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Avoid These Ten Mistakes For a Successful Property Investment

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When it comes to investing in Singapore, you can never ignore the property sector. Land ownership is arguably the most ancient expression of wealth. Currently, the human population is exponentially increasing while the land is in a relatively limited supply in Singapore. As you would guess, any market that has significantly higher demand than supply is likely to experience price inflation. In many ways, Singapore is an extreme example where land outweighs the supply. Unfortunately, this scenario may give a false impression that you can never go wrong by investing in property. Perhaps this is why real estate investment has become the most preferred retirement asset for most Singaporeans.

Property investment is an excellent way to generate a healthy passive income, but only if you know what you are doing. Otherwise, it can be a precarious market characterized by lots of difficulties here and there. However, with the right guide and a good idea of your marketplace, you might be well on your path to becoming a successful property investor. So today in this particular post, we want to explain to you in fine detail, some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid even as you aim to build a proper portfolio. Read on and get to know!

10. Working With The Wrong Contractors.
Because of the complexity and the uncertainty which surrounds the real estate market, you need to have a trusted network of experienced experts who have an extensive track record of notable and robust performance. Property investment requires you to work with well-educated and prominent people who are not just in the business for the sake of it. Walk around the neighborhood and search for contractors working around. Conduct an extensive interview with them for a chance to examine how they mainly run their projects and what their jobs looks like in real life. Again, search the internet and read property news Singapore for leads and follow up with phone calls and in-person interviews. Moreover, ensure that you ask for previous clients whom you may contact and ask about their experience with the contractor.

9. Failing To Be Patient.
If you want to become a well-rounded property investor, patience is perhaps an essential virtue you must have at your disposal. A huge mistake most investors make is assuming that they will get rich quicker. The key to becoming a successful real estate investor, who can turn profits on any type of property is mastering how to be patient with the market, and rolling with the turns and twist as they come.

For many beginner investors, lack of adequate funding is the biggest cause of impatience. It takes an enormous amount of cash to put down payment on a home. Some young investors typically buy into the idea that one can borrow out a loan from financial institutions to cater for the mortgage’s down payment. This can lead to particular daunting financial challenges along the way. This implies that when investing in property, raising the cash before jumping into the field is perhaps the best way to find instant success.

As an aspiring investor, one emotion you should master is patience. In the property field, good things only happen to those who wait. If you are willing to slow down a little, you will soon find out why real estate is the most worthwhile investment.

8. Not Being Organized.
If you didn’t know, this is a very common mistake and one that can be very costly. Most individuals never take the time to examine the performance of their property investment. This can lead to poor documentation, can result in overpaying for maintenance costs, missing lots of tax write-offs, and finally having difficulty in determining how bad or good your Return on Investment is.

Every successful investor has a very regimented schedule for managing and tracking their real estate portfolio’s performance. What is more, being organized will save you a significant amount of hours, especially when doing things such as refinancing your properties or preparing for taxes.

7. Failing To Plan.
Did you know that trying to create a lucrative property portfolio without an adequate plan is the same as setting out on an outdoor activity without a map? You’ll finally take a wrong turn and end up getting lost!

Successful wealth creation through property investment demands that you should set early goals, determine where you want to end up, and then create a holistic and an effective plan on how to get there. It means that you should focus on both the long and short-term goals, ensuring that your investment strategy is sustainable. Determine what you want to achieve about income, and how you can manage your cashflow as a wise investor. With a carefully designed outline of an investment journey, you will reach your intended destination.

6. Doing Things On Your Own.
Most investors often think that they know it all, and can even close a property transaction on their own. This is a very dangerous assumption. It could be true that you might have completed some deals on your own in the past which went well, but, in a down market, the result may not be same. Sadly, in real estate, when you are on your own, there is no individual who you can turn to if you want to solve an unfavorable deal of land.

For you to become a successful property investor, you must tap every possible resource and work closely with professionals who can help you make the right purchases. Your list of experts should include a trusted handyman, a real estate agent, a qualified property inspector, an experienced attorney as well as a knowledgeable insurance representative. Again, regarding the maintenance and the remodeling sector, you must have a team comprising of an electrician, a plumber, a painter, heating and an HVAC technician as well as a lawn maintenance service.

5. Failing To Conduct Your Homework.
If you didn’t know, the prospect of understanding the real estate market takes time. And knowing the cyclical nature of property investment is something which even eludes most experts.

So don’t think you can peruse through a couple of reading materials, or attend some few seminars and know everything associated with real estate. You need to have a real glimpse of the region you are aiming to invest in and ensure that you are entirely familiar with everything nearby. Find out about the historical values and vacancy rates in the area as well as the available amenities.

4. Location, Location, Location.
Apparently, property values often start with the site. The potential businesses and the buyers will only rent your property if it is strategically located, before even evaluating other criteria such as the price among other factors.

Since the location is critical, you should carefully study the worst and the best areas in your area before purchasing. In Singapore, it is projected that come 2030; the country will become more accessible thanks to the creation of two new MRT lines. The Downtown and the Thomson Line are set to become key players in the public transport offering unrivaled accessibility throughout the island. This means that most residents will likely live close to such transport links.

3. Overpaying.
To some extent, this problem is somehow tied into the point about doing adequate research. The prospect of looking for the right property can sometimes be a daunting and a frustrating process. And when a prospective investor finally gets a house which meets her or his preference, the buyer will settle for it right away. Did you know that overbidding on a property can result in a waterfall effect of problems? If you pay too much than what you can afford, it may take you lots of years before you can recover.

2. Poor Cashflow Management.
As a beginner investor, you can easily fall victim of poor cash flow management. You should understand all the expenses involved in acquiring and maintaining a property. You can seek the help of a professional real estate accountant who knows about property investment. Through this manner, you can exactly see what you are getting into, financially. To be more precise, you should be aware how the amount your investment will generate and ask yourself if that will be sufficient to cover the maintenance costs. Again, never forget to plan for any contingencies, such as the unexpected repair costs and extended vacancy periods.

1. Doing Things Shoddily.
So you have found the ‘right property, ’ and you are more than ready to invest in it. However, have you looked into the investment process thoroughly? Do you the intentions of the vendor? Knowing the motivations of the seller can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to negotiating a favorable deal.

During the initial inspection process, examine the vendor’s personal situation. For instance, are they going through a divorce? If you didn’t know, this might give an ample opportunity to buy a bargain. Again, ensure that any proper inspection is done so as to uncover any structural defects such as pest control.

The Bottom Line.
Property investment is a lucrative business. However, it is never an easy task. It calls for total commitment and dedication for you to enjoy the results. Successful real estate investors are not perfect either. In fact, they too experienced some of these mistakes along the road. But they try to avoid the biggest mistakes which would knock them out of the fight. With these ten mistakes to avoid at your disposal, we believe that you’ll be on the right track as far as becoming a prominent property entrepreneur is concerned.

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