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Top 10 Pasta and Risotto Recipes With Step-By-Step Photos!

tasty top 10 pasta risotto recipes
Fans of Italian food, here are 10 drooling pasta and risotto recipes to keep you salivated. From Singaporean style to Japanese and Italian, there's something for everyone! With step-by-step photo instructions, there is no reason you can't cook. So enjoy and have fun experimenting!

leggos sundried tomato pasta pan fried chicken recipes
Leggo's Pesto Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta With Pan-Fried Chicken!
Coupled with the juicy pan-fried chicken fillet with crispy skin basked in a scented thyme leaves olive oil concoction, I can assured you will have a hearty meal with your family.

stuffed granoro cannelloni with fauchon foie gras recipe

Twin Granoro Cannelloni with Fauchon Goose FoieGras
Which version do you prefer - the Original Stuffed Cannelloni or the Baked Cannelloni with Foie Gras?

instant noodles prima taste authentic singapore laksa ramen
Prima Taste Laksa LaMian, Having It Claypot Style Or Dry!
( Featured at FoodWhirl and Petitchef )

Creamy Dry Laksa Pasta, anyone? If you have non-Asian friends coming over for a meal, it's perfect for entertaining them with our yummy local food with these tasting portions, giving them a taste of Singapore Cuisine. Don't you think it is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes as well?

cheesy ham shrimp macaroni au gratin recipes
Cheesy Ham and Shrimp Macaroni Au Gratin
( Featured at Asian Food Channel, Foodwhirl, PetitChef, and spotted at Kitchen Artistry )

Look at how cheesy it turned out! Crispy on the outside and creamy inside!

world pasta day cheesy spaghetti carborana recipe
Cheesy Spaghetti Carbonara For World Pasta Day!
If you enjoy Carbonara, you will love this simple home-made recipe using a traditional Italian recipe.

japanese mentaiko pasta pork takana spaghetti recipe
Mentaiko, Pork and Pickled Vegetables Spaghetti ( 明太子と豚からし高菜スパゲッティ )
If you enjoy Japanese Pasta and Mentaiko ( 明太子 ) or spicy cod roe, you will fall in love with this dish........

italian cooking white wine spaghetti vongole recipes
Cooking Spaghetti Vongole!
Learn the secret to get rid of sands in the clams and what to do with that unfinished bottle of wine in this delicious post!

tasty twin prawn seafood linguine recipe
Tasty Twin Prawn Linguine
Don't know what to do with prawn heads? Simply dip them into flour, deep-fry till crispy to make this Tasty Twin Prawn Linguine!

delicious japanese hokkaido scallop risotto recipe
Pan-Seared Hokkaido Scallop Risotto With Truffle Oil
( Featured at FoodWhirl and PetitChef )

The decadent plumpy Hokkaido Scallops were further enhanced by the scented truffle oil that's out of this world. Accented by Parmesan Cheese, the Japanese rice was rich in flavour with bites from the shitake mushrooms and asparagus.

brands chicken essence mushroom risotto recipes
BRAND'S Essence Of Chicken Mushroom “ Risotto ” With Truffle Oil
In this recipe, I used Japanese rice and made the risotto in a rice cooker instead of the tedious process of cooking risotto using a pan to stir continuously. The BRAND'S® Essence Of Chicken Mushroom “Risotto” With Truffle Oil turned out beautifully scented and delightful!

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