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Get the Best Out of Shopping With the Handy Mobile App

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Nothing can compare to the feeling of a good mall experience. Whether you are splurging for clothes, eating your heart out, or enjoying films, events and entertainment; there is always fun to be found in malls. And you know what? There is no place quite like AsiaMalls. They offer six one-of-a-kind shopping malls in Singapore and has become favourite stops of shopaholics both locally and abroad.

download asiamalls mobile app amperkz lifestyle
But do you know that it is the only place that allows for a personalised mall experience? Introducing the AsiaMalls mobile app, AMperkz Lifestyle! You can take a photo of your shopping receipts, earn points for each dollar that you have spent, and convert it to e-vouchers!

The mobile app has been improving constantly since its release. Let us see what other benefits we can get from the AMperkz app.

Always be on the lookout for the best shops and dining places for you
AMperkz Lifestyle wants to create a more personalised mall experience for you by recommending restaurants, stores, and other shops that cater to your taste and needs. All you need to do is to share your interests with the app. You can also receive notifications of their latest promotions and mall events.

You get to know if there is parking space still available
There is nothing more annoying than dressing up and going out to have a good time and then finding out there is no parking for you. With the AMperkz Lifestyle app, you can easily get real-time updates of available carpark lots so you can plan your day better.

Reservation for your favourite restaurants made easy
One of the newest features of the app is allowing you to book tables at your favourite restaurant easily. You can also use the E-Queue service which works like a VIP queue to shorten your wait time when reserving at your favourite hangout place. You and your friends will finally get to try that cafe you have been talking about.

singapore shopping downloads asiamalls mobile app amperkz lifestyle
Get updates on discount deals and shopping tips
What is a shopaholic’s friend? Discount deals. The AMperkz Lifestyle app sends you exclusive discount and deals offered by their features retailer. What is more is they send you exclusive shopping tips so you can take full advantage of your bargain.

Earn points for every dollar you spent
Like I said before, AsiaMalls is giving you the chance to earn more with everything that you have spent. All you need to do is to take a photo of your shopping receipts, submit it through the AMperkz Lifestyle app, and get a notification when you can redeem those points to E-vouchers.

Quick and easy access to the widgets that you need
Each of these points are widgets within the app. You can pick 4 out of the 8 widgets and easily tap on them on your app homepage to get the information that is relevant to you.

If only all malls offer the same kind of shopping experience, right? But AsiaMalls has definitely pioneered personalised shopping, and it’s all right there at the palm of your hands. You can download the app here if you’re an Android user, or here if you’re an iOS user. Go on and download the AMperkz Lifestyle app and enjoy malls like never before.

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  1. Great apps! Real time update is really haven always got the best deal...

  2. Very nice application , a lot of great deals :-)

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  4. A very useful app! Thax for share! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing, even if I don t often use apps.
    Always a real pleasure to read your posts!
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  6. Great apps, Shirley. Wishing you a lovely week ahead, darling.

  7. I hope there's a US counterpart! So useful!!!

  8. There seems to be an app for everything these days! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow ..that's innovative, Shirley and staying ahead of the game! AsiaMalls is certainly making it easy for customers to shop and dine.

  10. This app looks good.... Very handy!

  11. This would be perfect for traveling. Have to make a note of this one Shirely. Thanks


  12. what a great app! I love this idea of saving money while we're shopping...who wouldn't like this app?:)

  13. Yes please to the apps that offers great stuffs. Hail!

  14. Great post dear, and wonderful advice!!! Great to see you back and blogging too! <3 -

  15. This app really does make life easy.

  16. This sounds really interesting, I've never actually heard of anything quite like this :)

  17. my favorite is the century square
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