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Yummy Fried Food You Must Not Miss + Diffuser Giveaway!

yummy fried food recipes giveaway
These days people are all into healthy food, but don't you think it is so hard to resist finger-licking fried food? Personally, I am a huge fan of fried food, and I think it doesn't hurt to indulge occasionally, does it?

I guess one of the factors why people are avoiding fried food has gotta to do with the cooking part. After all those deep-frying, your kitchen will smell especially when frying fish not to mention all that smoking.

essential oils ellestfun ultrasonic aroma diffuser giveaway
I am a fan of #aromatherapy and recently, I have placed an Aroma Diffuser in my kitchen and it works wonders. Besides eliminating those deep-frying oil odour and smelling great in the kitchen, adding pure essential oil has many beneficial properties too!

Here's a good news for you! Luxury Haven is giving away a Diffuser from Nila Aromatherapy that's worth $78, and also a range of Essential Oils which help to boost your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being! Come check out these yummy recipes and submit your entries to win one of these aromatherapy prizes!

chinese cooking salted egg yolk calamari recipe
Crispy Salted Egg-yolk Calamari
Take pleasure in delighting your appetite as you sink your teeth into these crispy and salty squid rings, all enveloped in the sinful salted egg-yolks.

perkedel bergidil potato corn beef patty recipe
Perkedel or Bergidil, Potato Corn Beef Patty
I’m a fan of these potato “ croquettes ", and they are deliciously crispy on the outside and soft inside.

fried sambal selar fish happy call pan recipe
Trio Chilli Selar
The Selar recipe is perfect for novice cooks. You'll get to eat nice fish in just 3 steps!

crunchy taupok unicurd tofu puff recipe
Tips To Crunchy and Juicy Taupok!
An irresistible dish with seafood and pork fillings using the Unicurd Tofu Puff that will titillate your taste buds. A favourite among family and friends!

kids party food homemade chicken nuggets recipe
Chicken Popsicles
Here's some high-class Chicken Nuggets recipe from Celebrity Chef Bob Blumer!

nila aromatherapy diffuser signature blends giveaway
Welcome to the World of Aromatherapy! Join us now in our Nila Aromatherapy Giveaway and win attractive prizes! Winners get to pick their choice of Special Blends of Pure Essential Oils!

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  1. I am a very big fan of fried food!!! Could not resist those finger-licking fried food myself especially fried chicken wings, prawns and calamari.

  2. My favourite fried foods are chicken and rice. :)

  3. I love fried food too, mostly in the form of chicken or potatoes. I don't find the smell overpowering, however when it comes to seafood that smell is truly awful.


  4. I am not big fan of fried food but calamari looks yummy.

  5. It look so delicious Shirley I wish I could taste it.

  6. Not a hard core into healthy food, I believe it is about balance between everything we eat. Lovely dishes esp the selar. Mouthwatering of course are the rest.

  7. Ohhh I don't eat very much fried food, however this post has seriously got me daydreaming haha!!

  8. Hubby loves fried food. It's not my thing though... I tend to find everything tastes the same when it's deep fried.

  9. Crispy Salted Egg-yolk Calamari is my favourite from the list here!

  10. I adore fried food unfortunately. These dishes look so appetizing!:)
    Have a nice day:)


  11. Everything look really delicious!

  12. I think those chicken popsicles are calling my name ;p

  13. Obrigada!

    Tudo parece delicioso!

    Ótima segunda!

    Beijo! ^^

  14. Yes, fried foods are hard to resist!!! Have a wonderful week, Shirley!

  15. I try to eat healthy food but this doesn't mean I eliminated fried food altogether. I adore fried food and enjoy it once in a while.

  16. Fried calamari (and shrimps) are one of my fave food! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  17. all the food looks so yummy and you always post the best giveaways!

    xx Melis

  18. Ooooh that foooooooood!

  19. I saw salted egg yolk - I'm delighted - loves anything that's cooked that style. And oh yes, it does helps to eliminate the odour after cooking with the help by burning essentials oils and definitely greater if you use a diffuser as you need not worry about the open fire from the burning tealight.

  20. I have always loved fried food and the ones you have posted look so delicious! I'll head for the calamari first! Lovely giveaway(s) too!!

  21. Yummy food! I love diffusers, so essential for the house.


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