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Keio Plaza ( 京王プラザホテル ), Tokyo’s First Skyscraper Hotel!

christmas at keio plaza hotel tokyo
What would you say to staying in a 45-year-old grand dame situated right in the heart of Tokyo city? Well, together with my family, I had the pleasure of spending couple of nights in Tokyo’s first skyscraper hotel serving the global community since June 5, 1971 – the Keio Plaza Hotel ( 京王プラザホテル )!

Consisting of 2 towers, Keio Plaza Hotel offers both leisure and business travellers a choice of 1,437 rooms, boasting 16 restaurants and 9 bars, 38 banquet rooms and 3 wedding chapels, an outdoor sky pool, fitness room, and even a clinic, all under one roof!

Just like a grandeur standing tall, the 47-floor hotel is just a stone’s throw away from Tokyo’s most accessible transport hub, the Shinjuku Bus Station and Shinjuku Train Station. Flamboyant chandeliers adorned with dazzling Christmas tree illuminated with hues of blue greeted us at the hotel’s main lobby upon our arrival; it was certainly a welcoming sight! Isn’t it such an eye-candy?

character hotels keio plaza tokyo hello kitty rooms
Keio Plaza Hotel Stay in 2014: Hello Kitty Princess Room

singapore lifestyle blogger keio plaza tokyo metropolitan tower
Keio Plaza Hotel Stay in 2016: Plaza Deluxe Room
This would be my second time staying at Keio Plaza Hotel, a 5-star hotel in Japan’s bustling capital. My first was a very different experience, one that's totally out of this world. So I am really pleased to be back again, trying their new Plaza Deluxe Room which was renovated just last spring.

best hotels in shinjuku keio plaza hotel review
keio plaza hotel tokyo deluxe room review
keio plaza hotel review mount fuji view
With a touch of modernity, the neat and elegant appearance of the room radiates serenity in our triple-sharing room. Tastefully-furnished, the room has a lounger by the window to relax, offering a magnificent view of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatories ( 東京都庁展望室 ), and you can even spot Mt Fuji from afar on a clear day!

keio plaza hotel tokyo bathroom review
keio plaza hotel tokyo review toiletries
singapore travel blogger reviews keio plaza hotel tokyo
Separating from the bathroom is my favourite intimate corner that comes with a dressing table coupled with a small sink, giving the room a touch of glamour. Ladies will love this area where we can have our own private space, getting ready for our hot date.

keio plaza hotel tokyo coffee tea making facilities
keio plaza hotel tokyo review safebox
The room comes with free Wi-Fi service, and amenities such as TV, DVD player, Japanese Yukata nightwear, hairdryer, bar fridge, Japanese Tea and Coffee, complimentary bottles of water, in-room safe with electric charger etc.


The Hotel:

Japan deals keio plaza hotel tokyo shinjuku review
keio plaza hotel special premier counter check in
The hotel has an air of opulence, and checking in and out in their special Premier Counter ensures an unrivalled experience. Although Keio Plaza Hotel is 45 years old, it is constantly improving its image by upgrading, offering guests the highest levels of comfort to meet the ever-changing needs.

keio plaza hotel review mobile phone usb ports
In our room, we found this interesting spot with USB ports just beside our beds, which is perfect for charging our mobile phones. This is so convenient especially when you have messages coming in while charging your phone, and you can check them while still lying on the bed.

With a generous space of 40.8 sqm, our Plaza Deluxe Room located in the South Tower is rather spacious even with 3 twin beds. I have a weakness for rooms with large windows, this particular one has a sweeping view of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatories and the beautiful Mt Fuji, presenting guests with panoramic city sights.

Keio Plaza’s On-going Events:

keio plaza hotel hinamatsuri girls doll festival event
Staying in a long-standing Japanese hotel like Keio Plaza, guests get to experience the Japanese culture with the hotel’s seasonal events such as Japanese Flower Arrangement " Ikebana " Experience, or the Hina-Matsuri ( Girls’ Doll Festival ) where guests get to savour special meals and check out beautiful in-house exhibits.

keio plaza hotel japanese tea ceremony experience
Keio Plaza Hotel also began offering overseas visitors and hotel guests the opportunity to experience traditional Japanese tea ceremony at the “ Sho-fu-an ” tea ceremony room since beginning of April 2016. The tea ceremony also includes English explanations of the various utensils and practices of the tea ceremony.

keio plaza hotel alice in wonderland buffet promotion
From now till January 31, hotel guests can enjoy Alice in Wonderland-themed sweets buffet at Keio Plaza’s Jurin all-day dining restaurant with 30 different desserts patterned after various characters and themes from the timeless novel “ Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ”.

Breakfast Choices:

keio plaza hotel tokyo buffet breakfast review
Wake up to a great breakfast choice of American Breakfast Buffet at their Jurin Cafe, Japanese and Western Buffet at Glass Court, or Japanese Breakfast at Kagari.

keio plaza hotel tokyo kagari japanese restaurant review
keio plaza hotel tokyo kagari japanese restaurant breakfast
Our favourite spot is having a delicious traditional Japanese breakfast set at their Kagari Restaurant ( 和食、かがり ), offering fresh Japanese local seafood dishes.

Keio Plaza Hotel’s Strategic Location and Easy Transportation:

keio plaza tokyo metropolitan government building observatories
Great location being situated in Shinjuku, just opposite the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatories, and the Keio Department Store is just minutes away. If you have time, hop over to the popular 202-meter high observation decks to see the Tokyo skyline. Admission is Free of Charge!

With one of the biggest bus stations in Shinjuku located near the hotel, it is so convenient to access various popular tourist destinations such as Mt Fuji.

The Keio Plaza also provides convenient access to / fro the Narita Airport and Haneda Airport. Hotel guests going to Keio Plaza can easily purchase the Airport Limousine Bus Tickets at the airports’ respective counters. For guests travelling to the airports, they can also purchase the bus tickets right off the hotel’s concierge and simply hop on to the airport bus when it arrives at the hotel.

tokyo disney resort good neighbor hotel keio plaza review
As one of the Tokyo Disney Resort Good Neighbour Hotels, Keio Plaza Hotel offers complimentary shuttle bus service directly to / fro Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, saving you the hassle.

keio plaza hotel japan hello kitty room cute
Keio Plaza Hotel makes an ideal place to stay whether it is for pleasure or business. If you are looking for a good hotel in Shinjuku, look no further. Presuming you are travelling with female companions, my recommendation would be to combine the best of two worlds; that is, to experience couple of nights in their Hello Kitty Rooms and the rest of the stay in their standard rooms. You are gonna love their Hello Kitty experience, trust me!

tokyo disneyland resort character meetup daisy duck
If you are a Disney fan, read about my media trip to review DisneySea at Christmas at Tokyo Disney Resort, DisneySea 15th Anniversary!


shinjuku train station to keio plaza hotel
If you are taking train to Keio Plaza Hotel, go out from the west exit from Shinjuku station then look out for the directional signage which will lead you to a tunnel.

how to get to keio plaza hotel tokyo
Take the travelator all the way to end unless you don’t mind taking a leisure walk. Exit and keep left, and you will find the hotel’s side entrance.

keio plaza hotel kaiseki soujuan japanese restaurant
Special thanks to Keio Plaza Hotel for hosting our stay! It’s great to be back again! Next up on Keio Plaza, I will be introducing you guys to their Soujuan Kaiseki Cuisine, 懐石 < 蒼樹庵 >! Like what you see? Get Beauty, Dining, Recipes, Travel, Health and Wellness reviews right into your mailbox! Subscribe to Luxury Haven by Email and you will never miss a post again!

Keio Plaza Hotel
Tel: +81-3 3344-0111
2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo
160-8330 Japan

* This is a sponsored post by Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.


  1. Definitely a fab hotel, stayed at Keio Hokkaido before.

  2. Nice photos! So jealous :)

    Maria V.

  3. How gorgeous, Shirley! I love the rooms and technology, and the tea assortment...yes! :)

  4. Excellent hotel, I'm sure you can well rest there :-)

  5. Theme buffet is looking so nice, kids will love it.

  6. Oh very great place darling
    Thanks for share with us

  7. Perfect festive place to stay you look amazing

  8. This hotel seems amazing. I always wanted to visit Tokyo...and I love sky scrapers. I loved the decor of this hotel....the view is fantastic.

    I'm happy to hear you enjoyed your stay! ...and how cute is that hello kitty room?

    p.s. Thanks for shipping it so quickly, I don't have a fb account.

  9. I am sure you were in Hello Kitty heaven, Shirley ;) what a beautiful place it is. Happy holidays, babe.

  10. The hotels in Tokyo always look so impressive and this one is certainly no exception!

  11. What a stunning hotel, Shirley!
    You look so great :)

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  15. Oh wow the pink Hello Kitty themed bedroom is SO special and the display table of sweet treats looks delicious! You look really lovely in the black dress by the way Shirley :)

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    ♘ ♘

  17. What awonderful place!
    Great review!

  18. Definitely it would be nice to stay in a skyscraper hotel with awesome Tokyo view!
    The last time I went Japan was during University time, we had to save money so only stay in those Hostel. >.<

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  19. What a beautiful hotel, Shirley! I am loving the room. It is so cosy. The Christmas decor is gorgeous too. Happy to hear you enjoyed your stay. Nothing beats traveling with the family. ^.^

  20. I saw some of these photos on FB! This hotel is expectional and so luxe!


  21. Wow Shirley...very nice and I am glad you had a great time...I hope you are enjoying your week :)

  22. Wah gorgeous hotel!! you signed a blogging contract with Keio hotel issit? this kind of hotel looks damn fabulous


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