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Yummy Crystallized Yam Sticks with Sesame Seeds ( 麦芽糖拔丝芋头 )

yummy crystallized yam sticks with sesame seeds recipes
Sweet, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside is what you make of this popular Golden Candied Yam. The Chinese name 拔丝芋头 literally means " Drawing Strings ", suggesting that you should be seeing these caramelized golden strings when you lift the yam sticks off the plate as shown in the above image.

I was first introduced to this enticing appetizer or dessert during a lunch outing with my girlfriends at a Chinese restaurant. Honestly, I am not a person with sweet tooth so I was hesitant to try. But since the gals strongly recommended the dish, I relented. Boy, I was instantly captivated by the " beauty " of this snack; it was love at first bite for me! It was yummilicious!

crunchy golden candied yam appetizer ice water
In the restaurant, the appetizer / dessert is served with a bowl of ice water which requires the diner to dip the yam sticks into it, turning the Caramelized Yam Sticks to delicious crunchy bites.

sesame seeds maltose syrup yam sticks snacks
After returning to the restaurant on several occasions, I decided to give it a shot at home. I knew I just had to experiment with this tasty treat. I am so glad my Yummy Crystallized Yam Sticks with Sesame Seeds ( 麦芽糖拔丝芋头 ) was a success and hubby could not stop munching!

Eat it with or without Roasted Sesame Seeds, hear the crunch as you bite into these tasty Yam Fries! Be warned! These Candied Yam Fries are highly addictive!

phoon huat great wall brand maltose syrup recipe
Well, the recipe is what I had figured out after the waitress told me the yam sticks are coated with Maltose Syrup ( 麦芽糖 ). So I went in search of it and found the tub of maltose syrup in Phoon Huat. It is not a difficult dish to make although it requires a bit of technique. It takes practice I guess, and I certainly hope to do a better job next time round when coating the yam.

crunchy golden candied sweet potato snacks recipe
1 Yam
2 tsp Roasted Sesame Seeds ( optional )
8 tbsp White Sugar
1 tbsp Maltose Syrup
4 tsp Corn Flour or Plain Flour
2 tsp Cooking Oil
Oil for Deep Frying

  • Grease serving plate with olive oil to prevent yam from sticking onto plate.
  • redmart givvo yam thailand recipes
  • Remove yam skin. Wash and cut into thick strips. Drain well, dust with flour and remove excess.
  • how to make crystallized yam sticks
  • Heat oil and deep fry yam sticks, turning them occasionally. I had them done in 2 batches. Insert toothpick into yam to test if it is soft. Drain and set aside.
  • crystallized sugar sweet potato snacks
  • Remove oil or you can use a separate pan or wok. Heat 2 tsp of cooking oil and melt sugar, stirring continuously using low heat.
  • crystallizing sugar maltose syrup for yam sticks
  • Add maltose syrup when sugar has liquefied. Stir thoroughly.
  • draw strings chinese golden candied yam dessert recipe
  • Throw in yam sticks and mix well. Turn off fire and transfer them to plate. You can add roasted sesame seeds at this point if you like. Serve your Yummy Crystallized Yam Sticks ( 麦芽糖拔丝芋头 ) with a bowl of ice water!
chinese snacks sugar coated yam fries recipe
chinese new year snacks golden candied yam recipe
chinese new year sugar coated yam fries recipe
Before eating, dip the hot yam sticks into ice water for the sugar coating to harden, turning them into crunchy snacks. If your yam is soft inside, and crispy on the exterior .......... Congrats, it is a success! If it fails, I guess you just have to head to a restaurant to get your cravings fixed! For Singaporeans, The Good Trio ( 三人行 ) serves one of the best Crystallized Yam Sticks!

* Tip: Make sure you separate the yam sticks before they cool down. I made a terrible mistake by taking food shots after transferring the yam sticks onto a serving plate instead of separating them first. By the time I finished my photo shoot, the temperature of the yam sticks have already dropped and they stuck together like superglue. Lol! Well, hope you will enjoy this yummy snack as much, and have fun experimenting, sunshine!

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  1. It looks like a very interesting dish! :)

  2. I've not eaten this delicacy, I have to try :-)

  3. This is interesting. Never thought of having yam stick like this.

  4. LOVE anything caramelized! Yummy dessert!!!

  5. I call this party inbyour mouth with the sweet flavor.

  6. So good to have you around experimenting restaurants' standard dishes, while we get to cook them with your step by step guide.

  7. What a cool dish! I think I would be addicted to these if they were savory.

  8. Hello,
    Looks so delicious!
    thank you for sharing.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I'm not a sweet tooth person as well. That's why there's not much of recipes on sweet thing in my space. This yam sticks - sure, why not. such a fab will to tuck into.

  10. Golden Candied Yam looks incredible omg I want some!

    Little Moon Elephant

  11. These yams look fantastic. Great tutorial and thank you for sharing the recipe. I love sesame seeds and I love I'm sure I would love these.

    Caramel tends to glow things, it happened to me a few times as well, that is why it is important to seperate candies or snackes with caramel immediately...but I didn't know about that ice water trick. I would usually just put them in the freezer but this seems like a better and quicker solution.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience too with us, Ivana! It was a lesson learnt. Hahaha! Hope I can prevent the superglue hiccup next time. Happy weekend, babe! xoxo

  12. It is such a blessed to live in Asia! As, I really love all the Asian dessert!

  13. So tasty!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  14. I was drawn to this the moment I watched your video on Facebook, Shirley. Made me salivate much! It looks to-die-for!

  15. Another amazing recipe :D You know I love your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  16. I am a very sweet toothed person and this looks inviting! You are so brilliant.

  17. I think I tasted the same thing few years ago
    if not mistaken, this is China cuisine

  18. I cannot find 麦芽糖 in all supermarket :-(

    1. Thanks for dropping by Luxury Haven! I don't think you can find in supermarkets. As mentioned above, you can buy in Phoon Huat if you're residing in S'pore. Else, try those baking shops. Have fun making & hope you'll enjoy as much! xoxo


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