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Pumpkin Rice with Foie Gras in Golden Ingots ( 珠光寳氣鵝肝金瓜飯 )

cny golden ingot pumpkin rice with goose liver
Even if you are not a fan of pumpkins, you will learn to appreciate this healthy and delicious Pumpkin Rice filled with tasty ingredients. Previously featured in LiveWell Magazine, and online sites such as OpenRice and OMY-食天堂Eat, this dish is a family favourite as well as topping my guests’ list.

singapore food blog foie gras pumpkin rice recipe
The previous version you have seen in my old post was a darker one as I had added dark soy sauce and the ingredients are slightly different. For this Chinese New Year dish, I had also added Chinese Sausage and topped with the luxurious Goose Liver. Serving my Pumpkin Rice with Foie Gras in Golden Ingots ( 珠光寳氣鵝肝金瓜飯 ), don’t you think this simple dish is fit for the Emperior?

rougie paris goose liver foie gras recipe
( Serves 10 )
3 cups Rice
700g Pumpkin
800g Dried Shrimps ( Hebe )
1 dozen Chinese Mushrooms
1 – 2 Chinese Sausage
50g Foie Gras
2 tbsp Minced Garlic
450ml Water
2 tbsp Oyster Sauce
2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Dash of Chinese Cooking Wine / Shaoxing Hua Diao Wine ( 紹興花雕酒 )

Seasonings for Rice:
2 tsp Salt accordingly to personal preference
1 tbsp Light soy sauce

  • Soak hebe and mushrooms in water till soft. Cut off mushroom stalks and dice. Marinade with oyster sauce and wine for about 10 mins.
  • Dice the foie gras and set aside.
  • Scrap off seeds from pumpkin and remove skin. Rinse and cut into cubes.
  • Remove skin from Chinese sausage and dice.
  • Heat oil. Stir-fry hebe till fragrant. Add mushrooms and garlic, and fry for another minute. Set aside.
  • Prepare rice for cooking. Add water, rice, pumpkin and seasonings into rice cooker and mix well.
  • Stir in hebe and mushrooms. Turn on the rice cooker.
  • pumpkin rice with foie gras in golden ingots
  • When rice is almost cooked, throw in Chinese sausage and gently fluff the rice. Cover and let it continue cooking. When rice is ready, transfer them onto serving plates etc. Top with goose liver, and serve your Aromatic Pumpkin Rice with Foie Gras in Golden Ingots ( 珠光寳氣鵝肝金瓜飯 ) hot!
pumpkin rice recipes chinese cooking
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  1. I will try cooking this. This must taste so good. Happy 2017 SHirley!

  2. This is such a beautiful dish, Shirley! Love your presentation and the serving platter! Fit for a king!!

  3. Dish looks yum and the photos are awesome.

  4. I love foie gras :-)This course presents itself perfectly :-)

  5. this looks so your presentation!

  6. That looks amazing not to mention the presentation is just perfect for CNY!

  7. That's one nice looking golden bowl! Haha... i have yet to try rice with foie gras. Looks delicious i must say! :D

  8. What a gorgeous presentation! Perfect for the holiday!!!

  9. Wow, the pumpkin rice looks so beautiful in golden bowls.

  10. Suach a delicious recipe and chic presentation!
    Kisses, Paola.

  11. I like pumpkins and this seems a very healthy and tasty recipe! To try!
    And such amamzing displaing! :D

  12. I would love to try the pumpkin rice! Because I love pumpkin!

  13. Oh very interesting sweetheart
    The recipe looks super yummy

  14. This looks delicious.. thanks for sharing! You always post the neatest things! <3 -

  15. I'm not a fan of foie gras, but pumpkin rice, yes please!

  16. Oh fancy...looks beautiful and so delicious!
    Have a great week ahead my dear :)

  17. ;D

    Parece ser muito saboroso!

    Ótima quarta!

    Beijo! ^^

  18. The perfect dish for CNY. It is, I agree, fit for royalty, Shirley! xx ^.^

  19. Minus the forgone foie-gras, I am all in for this pumpkin rice. I love it.

  20. Very nice pics! Have a lovely Day! ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Great post) Thanks for sharing)

  22. So unique and unusual! I associate pumpkins with October only (terrible, I know! haha) and so it's lovely to see the ingredient used at other times of the year as well.

  23. This is definitely a all time favourite one dish meal, Love it!

  24. Delicious!

  25. sound very delicious!
    NEW REVIEW ON MY BLOG <<< fashion blogger >>>
    have an happy day

  26. It's a very innovative way to serve rice that way..full of prosperity feel.

  27. Wah this is very creative!!! i think those company like Wedgwood or Noritake should do a CNY version porcelain plates and bowls d..

    1. Hahaha! If only Wedgwood or Noritake sponsor bloggers too....... xoxo

  28. Love the luxury ingots display. The pumpkin rice sounds delicious too.


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