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Celebrity Chef Recipes From Around The World for Home Cooks!

celebrity chef recipes from around the world
Food lovers, we have tasted Masterchefs' cooking in some of the best fine dining restaurants and watched a handful of cooking shows such as Asian Food Channel, Food Network, BBC Food, often drooling over their masterpieces in front of our TV. Now, here is your chance to pick up some tips and impress your guests with these restaurant-style dishes.

Lucky me, I had the chance to meet some of these famous Chefs during their media trips to Singapore. Now, I have rounded up a list of recipes from Celebrity Chefs and Top Restaurant Chefs from around the world just for you home cooks! From Asian to Western, there is something for everyone. Let's put on our apron and get started!

celebrity chef bob blumer in singapore luxury haven
Celebrity Chef Bob Blumer
Chicken Popsicles

food network jeff mauro sandwich king
Food Network Asia’s Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro
Jewish Brisket Sandwich with Smoked Mozzarella and Red Cabbage Slaw

afc studio chef julien bompard luxury haven
DBS Indulge AFC Studio ‘ Le Saint Julien ’ Chef Julien Bompard
Duo of Custard and Pan-seared Foie Gras

afc cooking studio dbs masterclass chef diego chairini
DBS Indulge AFC Studio OSO Ristorante Chef Diego Chiarini
Dark Chocolate Soup

openrice singapore hashi restaurant chef takahashi salmon sashimi
Hashi Japanese Restaurant Chef Tadashi Takahashi - Salmon Sashimi With Japanese Shiso Sauce

asian food channel chef martin yan luxury haven
Celebrity Chef Martin Yan - Learn How To Whip Up A 5-Star Fish Recipe!

rws feng shui inn head chef luxury haven
Resort World Sentosa Feng Shui Inn Chinese Head Chef Li Kwok Kwong
Flaky Pastry Mooncake with Organic Japanese Golden and Purple Sweet Potato

Spotted any chefs you know? If you have the chance, which celebrity chef would you like to meet? Well, my personal favourite would be Anthony Bourdain! If only I have the chance to meet him in person some day.......... Have fun cooking, sunshine!

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  1. wow the food looks amazing! Great photos:)
    Have a nice day!:)

  2. Whoa! Didn't realised you have quite a bit of celebrity chef 'collaboration' post till you consolidate here. Good job!

  3. You are very lucky girl!!
    I would like to meet them also :-)

  4. What fun, Shirley!!! I love all the photos of yourself with the chefs! Looks fantastic!

  5. This is such a cute post, you are so lucky to have met these people.

    Little Moon Elephant

  6. It must have been an amazing experience meeting all of those chefs. Some of them look really familiar and I know their faces, but I didn't know their names. They seem really friendly! I bet it was fun learning their secrets.

    My husband loves Anthony Burdain! I think I would choose to meet him too if I could...he is so funny and he seems like a fun guy to be around.

    1. How nice if we could meet Anthony together & enjoy a nice decent meal one day....... xoxo

  7. That too cool you got to meet a food star.

  8. That's amazing, Shirley! I also loved your hotel reviews. The dark chocolate soup seems tasty.

    Jasmine xx

  9. You're a great chef, Shirley, you had a great opportunity to meet such important people :)


  10. Lucky you. Curtis Stone will stone me up definitely.

  11. I am sure every single of these events was an amazing experience and you had a lot of fun. Happy October, Shirley.

  12. Wow! You have so many photos with celebrity chefs and that makes you a celebrity yourself!

  13. Wow, Shirley,these are some precious photos for your album.

  14. You have met so many amazing chefs and learnt from them. You are lucky Shirley.

  15. What a brilliant opportunity - to both meet these famous chefs, and also spend the time thinking about food, food and more food! haha, yum! :)

  16. Dark chocolate soup sounds amazing!


  17. Awesomeness, Shirley! I would love to meet Nigella ;)

  18. Boy, you have met some wonderful chefs!!! I can only imagine how fabulous their food tasted!!

  19. Hi Shirley, lucky lady get to 'rub shoulder' with so many celebrity chefs.:)) The food look awesome.

    Best regards,


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