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Keio Plaza Hotel: Hinamatsuri Doll Festival Exhibition

keio plaza tokyo hinamatsuri girls dolls festival exhibition
Keio Plaza Hotel ( KPH), one of Japan’s most prestigious international hotels located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, will host a special exhibition of traditional Japanese arts entitled “ Enjoying Japan’s Traditional Hinamatsuri Girls’ Doll Festival at Keio Plaza Hotel ” displaying various traditional art ornaments on the third floor lobby of the hotel till March 27, 2017.

This annually held exhibition has been extremely well received by guests, and this year features some 6,500 finely hand woven silk doll decorations, Japanese art items depicting scenes of “ Japanese female culture ” from the Meiji Period ( 1868 to 1912 ), and “ Bonsai ” miniature decorative sculptured plants to give visitors a taste of Japan’s traditional arts representative of the “ Hinamatsuri Doll Festival ”. In addition, ten of their restaurants will serve specially prepared menu items and will be specially decorated to commemorate this celebratory event.

The hanging decorative art ornaments are specially hand stitched by the quilt artist Mitsuyo Matsuo and the some 90 members of her art group expressly for the Keio Plaza Hotel exhibition using finely woven silk cloth from old kimonos. Each of the handiworks has been carefully created for this exhibition and symbolically reflect the hopes for the health and happiness of children. For example, the decorations created for this exhibition have various symbolic meaning such as monkeys with the capability to ward off calamities, mandarin ducks reflecting love between spouses, and pillows representing children who sleep well and grow healthily. Also, traditional wooden Mataro dolls from Kamikamo Shrine in Kyoto will also be displayed along with the 3.3 meter high hanging decorative art ornaments in the third floor main lobby area to welcome guests to their hotel. Guests from around the world are awestruck by the grandeur of this central exhibit, which offers the perfect opportunity for guests to take pictures as memories of this exhibition.

keio plaza tokyo omiya bonsai art museum saitama
The tradition of “ bonsai ” miniature decorative sculptured plants, which has been a traditional part of Japanese culture dating back to the Heian Period (794 to 1185), will be highlighted in this year’s exhibition.

The art of “ bonsai ” is said to have started during the Heian Period and became a popular traditional part of “Japanese female culture” from the Meiji Period. Through to the Meiji era, Japanese women were introduced to bonsai as part of their learning on refinement and etiquette, which was said to help instill a sense of beauty in their souls. Items will be on display, such as a selection of traditional pots, and paintings depicting bonsai from the Meiji period, that show how bonsai played a role in the lives of Japanese women in the past. There will also be a variety of eye-catching bonsai for their guests to see. In recent years, the term “ bonsai ” has become recognized throughout the world in reflection of the growing global appreciation for this traditional Japanese art. Through this exhibition, we seek to offer their guests unique opportunities to discover new and deep aspects of Japanese traditional culture.

In addition, during the exhibition, ten of the restaurants and lounges of the Keio Plaza Hotel including the traditional Japanese kaiseki, Japanese cuisine, tempura, French and Italian, Chinese, and Korean restaurants will provide guests with menu items which have been specially prepared in the image of this Hinamatsuri event. Also, a wide variety of meal and beverage options including special lunches created in the image of spring emperor and empress dolls, afternoon tea with sweets served in jewelry box-like servers, Kaiseki traditional Japanese meals served in private dining rooms, special dinnertime dining plans for female guests and cocktail dinners served in the “ Aurora ” Sky Lounge, newly reopened on December 7, 2016 on the 160 meter high top floor of their hotel, will be offered to guests.

“ Enjoying Japan’s Traditional Hinamatsuri Girls’ Doll Festival at Keio Plaza Hotel ” till March 27, 2017
- Hanging Art Items Using Finely Hand Woven Silk Cloth from Old Kimonos
(In cooperation with Mitsuyo Matsuo and the Himawari Group)
Hanging decorative art ornaments specially hand stitched from cloth of old silk kimonos. This year about 6,500 colorful ornaments will be on display.
- Mataro Doll Display
- Bonsai Exhibition
(In cooperation with The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Saitama and the Omiya Bonsai Cooperative Association)
*Bonsai as a Part of “ Japanese Female Culture ” Artwork depicting scenes of study groups and other parts of “Japanese female culture” from the Meiji Period will also be displayed.
*Bonsai Plant Decorations “ Bonsai ” miniature decorative sculptured plants carefully and painstakingly cultivated by the Omiya Bonsai Village will be displayed to give visitors a taste of the beauty of comprehensive Japanese art traditions. Also, other various aspects of “ bonsai ” including various potteries used for the plants as parlor ornaments will be displayed to give visitors a feel for the beauty of this traditional art. *Bonsai plants will be replaced every eight days.
- Special Hinamatsuri Lunch February 1 to March 31, 2017
keio plaza tokyo hinamatsuri festival special menu
To be served at ten restaurants, including their traditional Japanese kaiseki, Japanese cuisine, tempura, French and Italian, Chinese, Korean and other dining and lounge facilities. Chefs at each of these facilities will prepare special menu items for this exhibition in the image of Hinamatsuri.

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Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
Tel:+81-3 3344 0111
2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo
160-8330 Japan


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