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Unicurd Tau Kwa with Ikan Bilis and Taucheo ( 黄豆干炒江鱼仔 )

unicurd yellow tau kwa ikan bilis taucheo recipes
Tau Kwa is the Chinese name for Bean Curd, and the Yellow Tau Kwa has a rich beany taste as it is made from 100% premium soya beans. You can easily find the Unicurd Yellow Tau Kwa in local supermarkets like NTUC, Sheng Siong, Cold Storage, and Unicurd also carries the Black Tau Kwa.

high in protein bean curd with ikan bilis
Firm in texture and high in protein, the yellow bean curd makes a great dish when fried with Anchovies and Taucheo Paste. This savoury Unicurd Tau Kwa with Ikan Bilis and Taucheo ( 黄豆干炒江鱼仔 ) dish is perfect to go with a bowl of nice plain porridge, and you can add some red cut chillies to spice it up too!

220g Unicurd Yellow Tau Kwa
300g Dried Anchovies without Head
1 Red Chilli ( shred )
2 tsp Taucheo Paste
1 tsp Sesame Oil
2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 cup Water

    chinese heritage unicurd yellow tau kwa recipe
  • Cut beancurd into strips.
  • Heat oil and fry anchovies till fragrant.
  • chinese stir fried anchovy recipe
  • Throw in the rest of the ingredients and seasonings. Mix well and add water. Cover and simmer for about 3 minutes.
  • unicurd bean curd with anchovies in taucheo paste
  • Transfer to serving plate and your tasty Unicurd Tau Kwa with Ikan Bilis and Taucheo ( 黄豆干炒江鱼仔 ) is ready for the table!
Have you tried these yellow bean curd? How do you cook yours?

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  1. I never tried cooking like this. Look appetizing. Important is easy to prepare. ^^

    You have a great week, my dear.

  2. It looks very nice and colourful.

  3. Aiyo, I am hungry. My kind of typical Asian dish.

  4. Shirley, I love this dish! I can just have this one dish with rice (on my cheat day hah..hah...) or with a stir fried vegetable dish. What makes this taukwa yellow I wonder. When I was small, I remember yellow taukwa but those were artificial coloring and I don't see them anymore now.

  5. Are the beancurds made from non GMO soy beans?

    1. According to their site, Unicurd uses only specially selected grades of high quality " Identity Preserved, non-GMO soybeans ". Hope this info helps :)

  6. Nice post, love your blog <3
    Happy week for you

    Pls check my latest post
    Kisses, Isabelle

  7. I love when you make dishes that seem exotic to me! I'd love to taste this wonderful starter!!!

  8. Looks so tasty! My husband loves dried bean curd especially in stir fry dishes.

  9. Yummy dish, but I don't get these ingredients here.

  10. That looks DELICIOUS!!!! Serious!! <3 -

  11. I've never tried the yellow bean curd. Thanks for sharing this recipe Shirley.

  12. Looks mouth watering!

  13. I've never taste something similar, but it seems a very tasty dish! :D

  14. Always enjoy seeing you whipping up simple ingredients to enticing delicious dishes.

  15. This is new to me, Shirley. But something that's easy to prepare but looks that, I'd love to try it!

  16. For me is a new food inspires.... Good choice. Kisses

  17. This dish will be great with a bowl of white tasty!
    Have a great week Shirley :)

  18. yum yum yum
    looks tempting
    i need a scoop of it

  19. It looks tasty, Shirley. Would love to taste it.
    kisses, darling

  20. I've never tasted anything like it.

  21. so very yummy food
    I'd love to know your opinion on my new post
    have an happy day
    ---> fashion blogger italia <---

  22. I am so happy you shared this recipe! I tried it once and really wanted to recreate it at home.

    Thanks and have a lovely day!

  23. So good!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  24. I have never seen a yellow beancurd. This looks so delicious, Shirley! Finger-licking!

  25. so yummy! you're a great chef. I would love to try this.

  26. Whoah!!! I can imagine the taste with hot steamed rice. WTH! You really know how to tempt me with good food.


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