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Bintan Lagoon Resort’s Activities and Haskell's Cafe Review

indonesia bintan lagoon resort all terrain vehicle review
When my kid was younger, it was always Bintan equals to Club Med or Golf; it is just another boring place without these. Boy, how wrong was I! I have to admit the last time we visited Bintan was probably more than a decade ago, and thanks to the good people of Bintan Lagoon Resort, my family and I had the chance to rekindle the lost memories we left behind in the sunny tropical island.

bintan lagoon resort atv prices all terrain vehicle
Our recent Bintan Lagoon Resort Staycation is not as boring as you think. Our Day 1 kicked off with a exhilarating Land Activity, trying out their ATV ( All Terrain Vehicle ) operated by Action Challenge. We opted for a Single Seat Quad Bike (Rp 665,000 for 30 minutes) and a Double Seat Quad Bike (Rp 910,000 for 30 minutes), with a guide taking us into the forested area after our safety briefing. *100,000 Indonesian Rupiah is approx USD 7.65 or SGD 10.60.

singapore travel blogger reviews bintan lagoon resort atv
bintan lagoon resort atv double quad bike review
Our 4-wheeled quad bikes took us travelling on an adrenaline-pumping ride through dirt tracks and jungle trail. Although the sweltering heat was unbearable, the ride was surprisingly cooling. The heat only kicked in when we stopped for our photo shots.

bintan lagoon resort atv single quad bike review
The ATV activity was kinda interesting for me since I have never been on a motorbike. The two guys were also having a ball of a time especially Jonathan who has the quad bike all to himself. This is definitely a must-do when you are in Bintan. Don’t worry if it is your first, it was ours too! There will be a clear safety briefing and basic instructions on how to handle the four-wheelers. There will also be an ATV Staff accompanying you for the adventure.

* Tips For ATV Activity:
    bintan resorts travel wanderlust atv jungle trail
  • Put on your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sand, and also from the glaring sun. Even with our shades on, hubby and I had sand flying into our eyes during the ride. My son was stubborn and insisted on going without his shades; he could hardly open his eyes throughout the ride.
  • bintan lagoon resort atv all terrain vehicle adventure
  • Wear long pants even though the weather is hot in Bintan. I thought I was smart to put on a pair of slacks, but I still got these scratches on my legs despite being covered. As for my hands, they were saved from cuts since I was hiding behind my hubby. So please cover yourself up if you are riding through the forested areas.
  • Insect Repellent is a must unless you do not mind feeding those nasty mozzies.
  • Make sure you slab on a good sunscreen to protect yourself under the scorching sun. Sunscreen like the EHA Sunshield 24hr is my hot favourite since there is no need for me to reapply every few hours.
bintan lagoon resort segway ninebot rental prices
Well, if you prefer something more relaxing, Bintan Lagoon Resort also offer holiday makers Ninebot rental service from Rp 150,000 for 15 minutes, Paddle Boat for Rp 50,000, or packages such as the Scenic and Lake Tour combining few activities including a nice coconut drink. There are also bicycles for rental for your leisure rides.

indonesia islands getaway bintan lagoon resort buggy rental
travel blogger reviews bintan lagoon resort buggy rental
How about renting a buggy to take you around the huge Bintan Lagoon Resort? We had a lot of fun just driving around the resort’s compound, exploring their facilities and more.

bintan lagoon resort buggy rental feed fish
Buggy rental starts from Rp 250,000/hour for a 2-seater, or you can even buy fish food for Rp 40,000 a pack to let your kids feed the fishes!

indonesia bintan lagoon resort jet ski prices
Those who love the sea can dabble in water sports like Jet Ski starting from Rp 550,000 for a 15-minute rush of adrenalin.

bintan lagoon resort kayak snorkeling prices
If Kayaking is your kind of thing, a Single Kayak rental starts from Rp 121,000 for an hour. There are also Snorkeling Sets for rental at Rp 110,000 per hour.

bintan lagoon resort sea activities seasports counter
The list of activities range from banana boat rides to beach volleyball, body and knee boarding, canoeing and kayaking, sailing, scuba-diving and the list continues! Just make your enquiries at the resort's Seasports Counter located at the beach.

bintan lagoon resort leisure center batik painting art
bintan lagoon resort leisure center billard snooker
bintan lagoon resort leisure center table tennis
Bintan Lagoon Resort has a Leisure Center offering guests over 50 land and sea activities in Bintan, such as Batik Painting Art, Snooker / Billiards, Table Tennis, Mahjong, Soccer, Mini Golf etc, to keep you busy during your stay with them and some are complimentary!

bintan lagoon resort leisure center powerhouse gym
bintan lagoon resort indoor powerhouse gym review
Hit the gym, and check out the resort's Powerhouse Gym furnished with the latest Technogym equipment from Italy!

bintan lagoon resort family packages jungle gym kids
family getaway bintan lagoon resort jungle gym kids
Kids aged 3-10 years old can enjoy playing on the slides, crawling tubes and nets, foam obstacles, tunnels, bridges and other play items in the newly opened Jungle Gym at no charge.

bintan lagoon resort kedaton spa body massage
Feeling lazy? Rejuvenate in their Kedaton Spa where traditional therapies await you. There are also outdoor massage pavilions by the beach and 24-hour in-room massage service at the resort. Let the scent of essential oils embrace you and take those stress of you.

bintan lagoon resort family fun activities archery
bintan lagoon resort land activities archery
Challenge yourself to a game of Archery with your family or friends! You don’t need to be an expert, the resort has a trainer to teach you how to aim and shoot! It is quite fun actually, but my arms were aching after 20 arrows!

singapore weekend getaway bintan lagoon resort swimming pool
After all the sweating out, take a dip into the resort’s two swimming pools, one of which is attached to water slides. By the resort’s two swimming pools are Ripples – a swim-up bar and Verandah, both of which cater snacks, light meals and drinks.

singapore travel blogger explores bintan resorts sky lanterns
bintan lagoon resort activities sky lanterns
singapore weekend getaway exploring bintan resorts sky lanterns
Oh, did I mention that you can also play with Sky Lanterns ( 天燈 ) in Bintan Lagoon Resorts? Make a date with the resort, write your wishes and release these Chinese Lanterns into the sky for your wishes to come true, all for just SGD 5 per lantern!

luxury haven explores bintan lagoon resort sky lanterns
what to do in bintan resorts sky lanterns
bintan lagoon resort beach activities sky lanterns
singapore lifestyle blogger bintan resorts sky lanterns
bintan lagoon resort beach activities bonfire
singapore lifestyle influencer reviews bintan resorts activities bonfire
I have always wanted to do play with these sky lanterns especially after seeing the activity in some Taiwanese programmes. Jonathan had done it in Phuket with his friends, and he was showing us the way to go. We had so much fun that night at the beach especially with the beautiful bonfire.

Venturing Out:
I read online about the new exciting 2-storey Plaza Lagoi that was opened May last year, with some 60 shop units and it is even more vibrant come weekends. Being a shopper, I was really looking forward to explore this mall about 15 minutes drive from Bintan Lagoon Resort.

bintan lagoon resort taxi fares car rental prices
However, a one-way ride to Plaza Lagoi costs Rp 200,000, or two-way for Rp 350,000! Taxi fares are really expensive in Bintan. Despite the hefty cab fare, I was determined to explore but I was told that there is nothing much to see there, only about 10 shops. Hence, it will be a wasted trip; very different from what I read online. I was disappointed after speaking to couple of others who said the same thing.

bintan lagoon resort ferry terminal car rental
indonesia bintan resorts shopping plaza lagoi
indonesia islands getaway bintan resorts plaza lagoi
A hotel car was arranged on our last day to send us from the resort to the Public Ferry Terminal as Mozaic Ferry, the resort’s direct ferry, was fully booked. During the ride, I enquired about Plaza Lagoi again and the driver also confirmed that the mall is a dead town with only few shops opened. He kindly offered to give us a glimpse of the shopping mall on our way to the ferry terminal. They were so right! The place, opened last year, was almost a ghost town despite being a weekend. Only few shops were opened, nothing exciting about the place so I do not recommend heading there at least for another six months or so.

indonesia bintan resorts local food pujasera hawker centre
indonesia bintan resorts kota sebung pujasera hawker centre
Well, we ended up taking cab from the Bintan Public Ferry Terminal to a local town just about 5 minutes drive away. The fare: Rp 140,000 for 2-way! There is nothing much to see there either, but Jon wanted to have a feel of the local area and eat at the Pujasera Hawker Centre. Being the adventurous him who travels with friends occasionally, he loves exploring and talking to old folks especially. Here’s Jon chatting with the owner of the hawker stall, finding more about Bintan.

indonesia bintan resorts pujasera hawker centre ayam penyet
On the other hand, I am more conservative and rarely eat at places like these when overseas, so I prefer to order food cooked on the spot to be on the safe side. We had Ayam Penyet, a popular Indonesian Fried Chicken, which costs us just about SGD 3 each, and came with fried rice or noodles. The chicken was really tasty and crispy, and I am glad I went along with my son’s suggestion to try eating there.

indonesia bintan resorts kota sebung local town
indonesia bintan resorts kota sebung keropok shopping
Around the Kota Sebung area, visitors can find many local massage parlours and shops selling stuff like Keropok ( crackers ). If you are like me who is afraid of getting food poisoning outside and prefer to dine in cafes and restaurants, check out Bintan Lagoon Resort’s Haskell's Cafe for a casual meal.

Haskell's Cafe Review:
indonesia bintan lagoon resort golf clubhouse haskell cafe
indonesia restaurants bintan lagoon resort dining haskell cafe
singapore staycation  bintan lagoon resort haskell cafe review
Haskell's Cafe, located at the golf clubhouse, offers diners a stunning backdrop of their pristine courses set amongst lush landscapes.

bintan lagoon resort haskells cafe review juices cocktails
Quench your thirst after a day of outdoor activities with Fresh Juices (Rp 65,000). The cafe also serves Mocktails (Rp 75,000) or Signature Cocktails (Rp 120,000) such as Orange Cooler or Coffee Colada.

Local Delights
bintan lagoon resort haskell cafe review indonesian gado
For those who are not too familiar with traditional Indonesian food may wanna give the Gado Gado (Rp 120,000) a shot. This Indonesian salad is generally made up of blanched vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, fried tofu, tempeh and lontong, served with a peanut sauce dressing. Nothing to shout about; it is just a simple healthy treat if you do not want something too heavy.

bintan lagoon resort haskells cafe review macaroni soup
If you like soupy stuff, the Macaroni and Shredded Chicken Soup (Rp 120,000) is a good choice. The clear and briny soup is loaded with macaroni pasta filled with healthy vegetables like potatoes and carrots. If you are someone who enjoys a bowl of piping hot noodle soup with extra ingredients, you may like to consider ordering their Satay as a side dish.

bintan lagoon resort haskells cafe review chicken satay
Diners get a mix of Chicken and Beef Satay (Rp 150,000) at Haskell's Café, served with traditional Ketupat, a Malay food staple made of cooked rice compressed and wrapped in woven coconut leaves. These BBQ skewers were well grilled and the meat was nice and tender. Be sure to dip your satay sticks into their Peanut sauce which was rich and flavourful. I like it that the satay is served with the Indonesian Emping Crackers.

bintan lagoon resort haskell cafe review beef rendang
The highlight at Haskell's Cafe has to be their Beef Rendang (Rp 160,000), which is a classical braised beef cooked in rich Indonesian spices such as ginger, galangal, turmeric leaves, lemongrass etc. Rendang is commonly served in Indonesia, and is also a very popular dish in both Singapore and Malaysia. The chef nailed this dish perfectly with a good balance of both texture and flavour, Drenched in a heavy coconut sauce, the beef was tender and so appetizing; we could not get enough.

Western Flair
bintan lagoon resort haskells cafe review calamari
For diners who prefer western touches, the menu offers stuff like Macaroni & Cheese, Fish & Chips, Club Sandwich, Buffalo Wings and Pasta. We had a crunchy Basket Of Calamari (Rp 150,000), but found the squid rings too big which make them difficult to chew especially for ladies. Could have been better if the squid rings come in smaller bites which may even be tastier.

bintan lagoon resort haskell cafe review cheese burger
My son opted for the Cheeseburger & Fries (Rp 160,000) as his main, a Beef Burger topped with crunchy vegetables and choice of Cheddar or Swiss Cheese. Generous portions of French fries accompanied this cheesy beef patty, making it a kid or teenager’s favourite.

singapore getaway bintan lagoon resort haskells cafe review
Enjoy the hearty local and western cuisines paired with fresh fruit juices or signature cocktails at Haskell's Cafe, just steps from the renowned Jack Nicklaus Sea View Course. Soak in the tranquil landscape surrounded by a sea of green while you feast.

bintan lagoon resort leisure booth sea land activities
Bintan is the perfect sunny island that offers you the best weekend getaway with just 60 minutes away from Singapore. With over 50 activities to choose from in Bintan Resorts ranging from water sports to land activities, there is something for everyone. There is plenty to do in the sea, and its tranquil waters are safe for swimming most part of the year. For those who prefer to explore out of the resorts, there are also tours going to temples, fishing village, mangrove forest and more.

bintan lagoon resort disco dancing silk nightclub
Being the largest integrated resort on the island of Bintan overlooking the South China Sea and the archipelago of the Riau Islands, Bintan Lagoon Resorts is home to two spectacular championship golf courses, a private 1.5km beachfront, and even has its own discotheque and dance club - Silk Nightclub. Partygoers can also sing their hearts out at the Bintan Karaoke Lounge, featuring a state-of-the-art sound system.

The resort is massive and is easily accessible by a direct ferry service in over an hour from Singapore to the Resort’s own purpose-built ferry terminal, so start planning your trip to Bintan Lagoon Resort and book yourself a holiday filled with fun and exciting activities. Take advantage of Bintan’s All-Inclusive Packages which include complimentary activities, 2-way ferry service with shuttle transfer between ferry terminal and resort etc! Bintan Lagoon Resort is the perfect retreat to recharge your mind, body and soul.

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* This is a sponsored post by Bintan Lagoon Resort. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.


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    That ride must have been fun! I have never tried it myself but I bet it is fun.

    The pool looks iniviting...I love swimming so I would probably give it a try.

    Too bad that cab rides are so expenssive...but well at least hotel has plenty of interesting activities.

    You look fabulous...lovely family pics too.

    1. I'm sure you & your hubby will enjoy the ATV as well, Ivana. Thanks for the lovely note! You gotta visit Bintan the next time you visit S'pore. xoxo

  7. This looks like a place where one would never be bored with those activities. The ATV ride must've been a blast. Good thing you were wearing long pants Shirley! Will have to keep your tips in mind if I ever go :)

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  9. That seems like a fun and enjoyable getaway. I love the idea of wish lanterns.
    And by the way I wish you "Happy Anniversary". I won't be here in the town so thought to wish you.

    1. Oh yes, those wishing lanterns are fun! Thanks dear, looks like you're travelling quite a bit too! Have fun cooking lots! xoxo

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  12. What a fun place!

    Plenty of activities, good eats and places to relax too.

    Enjoy your weekend, Shirley!

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