura ritual developed by the Japanese master of beauty shines through with their bespoke Shu Uemura Master Treatment.

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  1. I see your crowning glory, I honestly do Shirley, Super luscious.

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    looks like a wonderful treatment !
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  3. Shu Uemura is such good brand!!!
    This seems a great treatment, youer hair looks amazing! :D

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    Your hair looks amazing.

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    Kisses, Paola.

  9. Lovely photos, Shirley, you look beautiful! :)

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  11. Your hair looks marvelous! Such a nice treatment!!!

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  15. Such nice treatment and pampering for your hair!

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    Seu cabelo ficou incrível!

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  19. that sounds lovely and quite pampered. I am sure ur hair looks so fantastic after this .
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  20. Wow, what a nice hair treatment...your hair looks very pretty Shirley!
    I hope you are enjoying your week my dear :)

  21. yes, I do miss my flying days sometimes.

  22. Your hair looks so amazing after this treatment - healthy and sleek!

  23. The results are stunning, Shirley. I can see the bounciness. :D


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