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Christmas at Tokyo Disney Resort, DisneySea 15th Anniversary

tokyo disneysea 15th anniversary christmas wishes
Discover the magic of Disney with all your favourite Disney Characters coming alive at Tokyo Disney Resort ( 東京ディズニーリゾート )! A totally integrated entertainment destination, Japan's first " theme resort " Tokyo Disney Resort comprises of two theme parks - the Tokyo DisneySea Park ( 東京ディズニーシー ), and the Tokyo Disneyland Park (東京ディズニーランド ), bringing dreams and magic of Disney family entertainment to Japan.

tokyo disneysea fireworks sky high wishes christmas tree
Christmas-themed special events, programs and activities await you at Tokyo DisneySea Park, Tokyo Disneyland Park, the Disney Hotels, the Disney Resort Line and Ikspiari from now till 25 December 2016, and as part of its “ Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary: The Year of Wishes ” celebration, Tokyo DisneySea will offer its annual special event “ Christmas Wishes ”.

walt disney california disneyland donald duck
I have always been a Disney girl as a child and had embarked on a solo trip to Disneyland Resort in California in 1985 at the age of 20. Oh yes, I travelled all the way to USA just to meet my favourite Disney characters! Disney is a place where dreams come true! You can imagine the excitement and back then, it was a big thing for someone to travel so far alone unlike these days. Thereafter, I visited Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland on numerous occasions, and not forgetting Disneyland Paris. Now I am left with Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Shanghai Disney Resort, and of course the Aulani Disney Resort and Spa in Hawaii to complete my Disney therapy!

My last visit to Tokyo DisneySea was probably more than a decade ago when it first opened. So I was really looking forward to this trip, and certainly thrilled to be part of the “ Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary: The Year of Wishes ” celebration!

Located adjacent to the popular Tokyo Disneyland Park on the shores of Tokyo Bay, DisneySea is themed to the myths and legends of the sea. The Park features seven distinct themed ports, and it is designed as a world filled with adventure, romantic stories, discovery, and fun, where adventure and imagination set sail.

singapore lifestyle blogger tokyo disneysea family adventure
The instant we stepped into Tokyo DisneySea, we left all our worries behind and transformed into big kids overwhelmed with excitement, entering into a world of fairytale. My family and I, like many others, have always been fascinated with theme parks. Hubby and son love the rides especially roller coasters, and the rides in Tokyo DisneySea appeal to almost all ages; there is something for everyone and that’s the magic of Disney Resort.

singapore lifestyle influencer tokyo disney resort media pass
Our day at Tokyo DisneySea started at 9am, meeting the resort’s representative to collect our Disney park tickets followed by a media briefing, and we were off to Mediterranean Harbor for a special event to watch “ A Perfect Christmas “ ( パーフェクト・クリスマス ).

tokyo disneysea mediterranean harbor perfect christmas show
tokyo disneysea mediterranean harbor christmas show mickey pluto
disneysea mediterranean harbor perfect christmas show mickey pluto
With only 2 shows daily, the 25-minute show is about our Disney Friends sharing what Christmas means to them in this lively song and dance performance. The show excites the spectators with its Disney music and vibrant costumes, and at the show’s conclusion, Santa Claus, Duffy and ShellieMay, as well as other Disney Characters, arrive on boats and everyone celebrates Christmas throughout Mediterranean Harbor.

As the happy Christmas songs filled the air with Mickey Mouse and his Disney friends dancing and cheering, a sudden surge of emotion overcame me and I felt so blessed to be able to spend the precious time together with my family at the park.


tokyo disneysea arabian coast magic lamp theater
disneysea arabian coast magic lamp theater magic show
Arabian Coast: The Magic Lamp Theater ( マジックランプシアター )
Visitors especially those with kids will enjoy this 9-minute light-hearted 3D special effects show coupled with live performance with some magic tricks. The "greatest magician in the world," Shaban, presents his first solo performance without his partner, the popular Genie. So what happened to him? Find out as you take in this magical performance!

disneysea mermaid lagoon theater king triton concert review
Mermaid Lagoon Theater: King Triton's Concert ( キング・トリトンのコンサート )
An unprecedented 14-minute musical show of dynamic performances! A musical concert will enchant you with popular songs from Disney’s The Little Mermaid such as “ Part of Your World ” and “ Under the Sea ”.

American Waterfront: A Table is Waiting ( テーブル・イズ・ウェイティング )
This is a really cute one with all the yummy food like Sushi, Hamburgers and even Tempura coming to live! The 30-minute show at the Dockside Stage is about Mickey and his friends returning from a world cruise and bringing back treats from many different countries.

“ Crystal Wishes Journey ” ( クリスタルウィッシュジャーニー )
With the magical power of the crystals, the Disney Friends guide Guests on a journey of wishes expressed through song and dance. As everyone’s wishes come together in the show’s finale, kites soar above the harbor and pyrotechnics burst out to celebrate the start of new journeys. Colorfully kicking off the Tokyo DisneySea 15th anniversary, this show on the harbor will be presented for a limited time only from now till 17 March 2017.

tokyo disneysea review colours of christmas nighttime wishes
tokyo disneysea colours of christmas nighttime wishes fireworks
Colours of Christmas: Night Time Wishes ( カラーオブクリスマス~ナイトタイムウィッシュ )
This 15-minute night time entertainment fantasy is presented on the waters of Mediterranean Harbor and features a towering Christmas tree approximately 15 meters tall at the center of the harbour, as well as smaller Christmas tree-like illuminations. Disney Friends perform in new costumes that match the colour of their Crystals of Wishes. When everyone makes a wish, the tree sparkles and the evening shines.

Be awed by the large Christmas tree and the floating illuminations as they begin to change colours and glow, with fountains shooting up high, lasers and pyrotechnics creating a colourful atmosphere at Mediterranean Harbor for a spectacular finale. ( For limited period only from now till 25 December 2016 )

Fantasmic! ( ファンタズミック! )
The highlight of the evening at Tokyo DisneySea is "Fantasmic!" It is another show taking place at night on the waters of Mediterranean Harbor, featuring special effects using gigantic water screens, lasers, lights, and fire, this dramatic show promises an evening of unforgettable fantasy and excitement for all. The 20-minute show features Mickey fighting a gigantic dragon in this magical and dynamic night time spectacular in Mediterranean Harbor.

tokyo disney resort disneysea fireworks sky high wishes
Fireworks: Sky High Wishes - Colourful fireworks, including those inspired by shining crystals, light up the sky above Tokyo DisneySea to the theme song of the 15th anniversary. You do not want to miss this spectacular sight!

( Most indoor rides do not allow photo-taking )

Mysterious Island: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ( 海底2万マイル )
One of my personal favourites, this is a 5-minute ride whereby we boarded one of Captain Nemo's powerful submarine boats, joining him in his undersea search for Atlantis. Seated on a two-person bench inside the submarine with individual joystick to control the illuminated lighting, riders will go through a slow dark ride simulating an underwater adventure with a view of the bottom of the ocean.

disneysea review port of discovery aquatopia
tokyo disneysea review port of discovery aquatopia
tokyo disneysea port of discovery aquatopia review
Port of Discovery: Aquatopia ( アクアトピア )
The three of us had so much fun in Aquatopia as these futuristic watercrafts took us on a maze-like course around whirlpools, fountains, and waterfalls. This is definitely one exciting water sport cause you won’t’ know who you will be facing next with all those spinning. Expect lots of twirling and jerking, so I do not recommend if you have motion sickness.

arabian coast sindbad storybook voyage review
Arabian Coast: Sinbad's Storybook Voyage ( シンドバッド・ストーリーブック・ヴォヤッジ )
With music written by Disney song-writing legend Alan Menken, join Sinbad the sailor and his loyal tiger cub, Chandu, on this 10-minute relaxing Sinbad's Storybook Voyage. The ride is somewhat similar to Disneyland’s It's A Small World ( イッツ・ア・スモールワールド ), where children are dressed in traditional costumes of their countries singing " It's a small world " as you voyage from Europe, through Asia, Africa, Central America, and the islands of the South Pacific.

disneysea arabian coast jasmine flying carpets review
arabian coast jasmine flying carpets review
disneysea review arabian coast jasmine flying carpets
Arabian Coast: Jasmine's Flying Carpets ( ジャスミンのフライングカーペット )
Themed to the Disney film Aladdin, visitors with children will have a great time flying on these magic carpets together with their kids. But then again, my 21-year-old prince was also having a joyful ride with this dad, controlling their magic carpet as though they were flying their own!

disneysea mermaid lagoon flounder flying fish coaster review
disneysea review mermaid lagoon flounder flying fish coaster
Mermaid Lagoon: Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster ( フランダーのフライングフィッシュコースター )
It’s a kiddy ride, but Jonathan didn’t mind having another ride with his dad. A milder version of a roller coaster, hop in for a soaring ride with Ariel's best friend, Flounder and all his flying fish friends.

disneysea mermaid lagoon ariel playground review
disneysea mermaid lagoon ariel playground blowfish balloon race
Mermaid Lagoon: Ariel's Playground ( アリエルのプレイグラウンド )
Climb through a fishing net, explore a secret, treasure-filled cave, and more. This is Ariel's favorite hideaway, a playground full of fun and games that's perfect for kids who want to explore Ariel's incredible world. Cast Members hand out exploration maps so you can enjoy Ariel's Playground to the fullest.

disneysea fortress explorations
disneysea fortress explorations leonardo challenge
Mediterranean Harbor: Fortress Explorations ( フォートレス・エクスプロレーション ) - " The Leonardo Challenge "
If time permits, follow the hints on the map and explore the fortress from the Golden Age of Exploration. See exhibitions on the study of the planets and the earth's rotation, operate cannons, and various nautical instruments, and more. Through this program, you can become a member of S.E.A. ( Society of Explorers and Adventurers ).

Warning! The rides below may not be suitable for everyone. To ride, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure. Expectant mothers, elderly, kids age 3 and below, and guests who do not meet the height requirement (102 cm) may not ride.

disneysea indiana jones adventure temple of crystal skull
Lost River Delta: Indiana Jones Adventure - Temple of the Crystal Skull ( インディ・ジョーンズ・アドベンチャー:クリスタルスカルの魔宮 )
An exhilarating version of an Indian Jones ride in a 12-pax vehicle where you will find yourself taking it over and over again. Be sure to look out for a gust of cool vapour coming at you like a fire ball during the fiery ride, probably the work of the temple's vengeful guardian spirit, the Crystal Skull! The queue is long for the 3-minute ride, so I would suggest getting yourself a FASTPASS to shoot you through.

Lost River Delta: Raging Spirits ( レイジングスピリッツ )
Fans of roller coasters, this exhilarating high-speed roller coaster attraction racing through the excavated ruins of an ancient ceremonial site is for you! This thrilling ride will churn your world upside down, and their heart-stopping 360-degree loop around the excavation of ancient stone gods will leave you with an unforgettable thrilling experience!

American Waterfront: Tower of Terror ( タワー・オブ・テラー )
Try this 2-minute elevator drop if you dare in this eerie hotel! You will get thrills and chills as you go through darkness in this Tower of Terror. Visitors enter an elevator that goes all the way up to the top where you will get a view of Disney Resort when the door opens. That is when you get a “ free fall “ half-way and then all the way down before going up again and drops you down!

Mysterious Island: Journey to the Center of the Earth ( センター・オブ・ジ・アース )
Follow the enigmatic genius Captain Nemo in a 3-minute ride as he unearthed a heretofore unknown world deep underground, sending you hurling through the caravans. During your journey onboard a unique subterranean 6-pax vehicle, the volcano suddenly shakes and erupts, taking you where even Captain Nemo has never been before.


disneysea american waterfront big city vehicles
American Waterfront: Big City Vehicles ( ビッグシティ・ヴィークル )
Step aboard and ride through the streets of New York City in style. There are many models to choose from -- the open-top town car, the police wagon, the delivery truck, and more.

american waterfront disneysea electric railway
American Waterfront / Port Discovery: DisneySea Electric Railway ( ディズニーシー・エレクトリックレールウェイ )
A leisure ride above the bustle of the city travelling through the horizons of time as you board the elevated electric trolley, taking you to another attraction saving you the walk.

mediterranean harbor disneysea transit steamer liner
American Waterfront / Lost River Delta: DisneySea Transit Steamer Line ( ディズニーシー・トランジットスチーマーライン )
The 49-pax steamers travel the waters of Tokyo DisneySea, and depart once the Park opens. Discover beautiful landscape and architectures within the resort in this 13-minute cruise.

Mediterranean Harbor: Venetian Gondolas ( ヴェネツィアン・ゴンドラ )
Enjoy an elegant, romantic time aboard your gondola, where the cheerful gondoliers will be happy to show you around Palazzo Canals during the 11-minute ride.


tokyo disneysea toyville trolley park
tokyo disneysea american waterfront toy story mania show
christmas decoration tokyo disneysea toy story carnival coral
American Waterfront: Toy Story Mania! ( トイ・ストーリー・マニア! )
Two distinct American harbours at the dawn of the 20th century, New York and Cape Cod, provide the inspiration for American Waterfront. Over at the Toyville Trolley Park, you will be fascinated by the illumination especially at the Toy Story Mania.

disneysea arabian coast instagram spots
singapore travel blogger disneysea arabian coast adventure
Arabian Coast ( アラビアンコースト )
Like Mermaid Lagoon, this port is themed after a popular Disney animated film, Aladdin. Explore the exotic enchantment of The Arabian Nights along the shores of Arabian Coast. This is definitely my number one favourite spot for photography! See more at Instagram Shots in DisneySea, Keio Plaza, Hilton Tokyo Bay!


tokyo disneysea 15th anniversary american town christmas tree
disneysea review american waterfront us steamship
This Christmas, Tokyo DisneySea will be decorated for Christmas in a way that celebrates the “Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary: The Year of Wishes” and creates a heart-warming holiday. In American Waterfront, Christmas trees designed with Crystals of Wishes will be found in Waterfront Park and the 15-meter-tall Christmas tree set up in front of the luxury ocean liner, S.S. Columbia, will be decorated with the 15th Anniversary logo.

disneysea lost river delta christmas illumination  fiesta
tokyo disneysea anniversary christmas decorations
Themed areas such as the Lost River Delta will offer the Christmas illumination “ Fiesta de la Luz ” ( Spanish for “ festival of lights ” ). Guests can enjoy the red and green Central American-style decorations that create a mystic Christmas atmosphere.

tokyo disneysea 15th anniversary specials crystal point
tokyo disneysea 15th anniversary crystal points special merchandise
New this year is a sparkling Christmas tree with the 15th Anniversary’s Crystals of Wishes as its motif. Crystal Compasses, the special merchandise item commemorating the 15th Anniversary, will light up in reaction to the sounds in Waterfront Park, enhancing the celebratory mood. Each themed port will have a “ Crystal Point ” which will emit light and sound in reaction to your wish when touched by a “ Crystal Compass ” ( a special merchandise item ).


tokyo disneysea mediterranean harbor crystal wishes journey
While you can experience Disneyland in other parts of the world, but there is only one DisneySea, and that is in Tokyo. What sets DisneySea apart from other Disney Theme Parks is that it is an ocean-themed park whereby you get a lot of rides and performances on water. There are a total of seven distinct “ ports of call ” - Mediterranean Harbor, American Waterfront, Port Discovery, Lost River Delta, Arabian Coast, Mermaid Lagoon and Mysterious Island.

Honestly, I am not into those nerve-wrecking roller coaster rides unlike hubby and son, I will save the rides for those fearless daredevils. Thankfully, most of the rides in Tokyo Disney Resort are suitable for someone with a weak heart like me. I kinda had fun in the various attractions with my two bodyguards, joining other adults and kids screaming with joy and terror.

instagram worthy spots tokyo disneysea arabian coast
I am in love with all the themed areas! They are so real and the architectures are spectacular. Walking along Arabian Coast for example, is like you are being transported to the Middle East, leaving you breathless.

tokyo disneyland resort character greetings aladdin sorcerer jafar
The colours, the fantasy coming alive, almost every Disney item you see at the resort is visually stimulating. What's more? I met Jafar, the most powerful Sorcerer on earth!

DisneySea is unique to Japan, and it is the only one of its kind in this world. DisneySea is geared towards grown-ups and older kids; they even serve BEER, unlike Disneyland which does not offer alcoholic drinks.

disneysea cape cod cook off duffy bear
Disneysea is home to Duffy the Disney Bear ( ダッフィー ) and ShellieMay ( シェリーメイ )! Duffy who? Well, Duffy is Mickey's huggable bear, and is extremely popular in Japan. Disney Resort even has photo points around the park where guests could snap pictures of or with their Duffys! Visitors can also watch " My Friend Duffy " show presented in one of the dining areas at Cape Cod Cook-Off.

tokyo disney resort christmas street parade
That’s not all. The staff and cast members in DisneySea are always smiling.

What impressed us most is that the staff in the park make an effort to speak English, doesn’t matter the fluency. This is unlike anywhere else in Japan where people tend to shy away from the language. On several occasions, the Park Cleaners came up to us offering assistance when they caught us looking at the theme park map. Yes, park cleaners and not resort staff, that’s why it left us with a deep impression! I am not sure if it is something new, cause I don’t recall encountering the same gesture during my last few visits to Tokyo Disneyland. It is certainly a great improvement!

tokyo disneysea donald duck christmas parade
Disney is the happiest place on earth! It is a place where you can forget about everything and simply have a good time. You can act like a kid and nobody cares!

tokyo disneyland resort character greetings mr incredible
Disney Character Greetings: Mr Incredible in The Incredibles

tokyo disneyland character greeting pinocchio
Disney Character Greetings: Pinocchio

tokyo disneyland resort character greetings jiminy cricket
Disney Character Greetings: Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio

tokyo disneyland resort character meetup daisy duck
Disney Character Greetings: Daisy Duck
Being surrounded by all your favourite Disney characters is magical enough. You will never want to leave; it is a place where people will never get tired of. I mean, how could anyone not be happy in Disney Resort? You can feel the adrenaline rush the minute you walk through those gates, and I am not kidding! Be warned, the smiles there are infectious!

tokyo disneysea disney store shopping
Oh, be prepared to bust your shopping budget; everything in the Disney Stores is just too adorable! While the guys enjoy going to the various attractions, I on the other hand, love shopping in the Disney Stores more. It is really hard to resist snapping up those cute Disney souvenirs especially with their faces staring at you and screaming, “ Please buy me, please take me home with you!” Check out DisneySea Shopping: ShellieMay, the Disney Bear ( シェリーメイ )!

tokyo disney resort park ticket price list
Tokyo Disney Resort Park Ticket Price List
It is a pity that we did not have enough time to catch all the Disney character greetings, shows and rides due to the long waiting time, even with our FASTPASS. A day is too rush and DisneySea is huge! So if you are heading there, a 2-day pass will be good to soak up the entire Disney atmosphere.

why you should get disney fastpass
* Disney Park: Reduce waiting time by getting yourself a FASTPASS, and you do not have to pay extra for it! Yes, it is FREE! Just look out for FASTPASS ticketing machines near the entrance of the FASTPASS attraction you want to ride to get the ticket. This way, you can use your time effectively, and return during the time period printed on the FASTPASS ticket without the long waiting time!

tokyo disneysea 15th anniversary christmas wishes showtime
* Showtime: If you are going for the open-air shows at the Mediterranean Harbor, try to grab a “ seat “ right in front of the stage or along the harbour. Once the " seating areas " are filled up, expect to stand throughout the 25 minutes. Mind you, the crowd for the “ seating areas “ starts forming as early as an hour ahead! We passed by the area later in the evening and were surprised to find people already sitting on the cold concrete waiting for the evening show almost an hour ahead at a temperature hovering around 10°C with strong wind howling. Salute them!

tokyo disney resort skincare tips eha sunshield 24hrs
* Skincare: Before you head out to the theme parks, don’t forget to put on your sunscreen since you are probably going to be out there the entire day. I strongly recommend using a 24-hour sunscreen which means you won’t have to reapply every few hours. My personal favourite would be the EHA Sun Shield 24hr.

Visitors going to Tokyo Disney Resort can take buses to the theme parks directly from the airports and also from places such as Shinjuku Express Bus Terminal, JR Tokyo Station, JR Akihabara Station, Tokyo Skytree Town etc. The average bus ride is about 50 minutes. Alternatively, visitors can also take the JR Line to the theme parks, stopping at Maihama Station and it takes only 15-20 minutes from Tokyo Station.

how to get to tokyo disney resort via trains
resort gateway station monorail tokyo disneyland
getting to disneysea via tokyo disney resort line
Once you have arrived at JR Maihama Station, you will see signs welcoming you to Tokyo Disney Resort. Go out from South Exit and you will find the huge Ikspiari Mall. Turn left to go to Resort Gateway Station to take the Disney Resort Line which will bring you to Tokyo DisneySea Station via the monorail.

tokyo disney resort monorail
It takes just 2 minutes to reach the Tokyo Disneyland Station, but about 10 minutes to Tokyo DisneySea Station from the Resort Gateway Station. Don't worry, you will enjoy the ride in the resort's fanciful Disney monorail.

christmas tokyo disneysea 15th anniversary disney monorail
christmas in tokyo disneysea monorail disney resort line
From now to December 25, one of the Disney Resort Line monorail trains will feature hand straps with a Christmas design. To heighten the holiday mood, the four monorail stations will be decked out for the holidays with Christmas illuminations and other decorations. The monorail system, Disney Resort Line, features train cars designed with Mickey Mouse-shaped windows and straps that reflect Disney fun. The Disney Resort Line transports guests to various areas within Tokyo Disney Resort providing a dream-like introduction to their stay.

tokyo disneysea 15th anniversary christmas decorations
This online service (Japanese language only ) is offering the “ Enjoy the Disney Christmas at Both Parks for 2 Days ” plan which includes accommodations at a Disney or other hotel, tickets to view the Christmas entertainment at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, Disney FASTPASS tickets that do not have specified times, and other benefits. This plan allows Guests to enjoy the Christmas event at both Parks as much as they wish. Please see the Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservation and Tickets website for details.

Tokyo Disney Resort offer visitors various types of accommodations such as:
  • Disney Hotels ( Deluxe type ) - For an Elegant Resort Stay surrounded by Disney Magic.
  • Disney Hotel ( Value type ) - For a Casual Resort Stay Immersed in Disney Magic.
  • Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels- Six Hotels Located within Tokyo Disney Resort.
  • Tokyo Disney Resort Partner Hotels - Four Hotels Conveniently Located near Tokyo Disney Resort.
  • Tokyo Disney Resort Good Neighbour Hotels - Hotels In and Around Tokyo.

travel blogger hilton tokyo bay celebrio ocean room
For this Tokyo trip, I had the pleasure of staying in one of the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels. Find out what it's like to stay there in my Hilton Tokyo Bay Review, and Benefits of Staying In Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels!

tokyo disneyland resort cruiser shuttle bus
Getting to / fro Hilton Tokyo Bay is easy with the resort's shuttle bus. Featuring unique Disney touches including Mickey Mouse-shaped windows and hand straps, the Disney Resort Cruiser is a complimentary shuttle bus linking the Disney Ambassador Hotel to the Parks and the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels to Bayside Station ( Disney Resort Line ).

christmas at keio plaza hotel tokyo
After checking out from Hilton Tokyo Bay, we moved on to one of the Tokyo Disney Resort Good Neighbour Hotels. Read more on my Keio Plaza Hotel ( 京王プラザホテル ) Review, Tokyo’s First Skyscraper Hotel!

Special thanks to Tokyo Disney Resort for the kind arrangements! 鈴木様、ご親切なおもてなしありがとうございました。

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* This is a sponsored post by Tokyo Disney Resort. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.


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