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Keio Plaza Hotel Soujuan Kaiseki Cuisine Review ( 懐石 蒼樹庵 )

keio plaza hotel soujuan kaiseki cuisine review
Be welcomed by a distinctive Japanese garden setting as attentive Japanese servers clad in beautiful traditional kimono await you at Soujuan ( Kaiseki Cuisine ) 懐石 < 蒼樹庵 >, Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo.

keio plaza japanese kaiseki experience appreciating lacquer tableware
With an emphasis from fresh seasonal ingredients to tableware, the appreciation of the dining ware is part of the entire kaiseki experience, somewhat similar to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

What Is Kaiseki?
Kaiseki is a type of art form that balances the seasonal sense, combination of “ fruit of mountain and sea ”, colours of food, three-dimensional effect, harmony with serving wares and timing to serve hot dishes, which renders the hospitable mind of Japanese.

keio plaza soujuan kaiseki cuisine japanese birthday menu

During my recent stay at Keio Plaza Hotel, a birthday dinner presenting their Kaiseki Hisago Course ( お祝い懐石 ひさご ) at ¥16,000/pax was arranged for me and my family. * Approx: USD 140/pax. Check out the exquisite dishes prepared in our Celebration Menu:

tokyo japanese fine dining keio plaza soujuan kaiseki
Black Sesame Tofu ( 黒胡麻豆腐 )

keio plaza hotel soujuan kaiseki japanese cuisine review
Appetizers ( 小菜 ): Sea Bream Sushi ( 春子鯛手毬寿司 ), Japanese Plum ( 赤梅甘露煮 ),
Black Soy Beans ( 黒豆松葉 ), Squid with Roe ( 子持烏賊 ),
Salmon Rolled with Kombu ( 紅鮭昆布巻き ), Boiled Shrimp ( 才巻き海老 )

keio plaza hotel soujuan kaiseki japanese fine dining
Fine Clear Soup with Sea Bream Covered in Kudzu Starch, Sticky Rice and Mushroom
( 鯛葛打ち清仕立て 桃色道明寺 葛水晶、茸、木の芽 )

keio plaza japanese fine dining sashimi review
Chef’s Selection of Sashimi ( 祝い盛り三種 )

tokyo keio plaza hotel soujuan sharks fin chawanmushi
Steamed Dish ( 蒸し鉢 ):
Steamed Egg Custard with Shark’s Fin ( 鱶鰭玉地蒸し彩り、野菜餡 )

keio plaza tokyo soujuan kaiseki hisago seabream wagyu
Broiled Dish ( 家喜物 ):
Grilled Sea Bream ( 小鯛御頭焼き ), Wagyu Beef with Japanese Basil ( 黒毛和牛紫蘇焼き ),
Steamed Egg ( 錦玉子 ), Ginger ( 紅白はじかみ )

keio plaza soujuan kaiseki celebration menu
Seasonal Dish ( 小蓋物 ):
Lily Bulb ( 百合根饅頭 ), Sea Urchin ( 蒸し雲丹 ), Wheat Gluten ( 紅白結び麩 )

japanese fine dining salmon roe edible gold dust
Vinegared Dish ( 寿の物 ):
Daikon Radish and Carrot Marinated in Vinegar ( 紅白祝い膾 ),
Salmon Roe ( いくら ), Gold Flakes ( 金箔 )

tokyo restaurants keio plaza hotel japanese red rice
soujuan kaiseki cuisine japanese white miso soup
Red Rice ( お赤飯 ), White Miso Soup ( 白味噌椀 ), Japanese Pickles ( 香の物 )

tokyo expensive japanese melons
Fruits and Japanese Sweets ( 果物と甘味 )

singapore lifestyle blogger review keio plaza soujuan kaiseki
Soujuan Kaiseki Dinner Courses starts from ¥13,500 to ¥25,000 per person. Expect fresh seasonal ingredients presented in fine Japanese ceramics and lacquer ware with symbols representing the various celebrations at Soujuan. Dishes are sophisticated and artfully prepared both in presentation and taste with special meaning depicted.

japanese garden keio plaza hotel soujuan restaurant review
keio plaza hotel soujuan kaiseki fine dining
keio plaza hotel japanese restaurant soujuan kaiseki cuisine
keio plaza hotel soujuan kaiseki private rooms
Creating a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, Keio Plaza Hotel lets diners indulge in the essence of authentic Japanese food at the Soujuan ( Kaiseki Cuisine ), 懐石 < 蒼樹庵 >. Meticulously landscaped featuring stone paths with an air of Zen, the walkway gradually reveals the space of the restaurant with more intimate rooms reserved for private diners.

tokyo dining keio plaza hotel restaurants shops
Keio Plaza Hotel houses 16 restaurants under their belt, and if you are planning a trip to Tokyo, be sure to check out some of my reviews:
Thank you Keio Plaza Hotel, for this special birthday arrangement! My two guys are huge fans of fish, and they have enjoyed the elaborated kaiseki experience.

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Soujuan ( Kaiseki Cuisine ), 懐石 < 蒼樹庵 >
Keio Plaza Hotel
Main Tower 2F
2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo
160-8330 Japan
Tel:+81-3 3344 0111

* This is a sponsored post by Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.


  1. Both food and environment looks beautiful

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  3. this is art! I love the presentation of all of these dishes, it is truly gorgeous. The ingredients are very interest as well- from what I can see. Amazing photography as well. Very inspiring culinary post. Lovely restaurant review. Many hotels have great restaurants, I will keep this one in mind.

    p.s. I haven't received it yet, I will let you know when I do.


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  6. The ambiance is clean, fresh and beautiful, and the presentations and even the plates are gorgeous.

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  8. I'm a big fan of Kaiseki style dinners! This looks like a really incredible and immersive experience!

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