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Hilton Tokyo Bay Livista: Grand Phyto Nature Spa Review

grand phyto nature hilton tokyo bay review
Incorporated by Claire Relaxation and Therapy, Grand Phyto Nature ( グラン フィト ナチュール ) at Hilton Tokyo Bay ( ヒルトン東京ベイ ) brings you phytotherapy, a science-based medical practice based on the study of medicinal plants to heal and restore balance.

Indulge in a synergistic approach to health-care by highly-trained therapists, using special-blend oil to stimulate and strengthen our body system.

beauty blogger reviews grand phyto nature hilton tokyo
I enjoy having body massages during my vacations too as they encourage better circulation as well as to help relax my mind and body. Thanks to Hilton Tokyo Bay, a spa session was arranged for me and my family at their Grand Phyto Nature Spa to ease away any muscle tension and stiffness from our body.

hilton tokyo bay livista fitness grand phyto nature
hilton tokyo bay gym livista fitness centre
Located within the hotel’s Livista Fitness Centre, the area also has a gymnasium, a studio, as well as an indoor pool.

hilton tokyo bay grand phyto nature price list
hilton tokyo bay grand phyto nature blogger review
We were attended by the graceful Ms Yamazaki Minori, who kindly recommended their Set Course which includes a Body Treatment and Facial. Since I already had a facial done before my trip, I opted for their Body Care to remove the stiffness from my neck to legs + Foot Care which is a foot reflexology, and added their Rose Sheet Mask for my face. The guys opted for a Body Care + Head massage instead during their consultation.

grand phyto nature foot massage hilton tokyo bay review
claire relaxation therapy grand phyto nature body care
We always find it very relaxing to have a good body treatment to replenish energy into our maltreated body. My therapist had blended 4 types of essential oils for me:
  • Grapefruit: help to get rid of fats, for relaxation, acts as an anti-depressant and relieve any swelling.
  • Juniper: stimulation, aids digestion, muscle relaxant, improve circulation.
  • Geranium: for dry or irritated skin, balance our hormones.
  • Rosemary: relieve fatique, stimulates the liver, tonic for hair, improve circulation.
hilton tokyo bay grand phyto nature body massage
A blend of their bespoke oil massaged into our body helps improve the overall well-being as we inhaled, reaping the benefits of these essential oils as the therapists work their strokes on our body. The treatment commenced with a full body massage, where aching muscles are kneaded to relieve the tightness in our calves and shoulders, helping to unwind our body for an ultimate calming experience.

hilton tokyo grand phyto nature rose sheet mask
Using pure rose water mask and droplets of Vitamin C, a rejuvenating mask was placed on my face to help moisturize and soothe my tired skin while she continued with the front massage.

Release tension with Grand Phyto Nature’s “ Aromatherapy ”; revitalize circulation with their renowned “ Lymph Detox ” or indulge in a soothing, protective “ Facial Treatment ”. The non-oil “ Refresh Care ” treatment is ideal for stress relief for tense muscles.

I love the serene spa atmosphere as well as the massage techniques; the quality of the masseuses here says it all. It was certainly a rejuvenating session to stimulate our senses and refresh our body for our next journey. Thank you Hilton Tokyo Bay and Grand Phyto Nature for the body care treatments!

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Grand Phyto Nature
Hilton Tokyo Bay, B1
279-0031, Urayasu-Shi, 1-8 Maihama, Japan
Tel: +81-47 316 6166

* This is a sponsored post by Grand Phyto Nature. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.


  1. What a life pleasure. I would need a body pamper now.

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. What a great experience! So jealous. Wishing you a merry Christmas in advance.There is a giveaway on my blog. Come check it out.

  3. How lovely that you had a family day at spa! So nice you all got to relax at the same time. I am a firm believer in benefits of massage. Especially today when we all spend too much sitting down and not getting enough of exercise. Massage is the perfect way to improve our circulation. If I ever visit Hilton Tokyo, I will try out their spa treatment.

  4. Great place to be :-) You must feels so relaxed after these treatments :-) Merry Christmas Shirley :-)

  5. The pure rose water and Vitamin C mask sounds like a beautiful treatment for you face while being massaged. Sounds dreamy! :)

  6. Looks like you are being pampered to the max!! Love these photos! <3 -

  7. You can never go wrong with some pampering.

  8. A great place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Merry Christmas to you, Shirley. :)

  9. Sounds like you and your family had again a wonderful and relaxing spa experience, Shirley. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  10. Looks like you had such a lovely and relaxing experience there!

  11. I'd love to have some spa right now! :-)


  12. Lucky you! Looks like a rejuvenating experience. :-)

  13. I always love this kind of places... so relaxing! but come at a price too! haha

    Perfect dining place for December and Christmas!

  14. What a splendor. This is definitely the heavenly way to a holiday.

  15. No wonder you are always in tiptop condition....always so indulgencing... looks like every vacation, you would never forget about your massage.

  16. Seems like a very enjoyable massage for the both of you.

  17. Such relaxing and pampering place!!!
    I'd like to be there too!^^

  18. What a nice treat while traveling! I love all the nature based products, too. Merry Christmas, Shirley!!! xo

  19. Looks like a wonderful treatment. :-)

  20. This looks so amazing, I'd love to do something like this sometime! And merry Christmas!

    Little Moon Elephant

  21. I honestly love going to the spa! You know living in Thailand is like a paradise for massage and spa hehe

  22. This feels super fantastic! Buon Natale! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  23. I see, it was very good time! I envy you :)

  24. Massage with rose sheet on the face, awesome.

  25. You looked very blissful and happy getting the best massage and spa treatment. The pure rose water is very costly and will truly rejuvenate our bodies to robust health. Good for you!

  26. Talking about luxury haven....That spa treatment really look heavenly!

  27. Aah..that looks so relaxing. What a great way to end the year, Shirley. ^.^

  28. wahhh your son also get to indulge in this spa package! great getaway from NS for a while :D


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