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IN:FUSE Event by JETRO at CulinaryOn Cooking Studio

jetro japan external trade organization japanese premium food
As part of continued efforts to promote safe and healthy Japanese food for export, the Japan External Trade Organization ( JETRO ) organized a one-day showcase of Japanese ingredients at CulinaryOn Cooking Studio recently.

luxury haven jetro infuse culinaryon giuseppe dangelo
Hair By: Clover Hair Boutique
CulinaryOn Brand Chef Giuseppe D’Angelo

jetro infuse culinaryon summer palace executive chef liu
Summer Palace Executive Chef Liu Ching Hai
IN:FUSE saw participation by 10 Japanese food suppliers from different Japanese prefectures, who are looking to explore partnerships in Singapore. The event featured renowned chefs Liu Ching Hai, Executive Chef of Summer Palace and Giuseppe D’Angelo, brand chef of CulinaryOn, whipping up delectable creations that will fuse Japanese ingredients into their traditional style of cooking.

jetro infuse culinaryon japanese risotto hokkaido scallops
IN:FUSE is an ideal platform for buyers and visitors to explore and learn about the versatility of classic Japanese ingredients and unique prefecture specialties, as well as how these can be incorporated into different cuisines to produce creative and delicious fusion recipes. Some of the products that were exhibited are:

jetro infuse creative japan food kagoshima wagyu beef
Creative Japan Food Pte Ltd ( クリエイティブジャパンフード )
Kagoshima Wagyu Beef ( 鹿児島の和牛 )

jetro infuse event culinaryon seafood company hokkaido scallops
Yamanaka Inc ( 株式会社ヤマナカ )
Fresh Scallops ( 生鮮帆立 )

jetro infuse culinaryon koyama purple sweet potato powder
KOYAMA Co Ltd ( 有限会社コウヤマ )
Kumamoto Purple Sweet Potato ( 熊本県産の紫芋 )

jetro infuse event culinaryon kyusyuya yamanashi tomatoes
Kyusyuya Co Ltd ( 株式会社九州屋 )
Yamanashi Tomatoes grown at the base of Mount Fuji ( 富士山の麓で育まれた、日本のおいしいトマトです )

jetro infuse event culinaryon maruta perilla seed oil
Ohta Oil Mill Co Ltd ( 太田油脂株式会社)
Perilla Seed Oil rich in Omega 3 ( えごまオイル )

jetro infuse sanei keiran mangetsu fresh eggs
Sanei keiran Co.,Ltd ( 三栄鶏卵株式会社 )
Mangetsu Noukou Eggs ( まんげつ濃厚卵 )

jetro infuse event culinaryon cooking studio
With the continued increase in popularity of Japanese cuisine in Singapore, strong demand for fresh produce and processed foods and condiments from Japan is expected. Moreover, the vibrant dining scene here also allows for more experimentation with cross-cultural fusion creations, thereby opening up more opportunities to import safe and premium food products from Japan.

The event is brought to you by JETRO ( 日本貿易振興機構 )

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  1. Wow! The marriage of 2 cuisines. Very creative.

  2. You look beautiful Dear, the food looks nice:)

  3. I always admire how Japanese make effort to put the best of everything they could especially food items. Had always been impressed by their presentation. It such a good news that they are making effort to ensure safe and healthy food too.

  4. Very exciting and creative! Thank you so much for sharing, dear Shirley, and Happy New Year to you, dear. :)

  5. ;)

    Bem interessante esse evento!

    Obrigada, Shirley! Feliz Natal atrasado!

    Ótima quinta!

    Beijo! ^^

  6. What a incredible event, Shirley... Italian people are everywhere, our chefs are so great in cuisine :)
    Kisses and a happy NYE!

  7. What delicious food and recipes!!! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!! xo

  8. This is really nice and interesting event :-) Have a great fun on NYE my dear :-)

  9. I remember the black bear mascot from Kumamoto! The fresh scallops have lovely shells.

    Here's wishing you and your family a very Happy and Healthy New Year 2017!

  10. Great experience looks delicious Happy New Year may it be prosperous.

  11. Excellent ingredients and these will be great for our home recipes. But for me, local ingredients are still the best because they are affordable and considering that our currency has depreciated badly.

  12. So interesting experience!!!
    That food looks delicious! :D
    Happy New Year, sweetie!

  13. This looks like a great one-day showcase - both informational and fun! I hope 2017 is a wonderful year for you Shirley :)

  14. This seems like a great experience and a lovely way for Japanese cuisine to be presented in Singapore. It is always great to learn something new! I'm sure that Japanese cuisine is interesting.

    Great photos!

  15. It must have been an amazing experience! Thank you for sharing hon! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  16. Awesome event and the food look amazing! Thanks for sharing!


  17. This is really exciting. I'm looking forward to posts on Japanese recipes. Have a wonderful end of 2016 and happy New Year.

    Jasmine x
    Jas Claire

  18. I have not yet tried Japanese cuisine. Happy New Year!

  19. Man,you always have so much fun!! LOVE this post! <3 -

  20. Wow, it looks so interesting! And so many good food!

  21. This all looks so fresh and delicious. I'm not well versed in Japanese cuisine or ingredients but your post definitely makes me want to research it better.


  22. How exciting! So much to explore when it comes to food.


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