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Share Food Mobile App Lets You Promote Your Home Cooking!

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Singapore home cooks, have you always wanted to display your culinary skills and share your home-cooked food with the people around you? You can now, with Share Food free mobile app for Singaporeans to buy, sell and share home-cooked food!

download share food mobile app for singaporeans

To use this app, simply Cook, Snap and Share! For foodies who are always on the prowl for home-cooked food, you can always find out what is cooking near you and if you spot something that suits your palate and the price is right, simply hit the order button to submit your orders!

share food mobile app buy sell home cooking
Just to give you an example, I picked one of the categories “ Food Near Me “ and found Roti Jala selling at SGD 3.50 per serving, along with other information.

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You can also see the seller’s profile just to ensure you are comfortable with her cooking.

Can we really sell our food from home? That was one of the questions I asked when I was approached by Share Food to join them and have my cooking featured. Well, the answer is: You can sell your home cooked food as long as you abide to the rules stipulated under NEA, URA and HDB’s home based small scale business scheme.

Been wanting to try my cooking? Well, it may be coming to you soon in the near future but I am still struggling to find time as of now. It is certainly an area worth exploring as soon as I get the time. Talk to them if you like your food to be featured like mine! Read more at Share Food Features Award-Winning Bitter Gourd Chicken Dish!

Share Food is going to end this year with a bang! They are rolling out their exciting promotions this Christmas like ' Free Food Day ' for Foodies as well as the much-anticipated launch of Share Food's kitchenware group-buys with exclusive deals only available on Share Food.

Download Share Food App now to buy, sell and share home-cooked food! Like what you see? Get Beauty, Dining, Recipes, Travel, Health and Wellness reviews right into your mailbox! Subscribe to Luxury Haven by Email and you will never miss a post again!


  1. Nice apps. Can learn more on other food.

  2. Worth exploring this app. Interesting to discover on the pointers you have highlighted. More knowledge on anything I am all in for.

  3. Such a cool apps! I didn't know them before, thanks for sharing:)


  4. This sounds like a great app for foodies and home cooks! Thanks for sharing!

  5. what a cool app. So going to have to check it out. Have a great week.

  6. I don't have a cell phone or use apps, but I loved your chicken video, and the chicken looks delicious! :)

  7. wow this app gorgeous!
    New OUTFIT is up on my blog, take a look
    fashion blogger

  8. A fun,new way to get a meal on the table! Wonder if this could ever work in the states??

  9. This is such an interesting concept... worth trying out.

  10. Wow love love love this idea!

  11. Yum yum! I wish I could order from here.

    Jasmine x

  12. cool apps. I wish they have one in Malaysia soon.


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