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Dynasty Restaurant Review, Hilton Tokyo Bay’s Shanghai Specialty

hilton tokyo bay dynasty restaurant review japanese bonsai
Speaking of Shanghainese cuisine, the distinctive hotel nestled on the shores of Tokyo Bay offers diners a fine dining experience at their Dynasty Restaurant ( 王朝レストラン ), a modern and sophisticated Chinese restaurant located in the basement of Hilton Tokyo Bay.

Your gastronomic delights begin right from the restaurant’s entrance with grandiose marble flooring and well-manicured bonsai plant welcoming you.

hilton tokyo bay dynasty restaurant interior decor
food blogger reviews hilton tokyo bay dynasty restaurant
With the dining room richly decked out in teak wood complete with oriental elements amid shades of red and black seatings, the restaurant exudes a cozy atmosphere with special charm.

yangcheng lake authentic shanghai hairy crabs review
If you are the indecisive sort, Dynasty’s set menus that come with a selection of ineffaceable seasonal classics thoughtfully prepared by their chef would be just perfect. We were at the right place at the right time, where Hairy Crabs were in season during our stay at Hilton Tokyo Bay. So the 3 of us opted for their Creative Chinese Course, reasonably priced at ¥8,500 per person. * Approx USD 75/pax.

hilton dynasty restaurant shanghai hairy crabs yangcheng lake
Celebrated for its sweet, delicate meat and mouth-watering roe, Hairy Crab is an autumn delicacy in Shanghainese cuisine. The Chinese Mitten Crab, also known as the Shanghai Hairy Crab, earned its name because of the smooth hairs on its legs.

Our Hairy Crabs, flown in from Yang Cheng Hu ( 阳澄湖 ), were brought out for our “ inspection “. As fake hairy crabs are on the rise, even a high price tag does not warrant its authenticity, so be sure to eat yours in reputable restaurants and ensure your crabs carry the authenticity tags.

hilton tokyo bay dynasty restaurant review moet imperial
Our dinner kicked off with the Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial ( Glass ¥1,700, Half Bottle ¥6,800, Full Bottle ¥9,00 ), the House’s iconic champagne which embodies Moet & Chandon’s unique style, setting the mood for what was coming up next.

hilton tokyo bay dining review dynasty restaurant
A platter of Assorted Seasonal Appetizers Kaiseki Style ( 季節の王朝風冷菜色々 ) exquisitely presented and remarkably flavoured followed shortly. Starting from the center and going from the left, the symphony of palate-pleasing teasers consist of Boiled Prawn with Vermicelli, Hairy Crab Claw, Diced Abalone, Barbeque Char Siew Pork, Chinese Sausage, Chicken with Leek, and Salmon Sashimi.

The sashimi-style Shanghai Crab in Chinese Wine Sauce ( 上海蟹の紹興酒漬け ), marinated in a special rice wine concoction for 4 days, delivered an interesting gooey texture and it was finger-licking good.

The flavours from the platter came in flutters as we savour, and one of our favourites is the Lightly-Boiled Abalone sitting on a slice of Octopus. There is a hint of sweetness from the fresh seafood before the peppery sauce envelops your tongue, a harmonious combination of both texture and taste.

We also found the Salmon and Sea Bream Sashimi extremely tasty paired with the Chinese Spicy Szechuan Sauce, giving a different twist to the usual style of eating sashimi with soy sauce and wasabi.

hilton tokyo bay dynasty shanghainese restaurant review
The highlight of the evening was of course our favourite Steamed Shanghai Crab ( 上海蟹の姿蒸し ). Serving us was the restaurant’s friendly and cheerful Senior Captain Waiter, Koji Takahashi, swiftly and gently taking the crabs apart for our easy dining.

tokyo chinese fine dining hilton dynasty restaurant review
hilton tokyo bay dynasty restaurant hairy crab review
hilton dynasty restaurant yangcheng lake shanghai hairy crabs
Our hairy crabs were ready in no time under the skillful hands of Takahashi-san. Just look at our crabs, bursting with bright orangey roes, visually teasing both our sight and palates!

Although steaming these crabs is the most traditional and simplest way of eating, restaurants are fast to come up with quirky ideas transforming the prized delicacy into gourmet dishes. Eating hairy crabs is a messy affair, but if you are dining in a decent Chinese restaurant, the staff often take care of the “ dirty “ job for you.

If you have yet to try these highly treasured crustaceans, it will be good to note that Yellow Wine or Ginger Tea is often served after eating these delicacies to counter balance the Yin and Yang properties in our body as hairy crabs are known to have the Ying properties.

hilton dynasty restaurant stir fried matsutake mushroom seafood
hilton tokyo dynasty restaurant review hokkaido scallops
Next up was the Stir-Fried Pine Mushroom and Seafood ( 松茸と海鮮の炒め ). The succulent Prawns and Hokkaido Scallops, deliciously stir-fried with the Japanese Matsutake Mushroom, Ginkgo Nut and Fresh Lily Bulb, were such an appetizing and healthy treat.

how to eat peking duck popiah skin wraps
hilton tokyo bay dynasty restaurant peking duck review
Another hot favourite on our table is the Peking Duck ( 北京ダック ), prized for its thin, crisp skin, serving mostly just the skin with little or no meat.

hilton tokyo bay dynasty restaurant crispy peking duck
best peking duck in tokyo hilton dynasty restaurant
The Peking Duck Skin is usually eaten with scallion, cucumber and a sweet sauce wrapped in wafer-thin pancakes. The skill of the chef shines with their fragrant Peking Duck dish, delivering a flavourful aroma with crispy skin roasted to perfection.

xiao long bao soup bun with shanghai crab
Served individually in a bamboo steamer basket is the popular Xiao Long Bao. The Soup Bun with Shanghai Crab ( 上海蟹の小龍包 ) was real soupy and delicious but personally, I prefer it to have a thinner skin.

hilton tokyo dynasty restaurant delicious crabmeat fried rice
My family is a huge fan of fried rice especially in countries like Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand. Dynasty’s version of Fried Rice with Crab Meat ( 蟹肉入り炒飯 ) did not disappoint us at all; it was extremely tasty and we finished every grain of it.

hilton tokyo bay dining review dynasty restaurant desserts
Assorted Dessert Plate ( シェフのお楽しみデザート ) was a combination of the delectable Almond Jelly, Melon Ice-Cream, and Mixed Fruits, rounding off our satisfying Shanghai Hairy Crab Course at Dynasty Restaurant.

Excellent service coupled with a well-crafted menu makes this Chinese restaurant at Hilton Tokyo Bay a discerning choice for both social and business diners.

Let the restaurant’s culinary maestros whip up yummy dishes as they fire up your palate with their wide variety of Chinese delicacies using premium ingredients such as Abalone, Shark’s Fin and Bird’s Nests. For the Ala Carte, we tried their range of gourmet soups since the course we had does not come with a soup.

hilton dynasty restaurant review abalone crab meat soup
Topping our list is the restaurant’s Abalone and Crab Meat Soup ( 鮑と蟹入りとろみスープ ) at ¥3,000, tasting like a non-spicy version of Szechuan Soup with generous helping of quality ingredients such as Abalone and Crabmeat, coupled with strands of crunchy Black Fungus, and Bamboo Shoots. A must-try!

hilton birds nest soup crab meat dried scallops
The Bird’s Nest Soup with Crab Meat and Dried Scallops ( つばめの蟹肉と干し貝柱 ) at ¥4,000 is also another delightful treat. Served with a dollop of bird’s nest, the thick and robust soup with delicate fresh crab meat will be a hit at any dinner table.

hilton dynasty restaurant review imperial birds nest soup
For diners who prefer a simple and comforting soup, the Imperial Clear Bird’s Nest Soup ( つばめの特製スープ ) at ¥4,000 that comes with a dosage of the beauty collagen may be a good choice.

The restaurant’s refined menu showcases the best of exquisite ingredients balancing different flavours together. It is a gastronomy meal that is sure to please any discerning palate.

disney resort official hotels hilton tokyo bay reviews
If you are visiting the Tokyo Disney Resort, the Hilton Tokyo Bay makes an ideal location for your stay with both the Disneyland and DisneySea theme parks within the hotel’s close proximity. Dine in style at Dynasty Restaurant, guarantee to leave you satisfied with a full belly. I must say that the menu is well thought out and the service is seamless.

Dynasty Restaurant offers a refined and warm ambience that is perfect for diners who want to enjoy a sumptuous meal. Seating arrangements are well spaced out to ensure a comfortable atmosphere. With a seating capacity of 140, the restaurant also offers private dining rooms for diners who prefer an intimate dining experience.

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Dynasty Restaurant
Hilton Tokyo Bay
279-0031 Urayasu-Shi
1-8 Maihama
Tel: +81-47 355-5000


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  3. These dishes look heavenly. I would love to try that crab. I used to catch crabs when I was a kid (I used to fish with my brother a lot- he was really good at it and I was more of a sidekick). I'm happy that I had this experience as a child, because today I know a lot about fish. Naturally, sea food (crabs, fish etc) is an important part of our Dalmatian (and Croatian) food tradition.

    I'm not sure do we have this crab here...I would love to try it!

    That rice looks yummy! All the dishes look fantastic. It seems that hilton Tokyo really has first class dinning service. This restaurant looks like the perfect place to dine.

    1. Catching crabs, Ivana? That must be such an awesome experience. Would love to try that some day too, dear! Oh yes, food is good & we had a great time at Dynasty. TGIF, babe! xoxo

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