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Calmex Abalone From Mexico, How To Tell It’s Not Counterfeit

ocean garden products calmex abalone salad recipe
Calmex Mexican Abalone ( 墨西哥车轮牌鲍鱼 ) by Ocean Garden Products seems to be one of the world’s finest quality abalones. Apparently, the Calmex abalone is canned with only the best wild abalone from Mexico and quantity is limited, hence the hefty price tag.  But can you tell the real stuff from the fake? Read on.........

chinese new year calmex abalone salad recipe
Old folks like my mum swear by the famous Calmex brand. I recalled her paying around SGD 80 ( SGD 100 approx USD 70 ) for their canned abalone donkey years ago, then the price went up to about SGD 130 in 2011. We stopped buying it completely when the price escalated to SGD 180 in 2012! We thought it was crazy, but I was very blessed that year. My BFF Jacqueline, who also swears by the brand of Mexican abalone, bought 2 cans of Calmex for me when I invited her and her hubby over for dinner then. Lucky me!

ocean garden products calmex abalone from mexico recipe
Prices of abalone dropped in recent years, and it has become very affordable especially with the Australian and New Zealand ones. The latest pricing for Calmex abalone is approximately SGD 146. Not sure why the sudden fever, but I had received a total of 10 cans of Calmex to date on my last birthday and this Chinese New Year from friends and ex-colleagues! I just have awesome friends, don’t I?

salanova red green lettuce italian salad recipe
Frankly, hubby and I haven’t had Calmex abalone since 5 years ago. We just couldn’t afford it anymore after it went up to SGD 180; I had also stopped monitoring the prices since then. Well, I guess the best way to rekindle with my first love was to do a salad dish, with just a light dressing to get the best out of the precious shellfish.

how to tell authentic calmex abalone from fake
This was another Abalone Salad I did the next day, but with Wasabi Cream instead for delivery to my mom's place; recipe will be out in another post.

So How To Tell Authentic Calmex Abalone From Fake: Given the high price, there are fake Calmex abalones floating in the market. It is good to note that high-grade abalones like Calmex have their labels printed directly on the tin, while the the counterfeit ones use paper wrappings. You can see from the photo above that both the top and side labels are clearly printed onto the tin itself.

ocean garden products calmex mexican abalone recipes
What's In The Can: The Calmex Mexican Canned Abalone has a net weight of 16oz or 454g, and contains 1 whole abalone and a cut piece.

valentines day seafood chowder abalone salad recipe
That evening, hubby and I had a very light dinner. Just a Seafood Bisque and the Calmex Abalone Salad with Japanese Marutto Wakame Dressing ( 三陸まるっとわかめドレッシング ) I got from the IN:FUSE Event by JETRO I had attended recently, that’s it! Sometimes, you just wanna have something not too heavy for dinner.

sanriku maruto wakame dressing japanese abalone salad recipe
To have a nice combination of greens, I bought the Salanova Red and Green Crispy Lettuce, and Cherry Tomatoes. I also sprinkled some Pumpkin Seeds for an added crunch! Let’s check out the healthy recipe!

1 canned Abalone
100g Red and Green Crispy Lettuce
2 tbsp Pumpkin Seeds
Handful of Cherry Tomatoes
5 tbsp Wakame Seaweed Dressing
1 tbsp Abalone Stock from canned abalone

    chinese food how to cook abalone
  • Slice abalone and start plating. Place the bits and pieces of abalone in the center.
  • cold storage cherry tomato salad recipe
  • Wash and cut tomatoes into halves, and place on plate.
  • sanriku marutto wakame dressing abalone salad recipe
  • Drizzle salad dressing and abalone stock.
  • salanova red green crispy lettuce salad recipe
  • Cut off ends of lettuce.
  • salanova salad recipe shellfish with lettuce
  • Wash and arrange lettuce in the center, and top with a cherry tomato.
  • salanova lettuce salad with pumpkin seeds
  • Sprinkle pumpkin seeds and add more dressing if needed.
  • chinese new year calmex abalone japanese wakame dressing
  • Enjoy your Calmex Abalone Salad with Japanese Wakame Dressing!
healthy eating cherry tomato abalone salad recipe
Are you a fan of Calmex too? Well, I hope you guys have benefitted from this post. Here are more Calmex Abalone Recipes for your indulgence:

Mothers Day Edible Flowers Abalone with Spinach

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  1. Oh-wow-walla. A royal meal. Just can't get enough of admiring it, obviously I am also hungry.

  2. When come to assessing the authenticity of abalone, ask Shirley Tay - the abalone queen. You can't go wrong, can you? Lol!

    1. Oh dear, I'm no expert....... just sharing my 2 cents worth since I'm a huge fan of abalone. xoxo

  3. Lovely presentations, Shirley, and the seafood bisque sounds wonderful! :)

  4. I had never heard of this before now, so thanks again for yet another interesting introduction Shirley!

  5. You have such nice friends!!! Your salad looks terrific!! I've never looked for abalone around here---now I'm curious if I can find it and what it costs!

  6. I don't think I could tell the real from the fake.

  7. Shirley, great tips for people like me. You sure eat lots of abalone.

  8. I have honestly never heard about that before!

    Almost Stylish

  9. That looks so delicious!!

    ♘ ♘

  10. I remember this mom used to buy these...your salad looks great...very pretty and so delicious!
    Have a great week ahead Shirley :)

  11. ;)

    A cara é muito boa!

    Ótima terça!

    Beijo! ^^

  12. stunning presentation, look delicious
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    have an happy day, kisses

  13. As usual very interesting post) Thanks for sharing)
    Have a nice day!

  14. A great entry, I love your blog !!! happy day!!!

  15. Phew! My eyeballs rolled upwards to hear the price tag SGD$180 for a can of abalone! That is too expensive and I might shiver while eating it. LOL
    The plate of Mother's Day surprise is so creative.

  16. I hear you, Shirley. Way too costly! But oh-so-yum ;)
    You are blessed with the bestest friends.


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