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Bintan Nelayan Beachfront Bar & Seafood Dining Review

bintan resorts nelayan beachfront bar seafood restaurant review
Boasting an exquisite backdrop that opens out to the South China Sea and the neighbouring Riau islands, Nelayan Beachfront Bar and Seafood Restaurant ( previously known as Rice ) marks a desirable dining venue for almost any occasion.

bintan lagoon resort nelayan seafood restaurant review
Perched on the magnificent Pasir Panjang Beach in Bintan Lagoon Resort, Nelayan presents diners with alfresco seating options dining under starry skies or in air-conditioned comfort.

bintan lagoon resort nelayan beachfront bar waterfall feature
bintan lagoon resort nelayan beachfront bar review
Be welcomed by a cascading waterfall feature enhancing the entrance of the beachfront restaurant as you arrive. Your appetite inkling begins with the welcoming long bar fronting the restaurant, suggesting the perfect gambit for a glass of icy cold beer, or perhaps their mocktails and house pours. Tantalizing culinary delights offering both Western and Indonesian cuisines await you as you unwind in the charismatic beauty of the beachfront restaurant.

bintan resorts nelayan beachfront bar review mushroom soup
For the starters, we opted for two soups and an appetizer. Nelyan’s Mushroom Soup ( Rp 125,000 ) was a tantalizing bowl of blended wild mushrooms delivering a rich and robust taste. *100,000 Indonesian Rupiah is approx USD 7.65 or SGD 10.60.

bintan resort nelayan seafood restaurant review asparagus soup
I was expecting a western-style creamy asparagus soup but the restaurant's Asparagus and Crabmeat Soup ( Rp 125,000 ) turned out to be a delightful Asian-style clear starchy soup. A very simple soup with truly remarkable taste. I was tempted to have another bowl but resisted knowing there were more food lined up……

bintan resorts nelayan beachfront bar appetizer tuna flakes
My son had the Indonesian Tuna Melts ( Rp 125,000 ), a tasty starter with flakes of marinated tuna spread on toasted baguette. We love how the Chef spiced up the chunks of smoked fish with slices of chillies, and of course the melted cheese was a bonus.

bintan lagoon resort nelayan seafood restaurant lobster review
At Nelayan, you can have fresh live lobsters grilled or cooked Chinese style at ( Rp 180,000/100g ). Weighing 300g, I had the satisfaction of sinking my teeth into the tasty threads of my Grilled Lobster, leaving me wanting for more.

bintan resorts nelayan beachfront bar beef steak prawns
For diners who can’t decide between a meat dish or seafood will be happy to opt for Nelayan’s Surf & Turf ( Rp 375,000 ) that is sure to satisfy your hunger pangs. My hubby had that for his main, which is a combination of Beef and Prawns.

bintan lagoon resort nelayan seafood restaurant review steak
Spice up your grilling fare with the black pepper sauce which is great for dressing up a steak, or have the spicy chilli sauce dip for your prawns.

bintan resorts nelayan seafood beaachfront restaurant review pasta
Nelayan’s Lemon Dill Shrimp Pasta ( Rp 200,000 ) is a must-try if you are dining at the restaurant. The lemon butter gives the spaghetti a unique taste with the umami concentration maxed out.

bintan lagoon resort nelayan beachfront bar review desserts
indonesian desserts bubur hitam bintan lagoon resort nelayan
Our palatable dinner ended on a sweet note with both Western and Asian desserts - Pear Paradise ( Rp 125,000 ), a refreshing golden pear in Chardonnay with a scoop of ice-cream, and the Bubur Hitam ( Rp 65,000 ), a black sticky rice with coconut milk.

Food at Nelayan was better than expected with the menu offering a variety of mouth-watering dishes. Our starters were really tasty, and the two soups arrived at our table piping hot which certainly deserve a plus point.

bintan resorts romantic dining options nelyan beachfront restaurant
Nelayan Beachfront Bar and Seafood Restaurant offers you idyllic seclusion and intimate moments. The restaurant looked like it was just pulled out of a glossy magazine, and evenings are characterized by sunset gatherings. I suggest you opt for their alfresco dining by the sea if you are visiting the beachfront restaurant.

natas travel bintan resorts nelayan beachfront restaurant review
Enjoy an evening of sunset, chic cocktails and beautiful people. Bintan Lagoon Resort offers you the epitome of tropical getaway, with an impressive range of 14 wining, dining and entertainment options covering from casual al fresco, sumptuous buffets, cocktails by the pool, authentic Japanese, Mediterranean, Indonesian and other Asian cuisines.

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  1. Hello,
    It looks like an amazing plae!
    Thanks for the review!
    Enjoy your sunday!

  2. I hope I can visit this place myself some time. I'm sure this restaurant has great sea food. When it comes to cusine like this one, I always game for it:)

  3. Beautiful views and great food, Shirley! Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Nice Post dear. Tempting soup and dishes

  5. This food looks so delicious :-) Great post my dear :-)

  6. Gosh I would love to dine out there. Beautiful post, Shirley. Happy Sunday, babe.

  7. What a beautiful location
    The food looks delicious! Yum!

    Happy week for you
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  8. What a lovely place, Shirley! Can be a holiday destination for me which is not too far from home. But the exchange rate is killing me . hah..hah..

    1. Oh yes, I can imagine with the RM conversion. Hahaha!

  9. This place is like heavens with cozy ambiance and delicious food! I could live there forever.

  10. it looks so nice to go there if you want to relax especially with all those yummy-looking food! :)

    xoxo, rae

  11. I would love to dine under such beautiful backdrop. Feel like in paradise.

  12. The outdoor dining area here looks really lovely by night, I love the coloured light installations! :)

  13. Looks great!

  14. Looks like a great place to spend time with love ones. Great yummy food too!

  15. ;)

    Lugar incrível! Adorei!

    Ótima segunda!

    Beijo! ^^

  16. You really had a lovely dinner! I love surf and turf but more importantly I love lobsters, prawns and shrimps! I really plan to go to bintan soon for a getaway when I can! I've never stayed at this particular resort but I think I'm going to consider it! LOVE THE VIEW and the property is gorgeous.

    1. Think you should try Bintan next since you're always going to Bali. & Bangkok. Hahaha! I'm sure you'll have a romantic one *_*

  17. It certainly looks dreamy! I am loving the food and the seaside scenery. ^.^


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